Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sirsa Becomes Unlivable with another spout of Rain

Sirsa Becomes Unlivable with another spout of Rain

27 July 2006

People had not settled yet with the heavy rain pour of the 9th July and another rain yesterday only about 1/3rd of mm that poured on 9th & 10th July.
You may just visit the earlier post to see the Sirsa roads and houses flooded with water, only men and their machines may be different, water logging is same.
This time amount of rain at Sirsa was reported to be only about 31mm compared to 115mm of last rain but there was no dilution in troubles of people. During the last rain the district administration had simply blamed extraordinary rainfall as the cause of failure.
This rain is also reported to be more wide spread helping many a farmers, at the same time submerging cotton crop in water in many villages. Ellenabad city was also badly affected by heavy rain

Monday, July 24, 2006

CDLU Gets its Resident VC

CDLU Gets its Resident VC

24 July 2006

[No Picture of the New VC available yet]

Chaudhary Devi Lal University Sirsa (CDLU) got its permamnent Vice Chancellor (VC) after a long struggle by Shiksha Bachao Abhiyaan and residents of Sirsa, The Haryana Governor and Chancellor of Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Dr A.R. Kidwai, today appointed Dr K.C. Bhardwaj Vice- Chancellor of the university for three years.
Dr Bhardwaj is a former Controller of Examinations and Registrar, MD University, Rohtak. He was also the Director, Distance Education, and Controller of Examinations, Guru Jambeshwar University, Hisar, and remained a member of the Executive Council of Kumaon University, Nani Tal, Uttaranchal.

To read about the efforts of Shiksha Bachao Abhiyaan etc. please visit the June and other archives of or at See Pictures & Read about efforts of Siksha Bachao Abhiyaan at:

Bhajan Sandhya turns into Night of Chaos

Bhajan Sandhya turns into Night of Chaos

23 July 2006

The much-hyped Bhajan Sandhya at Tarakeshwar Dham (TARA BABA Kutiya) at village Ram Nagaria on the immediate outskirts on South of Sirsa, had to be terminated prematurely due to absolute mismanagement on part of the organizers as well as administration.
More Details ………..soon

Sunday, July 23, 2006

National School Of Drama Short plays at CMK College

National School Of Drama Stages short plays at CMK Girls College

21 July 2006

National School of Drama (NSD) artistes presented 3 short plays at CMK National Girls College, SIRSA auditorium tonight…………….Details ………..soon

Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan At Moujukhera, Ellenabad

Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan At Moujukhera (Ellenabad)

19 July 2006


Deputy Commisioner V. Umashankar………………..Details ………..soon

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lions Supreme Cleanliness awareness at Town Park

[Click picture to enlarge]
Lions Supreme Cleanliness awareness at Town Park

18 July 2006

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version, rest of the picture posts pending]

Lions Club Supreme Sirsa organized a cleanliness awareness drive at Tau DeviLal Town Park Sirsa under the directions of its newly installed president Mr. Arun Maheshwari. The club members Secretary, Narender Khurana, PRO Rakesh Goyal, Krishan Wadhwa, Hoshiar Chand Sharma, Ashok Mehta, Dinesh Chaudhary, Yogesh Bagri, Ravinder Khurana, Bhim Bhatti, Mahesh Sharma etc. assembled at the town park and collected all the garbage littered all over the park premises. The club also installed a billboard urging citizens to keep the Park clean. Mr. Maheshwari told Sirsa News, that participation of citizens to maintain and upkeep of this park and other such public places is call of the time, only then the administration can be hauled up to perform its duties. The club shall identify other such public places being ignored by HUDA and shall conduct such drives there also.

HUDA had been regularly holding, Annual Flower Show in the month of March every-year at the Town Park, from this year(2006), HUDA discontinued even this healthy practice that attracted people, flower lovers to the park to witness the show as well resulted in maintenance of the the Town Parks. The Show inspired people to grow flowers and ornamentals at their homes as well as there used to be many competitions in this show.

Admission Process at JCD Polytechnic SIRSA

18 July 2006

Pictures of admission process for Diploma in Engineering trades at Ch. Devi Lal Polytechnic on the campus of JCD Vidya Peeth Sirsa on the second day

Rajiv Gandhi Manav Sewa Puraskar & Rastriya Bal Puraskar

Deputy Commissioner Mr. V. Umashankar informed about the above prizes given by Govt of India to promote individuals as well as institution working for the welfare of children. He said that the individuals and institutes can apply for these prizes along with details of their achievements before 10th August, 2006, along with recommendation of the DC, and send the same to the Director, Department of Women & Child Welfare SCO 360-61, Sec 34-A Chandigarh. More details can be held from office of the Child Dev. Project Officer SIRSA.

Police Press Release

Stolen Motorcycle and the accused arrested.
Stolen Motorcycle Hero Honda PB30C 0562, and the accused Lakhbir Singh arrested from Kalanwali. The accused was bringing the motorcycle to sell it at Dabwali Auto market.

13 Grammes of Smack recovered.
Taking action under SP Sirsa Mr. Sultan Singh’s anti narcotics campaign, Naurang Police Picket under Kalanwali PS arrested 2 persons carrying about 13 grams of smack yesterday.
New Bajaj Auto Show Room
Mr Raul R Verma, RM Bajaj Auto Limited, inaugurated the newly constructed show room of Raja Bajaj, a Sales and Service out let of Bajaj 2 wheelers at Dabwali Road Sirsa today after Pooja Ceremony. MD of Raja Bajaj Mr. Rajesh Makker, informed Sirsa News, that the new outlet shall have all the modern facilities for sales and servicing of Bajaj range. Mr. O.P. Makker said that customer care shall be of utmost priority at Raja Bajaj.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Kavi Sammelan at Jeevan Nagar

Kavi Sammelan at Jeevan Nagar

16 July 2006

Haryana Punjabi Sahitya Academy in cooperation with Namdhari Punjabi Sahitya Sabha organized The 28th ‘Sant Tarn Singh Vahami Samriti Samaroh’ Late Sant Singh Vahmi was of Village Budhi Maari in the Ellenbad block. A Kavi Sammelan was held at Sh. Guru Hari Singh College, Jeevan Nagar today, dedicated to Saheedi Purab of Guru Arjun Dev. [To know more about Guru Arjun Dev’s martyrdom, read, June2006 Archive]

[All Photos can be mouse clicked to view-enlarged version]

Haryana Punjabi Sahitya Academy in cooperation with Namdhari Punjabi Sahitya Sabha organized The 28th ‘Sant Tarn Singh Vahami Samriti Samaroh’ Late Sant Singh Vahmi was of Village Budhi Maari in the Ellenbad block. A Kavi Sammelan was held at Sh. Guru Hari Singh College, Jeevan Nagar today, dedicated to Saheedi Purab of Guru Arjun Dev. [To know more about Guru Arjun Dev’s martyrdom, read, June2006 Archive]

Mr. Moudgil, Chairman, Haryana Punjabi Sahitya Academy and Mr. HS Hanspal MP presided over the function. Mr. Fool Chand Mulana, Education Minister Haryana could not turn up at the function due to some compulsions elsewhere. Mr Om Parkash Kehrawala was also

Dr Darshan Singh anchored the sammellan. Com. Swarn Singh Wirk, Dr. Amarjeet Singh Kang, & Dr. Mrs. Kulwant Kaur (from USA) read their research papers, while many of the poets from Sirsa Punjab Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi rendered their poetic compostions. Some of the poets that participated were, Bhupender Panniwalia, Surjeet Singh Surjeet, Harbhajn Singh Rainu, Kulwant Chawla, Gurdial Singh Preet, Joginder Singh Preet, Lakhwinder Singh Bajwa, Puran Singh Nirala, Swarn Singh Cheema, Dr GD Chaudhry, Sh. Surinder Kamboj etc rendered their compositions, Master Amreek Singh, spokesman of the Sabha informed Sirsa News.

Ghagger River
Ghagger River gets its long awaited rain floodwater from the rains that happened in its catchments area in Chandigarh, Patiala, Ambala region of the season last night. Ghagger is considered to be lifeline of the fertile Naali belt that is rice basket of Sirsa District, although the amount of the water was inadequate to be discharged into the river downstream yet.

[See Pictures of Both Sides of Ottu Wier on top]


State Level Hockey at Jeevan Nagar from 19th August.

Under 14, 17 and 19 yrs age group state level Hockey competitions will commence from 19th August atSri Guru Hari Singh Sr. Sec. School Jeevan Nagar. School PTI Mr. Inderjeet Singh informed today.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ati Maha Rudra Yagya At Tara Baba Kutiya

16 July 2006
Ati Maha Rudra Yagya At Tara Baba Kutiya
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Details and pictures as the event goes...............

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Deputy Commissioner V. Umashankar’s interface with press

Deputy Commissioner V. Umashankar’s interface with press

12 July 2006

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version] >>

The new Deputy Commissioner of Sirsa Mr. V. Umashankar held his first formal press conference at the mini secretariat DC office today. After formal introduction with the press and media persons from Sirsa, the deputy commissioner said “Let's discuss some serious business now” Mr. Umashankar discussed the problems faced by the city Sirsa at length especially the water logging in the city after monsoon’s first downpour which was 115 mm, a rather heavy rain for city of Sirsa which gets scanty rainfall. He admitted that administrations as well as people of Sirsa were not really prepared for this kind of heavy downpour, however he said that by and large this rain had been useful especially to the drought hit farm sector. He said that a master plan to siphon out rain water shall be impemented soon. Rain Water Recharging systems are also being looked into.
On a question asked about accountability of officers the DC said that before holding anyone accountable, 3 parameters are necessary to be looked into, 1) Information, 2) Monitoring and assessment 3) Enforcement. Enabling & exercising of RTI (over some period) shall automatically lead to accountability.

Regarding the flyover on the railway on the national highway he said the state Government has cleared the project and that recently in a video conferencing session at Hisar, the chief secretary told him that the bridge should be constructed in near future may be by year 2007, for this the State Govt. is pursuing the matter with Ministry of Surface Transport and National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

About erratic power supply he explained at length the problems and said that suggestions are invited about a system like SMS info service, (free or on subscription only) via which people may be informed about a possible power cut. Already it’s being informed via cable TV. A mobile van for fault repairs is already pressed into service; the same can be reached via mobile number 9812215205 by anyone facing difficulty regarding power supply.

Farmers Deputation meets the DC

A Delegation of farmers getting irrigation from Southern Ghagger Canal (SGC) led by Mr. Jaswant Singh Josh, president ‘Lokpanchayat’ (Reg.) and Kuldeep Singh Kariwala etc. met the DC for de-silting of SG Canal before the arrival of flood in Ghaggar River, so that they might get maximum benefit of irrigation from mineral rich flood waters.

First Monsoon Rain brings cheers and woes

First Monsoon Rain brings cheers and woes.

11 July 2006

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version; also notice the satellite picture of the cloud cluster that caused the rain]

The first Monsoon rain that started after midnight on the night between 9th and 10th July gave the much-awaited relief from hot dusty humid days. Most farmers had welcomed the rain. The rain had been very timely as crops were withering under drought since last fortnight, although the rain was not evenly distributed over the district. On the other hands life in the city of Sirsa was thrown totally out of gear. Neither people nor the administration was really prepared to face the music of monsoon that recorded 115mm on the rain meter. Most of the localities of Sirsa were submerged in deep water at some places it was waist deep. The power failure in many localities continued till late evening of 10th July added to the woes as the pump sets installed for sewerage disposal system could not work. People had resentments against administration but it was found the respective departments though trying there best could not address the problems efficiently, and the main hindrance had been lack of coordination and power failure.

See Pictures that speak about water and woes!

Friday, July 07, 2006

SirsaNews hit by Power Failures

Sirsa News Web affected by Power Failures

07 July 2006

Erratic power supply over the last 10 days is affecting many a people and organizations. Sirsa News Web is also badly affected by Unscheduled Power Failures and power quality of power supply supplied by DHBVN Ltd. Apart from fluctuating voltage low frequency is also affected sensitive equipment.

In view of this many of the pending posts at Sirsa News shall also remain pending for a while.

The CM Haryana announcement today that every village Dhaani would be provided electricity seems to be a cruel joke. When the DHBVNL is unable to supply power to Haryana’s major cities even during the night, from where the CM shall outsource the Power?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Police Announces Prize on assasins of Chand Brar

03 July 2006

Police Announces Prize on assasins of Chand Brar

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version]

Police Announces Prize on assassins of Chand Brar

SP Sirsa Mr. Sultan Singh held a press conference late in the evening today and informed the media that suspected assassins of Mr. Chand Singh Brar of Dabwali now bear a prize of Rs25,000-00 each. He released photographs of the three suspects to TV and print media for publicity. Pardeep Godara of Village Chautala; Vinod Arora of Dabwali & Shah Alam R/o Shigerra Distt. Gazipur, UP are the accused. Anyone who information leading to arrest of any of these three shall be eligible for the reward money, The identity of the informer would not be declared for his/her safety.

Mr. Sultan Singh also informed that the case of naked photography of a woman of Vill. Rohiraanwali has also been probed. The accusations of the woman and her husband on another woman of same village are false, in fact both these women were friends and were involved in some kind of sex racket, and when at on stage they had dispute about sharing of cash earned, one of the two accused the other of her being photographed in nude after administering her some intoxicant in tea.

City Cable Operator Accused of Criminal Charges

03 July 2006

City Cable Operator Accused of Criminal Charges.

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version]

Mr. Ved Parkash Goyal, has been booked under sections 148/149/323/324/452/506 in FIR no. 484 at the city Police Station lodged by Mr. Subhash Bansal. The complainants informed by holding a press conference at Jai Vilas Hotel. The complainants said that Ved Goyal his son Mr. Ganesh along with his employees who acted as hooligans on the directions of Mr. Goyal attacked on his life and property, Mr. Bansal informed the press that at that time Mr. Ved was carrying a pistol while Mr. Ganesh was holding a knife in his hand. Before that 3 of his employees tried to forcibly cut of the cable connection to their home when only Mrs. Ritu Bansal was at home and there was no other male member at home. These employees also talked in unparliamentarily language to the lady. This all was aftermath of arguments that happened night before over non-telecast of ESPN channel on the cable. ESPN channel was telecasting live Football (FIFA) matches that night. The complainants alleged that City Cable was showing an obscene film instead of the ESPN channel.

On the other hand Mr. Ved Goyal said that the he is being falsely implicated in this case.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Computer Training at Ellenabad under Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana

01 July 2006

Computer Software Training at Ellenabad under Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version]
Details awaited from Sh. Bupender Dharmani.........