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Deputy Commissioner Sirsa Prabhjot Singh IAS Press Briefing About Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Deputy Commissioner Sirsa Prabhjot Singh IAS Press Briefing About Lok Sabha Elections 2019
15 March 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
Deputy Commissioner Sirsa Prabhjot Singh IAS Press Briefing About Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The Press Conference was held on 14th March 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

National Seminar at JCDV Memorial College about Inter-Disciplinary Approaches held

National Seminar at JCDV Memorial College Inter-Disciplinary Approaches with special reference to study of Science & Technology, Humanities and Commerce held
23 February 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
National Seminar at JCDV Memorial College Inter-Disciplinary Approaches with special reference to Science & Technology, Humanity and Commerce held at JCDV on 21st February 2019. Sr Journalist Ajit Rai from Delhi was Keynote Speaker on the occasion. Dr Jai Parkash Hood, Principal of the college convened the seminar.
In Hindi
जेसीडी मैमोरियल कॉलेज में राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी का विधिवत् आयोजन
राजस्थान, पंजाब, दिल्ली, हरियाणा के अलावा अन्य राज्यों से भी 200 से अधिक शोधार्थियों ने हिस्सा लिया
सिरसा 21 फरवरी, 2019: जेसीडी विद्यापीठ में स्थापित स्नातकोत्तर महाविद्यालय द्वारा वीरवार को एक दिवसीय 'अंत:विषय दृष्टिकोण: विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी, मानविकी व वाणिज्य के संदर्भ मेंÓ विषय पर राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी का आयोजन किया गया, जिसमें शुभारंभ अवसर पर बतौर मुख्यातिथि व मुख्य वक्ता दिल्ली के वरिष्ठ पत्रकार अजीत राय ने शिरकत की तथा विशिष्ट अतिथि के तौर पर मशहूर रंगकर्मी मनीष जोशी उपस्थित हुए। संगोष्ठी की अध्यक्षता जेसीडी विद्यापीठ की प्रबंध निदेशक डॉ. शमीम शर्मा द्वारा की गई।

Friday, February 22, 2019

Relation between Spirituality and Religion - Dr. TN Chugh

Relation between Spirituality and Religion - Dr. TN Chugh
21 February 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
Relation between Spirituality and Religion
The religion means with, the belief in God or gods and the activities connected with this understanding. Religion is the cultural system of particular behavior and practices in this world. It relates humanity to supernatural, beyond normal human experience; knowledge, understanding, or spiritual elements. Different religions may or may not contain various elements ranging from divine sacred thing, faith, supernatural being or some sort of intimacy that will provide power for the rest of life.
Religious practices may include ceremony, a speech on moral subject, spoken description, prayer, music, art, dance, public services or other aspects of human culture. Religions have sacred histories and narrations which may be preserved in sacred scriptures as symbols and holy place that aims mostly to give a meaning of life. The estimated number of religions seems to be about 10,000 in the word. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Folk religion are five important religions which seem to be followed by about 84% person in this world. Human beings have to work honestly, with full zeal and determination, making of life lively mainly through demotion in preferred religion. Everyone has to think good and do good so as to acquire goodness in every event.
The Latin word, ’Religionem or Religio’ means, respect for what is sacred, reverence for God, sense of right, moral obligation, purity and reverence of God or gods. The Greek word is ‘Threskia’ and Sanskrit word is ‘Dharma’, Faith has been considerable source of religious belief.
Eminent Qualities of Spirit:
1.         Soul is very important seat of character and emotions but non-physical part of a person.
2.        It determines the mood, attitude, energy, state and strength of mind.
3.        It still exists or remains alive even after the death of each individual. Thus multifarious spiritual qualities are heavenly, immortal entity with divine source, linked with extreme energy, emotions, passions, enthusiasm, eagerness, vitality, communication and many other favorable aspects.
4.        The confidence improves upon the objectives of life through truth, delight and sincerity,  achieved through regular meditation.
5.        The word comes from Latin language, ‘Spiritualis or Spiritus’ which refers to soul, courage and vigor breath.
6.        The term spirit means a vital principle in man and animals.
7.         The traditional meaning of spirituality is the process of re-formation which means ‘aims to recover the original shape of man and the image of God.
8.        The soul adopts the virtuous trend of truth and morality. Soul leaves the materialistic desires or incidents to attain purity and strength.
9.        We must improve ourselves to acquire the virtuous habits of honesty, truthfulness, humility, tolerance, submission and contentment.
10.      Try to achieve strong consciousness to merge with God through meditation because it is faithful, emotional submission of soul to God.
11.       Soul is everlasting, spiritual and immortal entity of all living beings.
12.      Spirituality extends beyond an expression of religion that creates harmony with the universe.
13.      The terms of spirituality and religion remain different. Almighty power of God is presently available for us for spiritual goal.
You can move on from success to success, strength to strength, if you replace hatred with love, jealousy with affection, anger with forgiveness, selfishness with sacrifice, greed with contentment, fear with courage, despair with hope and inertia with refined actions. Very important of all actions is to cherish Divine faith and eminent grace.
Comparison between Religion(R) and Spirituality(S):
        R has a set of diagnostic rules but S is virtuous to reason and question about everything.
        R may threaten and frighten but S gives inner peace.
        R may speak of sins and guilt’s but S says to learn from errors.
        R represses every falsehood, whereas, S brings closer to truth.
        R does not tolerate any question and S questions everything.
        R is human. It is an organization with rules made by human beings, whereas, S is Divine without human rules.
        R is looking for you to believe but you have S to look for it to believe.
        R feeds on fear, whereas, S feeds on trust and faith.
        R makes us renounce the world to follow God but S makes us to live in God without renouncing our existing lives.
        Sometimes, R may not be followed but S is inner meditation.
        R fills us with dreams of glory in paradise but S makes us live in glory and paradise on earth.
        R makes us believe in eternal life, whereas S makes in aware of eternal life.
        R promises life after death, whereas, S has to find God in our interior during the current life before death.
We are spiritual beings who go to human experience. Ultimately, religion may be dark but spirituality is light to repel darkness. It unites all creatures and finally it gives life even to dead.
Happiness of Prayer:
Prayer happens when we put our hands together to focus and expect blessings from God. We try to say specific religious words in favor of God. We must think positive and wish goodness for others during prayer. However, there are certain persons who try to think or even convey a few words of hatred against specific religion, which becomes terrible in mind. Actually, the prayer is true liberation, happy feeling and genuine worship. Our satisfaction is truly realized by our heart, mind and soul. The Morning Prayer is attention on seeking Gods plan to need encouragement, peace, strength and blessings.
Everyone must surrender oneself gladly to the divine will power. Such devotion of each person can make him strong, stable and blissful in mind. Cherishing of faith, truly allows divine grace. Be strong but not rude, be kind but not weak, be humble but not timid, and be proud but not arrogant. Meaning of life is to be integrative, selfless and loving. We must make every moment of life prominent, so that our life remains worth living. Develop winning spirit; work honestly with full zeal and determination.
Worship God, through True Spirit: 
GOD is the sole regulator, operator, care taker, navigator, savior and all benevolent divine power. His pure and energetic power is presented in every particle and soul of universe. He is the sole destiny regulator and embodiment of love. The word ‘GOD’ has three letters in which ‘G’ stands for generator (Brahma), ‘O’ for operator (Vishnu), and ‘D’ for destructor (Mahesh). He regulates everything material, astral and celestial. He is the destiny regulator beyond the limits of time. We must follow that our God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and all benevolent divine power. He is one and eternal with grace, fathomless, infinite and illimitable.
Try to follow real Meditation:
Meditation is faithful, emotional and devotional submission of soul with God. Living spiritual master is the true saint, who is one with God. He has definite experience of mentor and philosopher for guiding meditation. He has the secret massage of God words to promote disciples through initiation. These sacred words, if repeated, can elaborate the real meaning for immense energy to create good form of life in this world and help to perceive eternal divine melody. The Latin word, ‘Medito’ means to think, contemplate and ponder, In Sanskrit, the word ‘Simran’ means focusing on Divine. Meditation enables to detach from claim of old thoughts but to acquire best future positive thoughts. We have to modify ourselves for acquiring truthfulness, honesty, tolerance, humility, submission and contentment when we try to search for God from within. Our body gets transformed as temple of God and our heart as seat of God.   

However many will counter some of the above all said with the following arguments.

Spirituality vs Religion: 
The Future of Truth and Meaning What is religion, and what is spirituality? They have a common subject-matter, but their approaches are very different.

Both religion and spirituality teach that there is more to the universe than what meets the eye, and more to our life than the physical body. Both agree that there are non-physical elements to the universe, and to our existence, and that unless we consciously connect with them, we will never be truly fulfilled in life.

The core difference between religion and spirituality is that religion presents you a set of beliefs, dogmas and “holy men” as intermediaries between you and Spirit (however you may name it); while spirituality promotes your individual autonomy in defining and connecting to Spirit as it fits your heart and mind.

As mentioned above, religion and spirituality can be together. Many people find spirituality inside their religion, and for them, these differences may not be so relevant or true, since the two things are mixed. But for those interested in pure spirituality, regardless of religious affiliation, let u expand on the difference between religion and spirituality in a quote:

Religion asks you to believe. Spirituality asks you to look.

Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh. H.E.S.-I Retired.        

The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-94160 48789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years. The views expressed in the article are exclusive to Dr TN Chugh.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Hardeep Singh Sarkaria is elected unanimously as president of Arhatiya Association Sirsa

Hardeep Singh Sarkaria is elected unanimously as president of Arhatiya Association Sirsa
05 February 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
Sardar Hardeep Singh Sarkaria is elected unanimously as president of Arhatiya Association Sirsa. Mr Sarkaria is known for his humble down to earth nature, he is already representing half a dozen social organizations at District State and National Level. 

Mr Hardeep Sarkaria is a highly successful businessman and a very progressive farmer, his farming operations are inclined more towards Organic techniques thus leading to reduced use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. He is the one who has stopped stubble burning voluntarily even before NGT Ban orders. He is very fond of most modern agriculture machinery and keeps the latest farm equipment at his farm. Agriculture Department and Agri Scientists often visit his Model Farm situated at Rasulpur Village Near NH9. 

Mr Sarkaria remained active in student politics, He was elected Vice President more than 3 decades ago and was also and was a Champion Boxer while he was a student at Govt National College Sirsa. 

Being a Farmer and Also Running a Commission Agency (Arahat) at Shop no 41 Grain Market Sirsa, he is better equipped to understand the problems of Anaj Mandi.

Also keep visiting for Videos

Also keep visiting for Videos

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S Parkash Singh Badal Ex CM Punjab in Sirsa

S Parkash Singh Badal Ex CM Punjab in Sirsa.
20 January 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
S Prakash Singh Badal Former CM of Punjab was in SIRSA today. Sardar Badal Came to Sirsa to attend a wedding, after that he also called upon Sh Veerbhan Mehta in B-Block. Mr Badal did not comment on the party’s stance in Haryana but admitted that the relation with BJP is very very old and very strong. He said that only Mr Sukhbir Badal will be able to comment upon everything once the General elections are announced.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Chhatrapati Murder Case - Dera Chief Gets LI

Chhatrapati Murder Case - Dera Chief Gets Life Imprisonment 
17 January 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa Chief Gurmit Ram Rahim gets Life imprisonment from CBI Court. He was held guilty on 11th January 2019 by a CBI Court in Panchkula. Dera Chief is already serving imprisonment for 20 years in his earlier conviction of 2017.

The Judgement Order Part relevant to Dera Cheif only is as below
Excerpt from Judgement CBI Versus Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim and others The Life Imprisonment awarded on 17.1.2019 shall begin after the expiry of first sentence (10+10=20)
15. Section 427 (1) Cr.P.C. provides that the date of expiry of first sentence that the offender undergoes shall be the starting point of subsequent sentence and without court’s discretion being exercised, the subsequent sentence will not run concurrently. Thus, normally rule of Section 427 (1) of Cr.P.C. is that when sentences are awarded to a convict in two different offences, one after the other, the sentence awarded to the convict on subsequent conviction shall commence after the expiration of the imprisonment to which he has been previously sentenced, unless the court directs that subsequent sentence shall run concurrently with his previous sentence. No doubt, the discretion vesting with the court is to be exercised judiciously. In the instant case, convict-Gurmeet Ram Rahim is admittedly undergoing term sentence of imprisonment for committing offences of rape and said accused/convict has also been held guilty and awarded life imprisonment for committing offence punishable u/s 120-B
IPC read with Section 302 IPC, meaning thereby that the acts of accused/convict are abhorrent and two distinct and grave crimes have been committed by the convict at different points of time and therefore, it is not a case where discretion is required to be exercised in terms of Section 427 (1) of Cr.P.C.. Resultantly, life imprisonment awarded to the said convict shall commence at the expiration of term sentence awarded in earlier case i.e. in RC No. 05/2002.
16. Let conviction warrants be prepared accordingly.

17. Copy of judgment of conviction dated 11.01.2019 and order of sentence dated 17.01.2019 be provided to the convict free of cost.


Dera chief, 3 others awarded life imprisonment in Chhatrapati murder case

The CBI Special Court, Panchkula, on Thursday awarded life imprisonment to Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim in the journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati murder case.

Along with Ram Rahim, Dera manager Krishan Lal and carpenters at Dera -- Nirmal Singh and Kuldeep Singh -- were also awarded life imprisonment. 

Special Judge Jagdeep Singh also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 each on all the four accused.

Ram Rahim and other three accused - Kuldeep Singh, Nirmal Singh and Krishan Lal - were  present in the court through video conferencing from Rohtak jail and Ambala jail, respectively. 

It was Kuldeep Singh who had shot at Chhatrapati outside his house in Sirsa on the evening of October 24, 2002. Chhatrapati later succumbed to his injuries on November 21, 2002, at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

Kuldeep Singh had come along with Nirmal Singh on a scooter.

Nirmal Singh had managed to flee on scooter but the police nabbed Kuldeep Singh on the spot. They revealed the name of Dera manager Krishan Lal who had provided his revolver to them.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court had handed over the case to CBI on a petition by Anshul Chhatrapati, son of Ram Chander Chhatrapati, on November 10, 2003.

According to CBI, Ram Chander Chhatrapati was killed as Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim was upset over news items in 'Poora Sach' newspaper, which he was running. In May,2002, Chhatrapati published a news item about the anonymous complaint of a Sadhvi regarding sexual exploitation of Sadhvis in Dera Sacha Sauda in the newspaper. From there onwards, he started receiving threats.

Former driver of Ram Rahim, Khatta Singh, had told the court that it was Dera chief who had ordered Chhatrapati's killing in front of him.

He told that on October 23, 2002, 'Poora Sach' had published a news item regarding the case of sexual exploitation of women followers. After reading the article, Ram Rahim got angry and told accused Krishan Lal, Kuldeep Singh and Nirmal Singh to eliminate Chattrapati by any means. On hearing this, accused Krishan Lal went out of the cave of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and came back with his own revolver which he gave to Kuldeep Singh and Nirmal Singh.

The CBI Special Court had earlier sentenced Ram Rahim for 20-year rigorous imprisonment (RI) on August 28, 2017, in a case of rape of two women followers. He had also been facing Ranjit Singh murder case before the same court where he is an accused along with Krishan Lal, Jasbir, Indersen, Avtaar and Sabdil. Ranjit Singh was murdered on July 10, 2002. The CBI has alleged that Ram Rahim suspected him to be behind the circulation of anonymous letter of a sadhvi alleging sexual exploitation of sadhvis at Dera.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Journalist Amar Singh Jyani Bereaved

Sr Journalist Amar Singh Jyani Bereaved – His Father Ami Chand breathed his last on the night of 15th January.
15 January 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
Sr. Journalist Amar Singh Bereaved – His Father Ch Ami Chand Jyani breathed his last on the night of 15th January. His funeral will be held in his ancestral village Sirdhan in District Fatehabad on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at around 12 NOON.

Amar Singh Jyani is a staffer with India News Haryana and is an Ex-Air Force Personnel. He is also a regular contributor to the newsfeed of SirsaNews.

Sirsa News sends condolences on this loss to Amar Singh Jyani and his family.

For Location Click Sirdhan above.

18 January 2019

Notice of Condolence Meeting and Rasam Pagri

Jyani Family will be sitting for condolence meetings at their Village Home in Village SIRDHAN, Distt Fatehbad till 27th January. The Rasm-Pagri will be held on 27th January Before Noon at their home in Village Sirdhan itself.
Village Sirdhan is about 11Km from Fatehabad (NH9) on Bhattu Road via Dhingsara

The Word Sirdhan is hyperlinked in the text above for Google Maps Navigation for Those who use GPS Navigation. 
Calling Number of Sh Amar Singh Jyani is : +91-93542 22060 & +91-94684 20033

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Anshul Chhatrapati Reaction on Conviction of Dera Chief

Anshul Chhatrapati Reaction on Conviction of Dera Chief

Recorded Late Night 11th January 2019 SIRSA
Camera: Amar S Jyani, Vikram Bhatia, S. Sawant, Happy Mukhtiar Singh

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Chattarpati Murder Case - Dera Chief Held Guilty

Chattarpati Murder Case – Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Held Guilty.
Quantum of Punishment to be pronounced on 17th January
11 January 2019
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja.  Photo Collage N Kaushik
Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, along with three other accused were convicted in the journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati murder case by a special CBI court in Panchkula on Friday, 11 January. The quantum of punishment will be pronounced on Thursday 17 January 2019.

Reaction of the family of Slain Journalist:
सिरसा, 11.01.2019 पत्रकार राम चंद्र के छत्रपति हत्याकांड में डेरा सच्चा सौदा प्रमुख गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह को दोषी करार दिया गया है। इस मामले पर प्रतिक्रिया देते हुए अंशुल छत्रपतिसमूह छत्रपति परिवार ने फैसले को सच की जीत  बताया है। अदालत ने छत्रपति के सच पर मुहर लगाई है।  इस पर छत्रपति परिवार माननीय न्यायालय का तहेदिल से आभार व्यक्त करता है। सीबीआई ने इस मामले में जिस निष्पक्षता से जांच की उसके लिए सीबीआई के जांच अधिकारी सतीश डागर व उनकी समस्त टीम का आभार जताते हैं। मीडियाअधिवक्ता, मामले के गवाहों के साथ एक बलशाली व दबंग आरोपी के खिलाफ लड़ाई में शुरू से अंत तक प्रत्यक्ष व् अप्रत्यक्ष्य रूप से साथ देने वाले प्रत्येक व्यक्ति का आभार व बधाई। उम्मीद करते हैं कि आरोपी को अधिकतम सज़ा दी जाएगी।


Ten Points to know about this case
1. On October 24, 2002, journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati was allegedly shot at in Sirsa by two carpenters who were Dera followers. Chhatrapati died in November, after being treated at a hospital for few days.

2. Chhatrapati had written extensively about the growth of Dera into a powerful empire using wrong methods.
3. He had published an anonymous letter in his evening-daily 'Poora Sach' that highlighted the plight of women sexually abused by the Dera chief after which he was killed.

4. A former driver of Ram Rahim, Khatta Singh had earlier told that the sect chief had ordered the killing of the journalist.

5. The CBI filed a charge sheet in the murder case in July 2007. The driver was one of the most important witnesses of CBI.

6. The 51-year-old self-styled godman is currently serving a 20-year jail term in Sunaria jail at Rohtak for raping two of his women disciples.

7. Incidents of widespread violence were reported in Panchkula and Sirsa in August 2017 when the Dera chief was convicted in the rape case. More than 40 people were killed and over 200 injured.
8. With tightened security, Panchkula district is on high alert today. Additional troops have been deployed to maintain the law and order situation.

9. Around 500 police personnel have been deployed around the premises of the court.

10. The special CBI court on Tuesday gave consent to Haryana government plea to allow Rahim Singh to appear for the verdict through video conferencing.

Ramchander Chhatrapati was shot at in October 2002 after his newspaper, Poora Sach, published an anonymous letter that narrated how women were being sexually exploited by Gurmeet Ram Rahim at the Dera headquarters in Sirsa.

The journalist later succumbed to injuries, following which a case was registered in 2003.