Monday, September 14, 2020

What are Three Agro Ordinances Why Farmers are protesting?

 What are Three Agro Ordinances Why Farmers are protesting?


14 September 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Pardeep Sachdeva

Watch Exclusive Video recorded on 10th September Pardeep Sachdeva, editor and GS Mann Discuss the 3 three Agri Ordinances and related issues. The Ordinances are Far More Complicated to Understand and make an assessment of their immediate and long term impacts in just about 25 minutes of this video, but surely these are less than perfect. I won't say that these are inherently designed to help Corporate World, but do have this inclination. Much touted as Gold Standard Ordinances for the Farmers, these have not gone well with the Farmers, especially in Haryana Punjab. The Government should sit up and rethink over it. Revocation of all three the 2020 agriculture ordinances, table them as Bill in a democratic way. Or at least bring in a fourth Ordinance that Guarantees Assured purchase at or above MSP, whosoever is the purchaser - Inside the APMC market, or outside in a free private market

These Ordinances have been brought in haste and without consulting farmers; all the fine print in these ordinances which are touted to be in the welfare of farmers is actually much against farmers and farming. These seem to be brought in to help corporate business development at the cost of even the survival of Farmers, those who indirectly or directly depend upon farm operations and will have a negative effect on Agriculture and Farm Production. The recent GDP figures also support the fact that Farming alone showed a positive figure in GDP without any support of the corporate, (of course with Govt support) while Corporate themselves are responsible for the unprecedented dip in the Nations GDP. 

Dr JK Bishnoi speaks about Asthma & COVID19 Awareness and Care

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