Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Docs on Strike Against Reservation

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May 25, 2006
Docs on Strike Against Reservation
Sirsa Doctors went on complete strike today in protest against proposed reservation policy of the union Govt. Members of IMA (Indian Medical Association), NIMA (National Integrated Medical Association), students of JCD: Dental College, College of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy College, after holding a meeting at Surkhab Complex took out a protest march holding placards and raising slogans against resrvation and Arjun Singh thoughout the city Bazars braving the scorching hot and humid day. At Sangwan chowk the protesting doctors burnt an effigy of Arjun Singh HRD minister. Later a seven member delegation of the doctors went to give a memorandum addressed to the President of India Dr. APJ Kalam, to the Deputy Commissioner MR. Vimal Chandra.The Deputy Commissioner was not available in his absence the memorandum was received by the DRO.

Dr. R. M. Arora comments:
An interactive interview of Aamir Khan telecast by Star News on 26th evening must be an eye-opener for the politicians of every class & creed.Aamir is very clear in his mind about what he is doing and dares to express it. The program included his comments on reservation in educational institution.Is there a way to retrieve such programs officially from the channels and show it to those who, unfortunately, missed it last evening?

From: Sirsa News Desk:
Well, the official web site of the Star News is it has options to subscribe to log in into the site to view the matter posted on the Star News site. However the technology called IPTV, to watch TV programs already telecast at later stage (Video On Demand) is in pipeline and shall be soon available to Indian viewers as well, [IPTV is the next generation of convergence, which uses telephone lines to offer TV content unlike the existing system of having a separate cable for TV and phone. IPTV shall be bundled with other services such as Video on Demand, Voice over Internet Protocol or digital phone, and Web access, collectively called Triple Play. Airtel shall probably be the first company to launch IP TV in select Indian cities, later to available else where also.]
Dr. G.K. Aggarwal has sent a text copy of a letter issued by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru PM, written to all the CMs on June 27th 1961, about his views about reservation:
Dr. Aggarwal writes: “This letter shows what first generation leaders of congress thought on the issue of reservations. Today’s generation is however guided purely by vote bank considerations even if it means dividing the society on caste considerations, leading to class struggle or else suppressing the real talent at cost of pleasing the incompetent or non deserving people."

Nehru’s Letter:The letter has been taken out of the book 'Jawahar Lal Nehru Letters to Chief Ministers 1947-1964 Volume Five' published by Oxford University Press in 1989, Dr Kante told UNI.The letter reads: ''I dislike any kind of reservation, more particularly in Services. I react strongly against anything, which leads to inefficiency and second-rate standards. I want my country to be a first class country in everything. The moment we encourage the second rate, we are lost.''The only real way to help a backward group is to give opportunities of good education; this includes technical education, which is becoming more and more important. Everything else is provision of some kind of crutches which do not act to the strength or health of the body.''We have made recently two decisions, which are very important, one is universal free elementary education to, that is the base and the second is scholarships on a very wide scale at every grade of education to the bright boys and girls, and this applies not merely to literary education, but much more so, to technical, scientific and medical training.''I lay stress on the bright and able boys and girls because it is only they who will raise our standards. I have no doubt that there is a vast reservoir of potential talent in this country if only we can give it opportunity.'' ''But if we go in for reservations on communal or caste basis, we swamp the bright and able people and remain second rate or third rate. I am grieved to learn how far this business of reservation has gone based on communal considerations.''It has amazed me to learn that even promotions are based sometimes on communal or caste considerations. This way lays not only folly, but also disaster. Let us help the backward groups by all means, but never at the cost of efficiency. How are we going to build our public sector or indeed any sector with second rate people.''
Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
A scanned copy of the excerpts of the letter published in Indian Express dated 17-08-1990 [Hyderabad edition] is available with Sirsa News. [The same is not published on Sirsa News due to possible copyright infringement issues.]

Kamra’s Bhajan Cassette

May 26th, 2006

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May 23, 2006

Video Shoot of K.L. Kamra’s Bhajan Cassette

Sh. Gopal Kanda of Baba Tara Charitable Trust did the ‘Mahurat’ shot of video shoot of budding bhajan singer of Sirsa Sh. KL Kamra’s forthcoming cassette, “Mere Satgur De Payara….”

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Sh. Rajesh Verma correspondent of Sadhna Channel is doing the videography of the Bhajan numbers at Baba Tara Charitable Trust Complex. The cassette shall have 7 Bhajans sung by Sh. Kamra. The Cassette’s Video presentations and promos will be telecast by Sadhna Channel and few other channels covering many countries. Mr Ranjeet Singh PRO informed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Farmers Memorandum to DC

May 22, 2006


Farmers Memorandum to DC

Ellenabad Farmers at the tail end of Sheraan Branch Minor submitted a memorandum to DC Sirsa Via SDM Ellenabad. As the SDM Ellenabad Mr. Subhash C. Gaba HCS was not available, the Naib Tehsiladar Mr. Swarth Ram received the memorandum on his behalf. Mr Sukhdev Bhadu, president Sheraan Branch Sanghrash Samiti, Mr Brahmanand Sharma Sarpanch, Kishan Pura, Mr. Banwari Lal Sarpanch Dhani Sheraan, and about a dozen more farmers said that they were not getting sufficient irrigation water at the tail end of the above said Minor, and thus their crops are whithering. More recently leave alone irrigation even water for drinking purposes is not reaching the water works tank. They alleged that the minor has not been repaired since last many years. The farmers also alleged that upstream of the minor in the main canal the sizes of Water Shoots [MOGHA] also needs inspection. The farmers threatened to go on agitation if their demands were not met urgently. They also resented that Wate- Cess [Abiana] was being charged without supplying water.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bhagwan ParshuRam Dharmshala Foundation Stone

May 20, 2006

Bhagwan ParshuRam Dharmshala’s
First Floor Complex Foundation Stone
PWD & Power Minister Mr. Vinod Sharma laid foundation stone of Bhagwan Parshu Ram Dharmshala's first floor building today at Begu Road Sirsa.
The Power minister refused to meet the press, with an excuse that he is today only here for the purpose of laying the foundation stone only. Although he was receiving applications from public on the stage addressed to his ministry. He was apprehensive to meet the press with a fear that the Sirsa press might grill him on certain issues. [?Manu Sharma]

SirsaNews had the following question for the Power Minister:

Q: Sir, Following admission of DERC [Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission] that honest consumers in Delhi have to pay double the power bills to offset the losses due to power thefts, residents of Mayur ViharII have made an organization URJA and decided to pay only half of the billed amount to BSES.
Haryana Govt. also issues similar statements that if there is no Power theft, then Power can be supplied at lower rates,
Sir, What you have to offer to honest Power Consumers of Haryana? Or should they go the Mayur Vihar Way?

Strike by IMA could not happen

May 20, 2006

Strike Call by IMA Sirsa Chapter could not happen

The Strike announced by IMA Sirsa Chapter, in support to nation wide strike against reservation, could not happen today. IMA president, Dr. Munjal was not available for comments.

Anurag Mehta Tops ICSE

May 19, 2006

Anurag Mehta tops District in ICSE

Anurag Mehta of St. Xavier’s Sirsa tops District in ICSE Standard X exams by securing 94.16%, Himanshu Setia & Nitish Dalal stood second and third by securing 92.33% & 89.33% respectively.

To Know about St. Xaviers School Sirsa visit school website:

Details and pictures soon

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rainu Bestowed Shiv Batalvi Award

May 16, 2006
Rainu Bestowed Shiv Batalvi Award
Famous Punjabi poet of Sirsa, S. Harbhajan Singh Rainu was bestowed Shiv Kumar Batalvi Award at Mandi Kalanwali today by Punjabi Sahitya Sabha. Punjabi Sahitya Sabha organized a program in the memory of Shiv Batalvi. Mr Kuldeep Singh Gadrana, State Gen Sec. Yuva Congress Haryana, presided over the program as chief guest.

Mr. Bhupinder Singh Panniwala, Punjabi music critic. Dr G.D. Chaudhary, Mr. Jagroop Singh Mann, Principal Gurtej Singh, Mr Birbal Das Gupta, Mr. Sukhdev Singh Rattan, Ram Swaroop Rikhi, Dr Darshan Singh, Surender Sagar etc. were present on the occasion.
Gurdas Singh Paalna, Punjabi Singer Bhupender Sra, and musician Sharan Das Lahori were also given prizes.
About Shiv Batalvi from Sirsa News:
This is essentially a bibliography, SirsaNews compiled from electronic catalogues. They're in no particular order and some of the titles may be incorrect.

Shiv Kumar was born on July 23, 1936 in Bara Pind Lohtian (Shakargarh tehsil), in Punjab (now Pakistan). His father was a Patwari by the name of Pandit Krishan Gopal. After the partition his family moved to Batala. As a child Shiv is said to have been fascinated by birds and rugged, thorny plants on the Punjabi landscape. Shiv was exposed to the ramlila at an early age, and it is to be expected that he received what was later to become his instinctive understanding of drama from these early performances.
Shiv passed his matriculate exams in 1953, from Punjab University. He went on to enroll in the F.Sc. programme at Baring Union Christian College in Batala. Before completing his degree he moved to S.N. College, Qadian into their Arts program. It is here that he began to sing ghazals and songs for his class-mates. Shiv never gave the final exams he needed to pass to receive his degree.
Around this period, he met a girl named Maina at a fair in Baijnath. When he went back to look for her in her hometown, he heard the news of her death and wrote his elegy 'Maina'. This episode was to prefigure numerous other partings that would serve as material to distill into poems. Perhaps the most celebrated such episode is his fascination for Gurbaksh Singh's daughter who left for the US and married someone else. When he heard of the birth of her first child, Shiv wrote 'Main ek shikra yaar banaya', perhaps his most famous love poem. It's said that when she had her second child, someone asked Shiv whether he would write another poem. Shiv replied 'Have I become responsible for her? Am I to write a poem on her every time she gives birth to a child?' Sounds much better in Punjabi (main oda theka leya hoyaa? Oho bacche banayi jave te main ode te kavita likhda rehma?).
Shiv's arrogance is legendary, but he had good cause to indulge himself. Frankly from the perspective I occupy, all is forgiven. To get back to his life, with some help from his father Shiv became a Patwari as well. This had been his father's vision for Shiv. The period that followed his becoming a Patwari are the most productive years of his life. A brief listing of his major published works:
  1. A Handful of Pains (1960)
  2. Lajwanti (1961)
  3. The sparrows of kneaded flour (1962)
  4. Loona (1961)
  5. Bid me farewell (1963)
  6. Invocation (1971)
  7. I and me

In 1965 Shiv won the Sahitya Akademi award for his verse-drama Loona. He married on Feb 5, 1967. His wife Aruna was a Brahmin from Kir Mangyal in district Gurdaspur. By all accounts Shiv had a happy marriage. He had two children, Meharbaan (b. Apr. 12, 1968) and Puja (b. Sep. 23, 1969) whom he loved immensely.
By 1968 he had moved to Chandigarh, but both Batala and Chandigarh became soulless in his eyes. Chandigarh brought him fame, but scathing criticism as well, Shiv replied with an article titled 'My hostile critics'. Meanwhile his epilepsy got worse and he had a serious attack while at a store in Chandigarh. In the early 70's Shiv came to Bombay for a literary conference and my father spent some time with him. In keeping with Shiv's outrageous behaviour there is a story about his trip to Bombay as well. Part of the conference involved readings at Shanmukananda hall. After a few people had read their work (one of whom was Meena Kumari), Shiv got on the stage and began "Almost everyone today has begun to consider themselves a poet, each and every person off the streets is writing ghazals". By the time he'd finished with his diatribe, there was not a sound in the hall. This is when he began to read 'Ek kuri jeeda naam mohabbat. gum hai, gum hai...'. There wasn't a sound when he finished either.Shiv Kumar died in the 36th year of his life on May 7, 1973 in his father-in-law's house at Kir Mangyal near Pathankot.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

World Red Cross Day

May 08, 2006

+ World Red Cross Day Celebrated +

World Red Cross Day was celebrated at the Distt Panchayat Bhawan today.

Mr. Rajesh Satija was honoured for donating blood for more than 30 times and also for motivating others for blood donation.

Prof.Virender Singh Political Advisor to the CM was the chief guest. Deputy Commissioner Mr. Vimal Chandra welcomed all the attendees. Mr. Virender Singh honored SDM Sirsa Ms. Geeta Bharti, SDM Ellenabad Mr. Subhash Gaba, SDM Dabwali, Dr. Munish Nagpal, Mr Ram Kumar DTO, Dr PS Kayasath CMO, Dr. GK Aggarwal, Dr. RS Sangwan, Mr Parveen Bagla, Mr Raman Nagpal, Mrs. Promila Chaudhary etc. Secretary RedCross society Mr. Parduman Kumar thanked all.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

CBI Raid

May 04, 2006

CBI Raid on Chautalas

CBI today raided more than 20 concerns spread all over North India, of Ex CM of Haryana Mr. Om Parkash Chautala. These included Chautala’s Sirsa residence, Tejakhera Farm, Kisan Trading co. Shop #15 at New Anaj Mandi Sirsa, and another Ardhat Firm at Mandi Dabwali.

INLD spokesman Mr. R.K. Bhardwaj said that the raids were political vendetta against the Ex CM.

CM Visits Slain Chand Brar’s Residence

May 02, 2006

CM Haryana visits slain Congg. leader Chand Brar’s Residence.

Haryana CM Bhupender Singh Hudda visited the residence of slain Youth Congress leader Mr. Chand Singh Brar at Dabwali today.

Before that According to agency reports:
Abhay Singh Chautala, a former legislator and son of former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala, was booked by police on Saturday following the murder of a youth Congress leader in Mandi Dabwali town.

The block president of the youth Congress in Mandi Dabwali, Chand Singh Brar, was murdered on Saturday.

Police registered against Abhay Singh Chautala, a senior Indian National Lok Dal leader, a case of conspiracy.

Abhay Singh Chautala denied his involvement in any conspiracy against the youth Congress leader, saying that the case against him was politically motivated.
He alleged that the case was registered against him at the behest of the ruling Congress in Haryana.

AIDS Awareness Campaign 2006

May 03, 2006

AIDS Awareness Campaign 2006

Rotary Club and Air force Sirsa Station took out a procession through main roads of Sirsa City for AIDS awareness today. The procession carrying banners with slogans about AIDS awareness was led by Rotary president Mr. Parveen Narula, Mr. Bhim Singla (secretary), Dr. Mona Dahiya MD from AFS Sirsa etc. Handbills were being handed out to passer byes.

Monday, May 01, 2006

World Asthma Day 2006

02 May, 2006

World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day takes place each year on the first Tuesday in May. This year it is today on the 2nd May.

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An Asthma Awareness Camp was organized at the the clinic of Dr. M.M. Talwar today in the morning in association with a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in Asthma related specialities. (CIPLA)
Dr. Talwar in an interactive discussion with Prof. Ravinder Puri informed the patients about the latest possibilities in Asthma Management. He told that today Asthma can be very controlled by use of inhaled medication delivered via Inhalers, but its important for the patients to learn the proper method of use of inhalers. He demonstrated him self the correct usage of the inhaler and rotahaler.

Later in the evening leading senior pediatrician of Sirsa, Dr. JL Khurana informed Sirsa News about various aspects of management of Asthma in children and infants. Dr. Khurana said that it was difficult to administer full doses of recommended anti-asthmatics to children as some of it went waste during improper inhalation, but now devises like spacer & mask adaptors for inhalers are quiet helpful. He also told that Nebulizers come handy in treating Asthma patients, however unlike abroad or in metro cities, where home use of Nebulizers is also becoming a common place, the use of Nebulizers in Sirsa is still limited to clinical use only.

This article shall remain open to editing
From Sirsa News Desk:
Asthma medicines
Here you can read a summery about the latest clinical research about asthma medicines.
Asthma preventers

One of the largest asthma studies in the world show that people with mild asthma who inhale budesonide daily will reduce their risk of having a severe asthma attackChest physicians are well familiar with the benefits of daily inhaled corticosteroids to chronic asthma patients, and this is now the standard treatment in most countries.
Adjustable maintenance dosing with budesonide/formoterol improves asthma control compared with fixed-dose salmeterol/fluticasoneAdjustable maintenance dose treatment with budesonide/formoterol provides a more effective asthma control than fixed maintenance dose with either budesonide/formoterol or salmeterol/fluticasone. In addition to better asthma control, this treatment also reduces total medications taken.

Adding another medicine to inhaled steroids for chronic asthma There is not enough evidence to support adding anti-leukotrienes to inhaled steroids when treating chronic asthma.

Patients with stable, mild to moderate asthma can benefit from once a day treatment with low dose inhaled steroids particularly budesonideOne low dose of inhaled steroid a day works to keep mild to moderate asthma under control.

Effect of different medications on asthma symptomsUsually steroids are used in increasing doses to control asthma symptoms. A recent study found that treatment with low doses of budesonide combined with theophylline works as well as high doses of budesonide..

Steroids and prevention of death from asthmaMost deaths from asthma can be prevented. Recently, a study found that the use of low-dose inhaled steroids helped lower the risk of death due to asthma.

Montelukast reduces need for steroidsPatients who take montelukast need less oral steroids to control asthma than patients who do not take montelukast.

Inhaled steroids can produce relief of asthma symptoms in less than a dayAsthma symptoms can be controlled by treatment with inhaled steroids. Relief can be felt one day after starting steroids and the best effects in 3 weeks or less in most cases.

High vs low dose of beclomethasone to control asthmaAn increase in a low dose of beclomethasone, an asthma medicine, may help to improve some symptoms in most asthmatic patients, but there is no proof that high doses will provide more benefits.

Oral steroid treatment for asthmaA daily dose of an oral steroid appears to be as effective as a moderate to high dose of inhaled steroids in the treatment of adults with asthma, although the side effects need to be taken into account.

Asthma and inhaled steroidsPeople with asthma can benefit from taking a drug called an inhaled steroid. A recent study shows that people with asthma have fewer symptoms when an inhaled steroid is used together with a bronchodilator.

Adjustable maintenance dosing with budesonide/formoterol reduces asthma attacks compared with traditional fixed dosingAdjustable maintenance dosing with budesonide/formoterol was preferable over fixed-dose treatment in several ways. It allowed the patients the flexibility to reduce the overall drug use and it gave a better control of asthma symptoms.

Inhaled steroids and asthmaSome asthma medications such as inhaled steroids could make the lungs of people with asthma less sensitive to irritants that can cause an asthma attack.
Adding a LABA to inhaled steroids for asthmaAsthma patients can feel better and have fewer attacks when a regular LABA is added to their regular ICS.

Immunotherapy for AsthmaSubstances in the air called allergens sometimes cause asthma. Surprisingly, the allergens that cause the symptoms may also be used to help you get rid of the symptoms. This allergen treatment is called allergen immunotherapy.
Asthma and antihistaminesAntihistamines are not beneficial in the treatment of asthma.

Asthma and steroids in the accident and emergency departmentPeople with asthma attacks who receive emergency treatment do better afterwards if they are given steroid therapy orally or by injection.

Asthma and pregnancyWomen with asthma do not seem to put their babies at increased risk when they keep taking their treatment during the first three months of pregnancy.

Prevention of asthma in children using inhaled steroidsChildren taking inhaled steroids have better lung function and reduction of asthma symptoms. The effect takes 8 weeks to be noticed. Inhaled steroids may help children with asthma feel better.

Budesonide/formoterol adjustable dosing in asthmaThe patients receiving a variable maintenance dose reduced the chance of experiencing acutely worsened asthmatic symptoms by 35%. This group also used 40% less medication compared the group taking a fixed maintenance dose.
Recent medicine to treat asthmaAnti-leukotrienes, are now available to treat asthma but may not be better than inhaled corticosteriods.

Inhaled steroids in the accident and emergency departmentPatients with asthma attacks who receive inhaled steroids in the accident and emergency department are admitted to hospital less often.
Asthma relievers

Metered dose inhaler vs nebuliserAn inhaler with a spacer is just as effective as a nebuliser for giving short-acting beta agonists to adults in hospital whose airways are restricted due to asthma or lung disease.

Formoterol vs terbutaline for asthmaTaken ‘as needed’, with inhaled corticosteroids, the long-acting betaß-agonist (formoterol) provide better asthma control than the short-acting betaß-agonists (terbutaline with ICS) in people with moderate or severe asthma.

Delivery methods of asthma medicine in asthma attacksAsthmatics are often treated with short acting beta2-agonists when they have an asthma attack. A study shows that inhalers with spacers and nebulisers are equally good in delivering this medication.
Long-acting beta2-agonists or theophyllineLong-acting beta2-agonists may work better than theophylline in controlling asthma in adults.
This article is open to editing