Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Make In India Made At Home - Mystique Mist Generator

Make In India - Made At Home - Mystique Mist Generator

Mystique Mist Generator July 2020 DIY Project Atomizer
Make In India - Made at Home - Mystique Mist Generator/Atomiser A Do It Yourself (DIY) - Lockdown Period Improvised project. 

Essentially made mostly from locally available indigenous, parts, mated to each other to a perfect working Model. Apart from Climate Control for Home Garden and Flower Pots in Green House, this can also be used to save small scale vegetable or fruit farming by Control Humidity and Temperature during High Temperature & Dry Days of Summer Heat. This also saves water and energy, compared to flood irrigation. Several sets of this model running in tandem or sequence can be extended in Honey Comb Pattern to cover larger areas. Even can be run on 2X12 Volt Batteries in series.
In collaboration with Aman Mann B.Tech M.Sc.

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