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The Guiding Light: T.S. Mann, on his Fifteenth Barsi

The Guiding Light: T.S. Mann, on his Fifteenth 'Barsi'

19 August 2018

On The Fifteenth Death Anniversary of Sr. TS Mann, SIRSA NEWS brings you brief life sketch of Sr. Mann, the guiding light and inspiration that drives this Web Site. Watch Embedded VIDEO Also

Late Sardar Tirlok Singh Mann (HPS- I Retd. Supdt. Jail)
Sardar Tirlok Singh Mann was born at Village Mannawala Distt. Shekhupura. (Now in Punjab of Pakistan) on 20th July 1920 in the famous Mannawala Family (A chapter is devoted to Mannawala Family, in the book The Chiefs of Punjab, by a British Author. A family tree from 1700AD up to the name of Sr T.S. Mann (Link to Family Tree) also exists in this book as well as the Gazette of Punjab)He was the eldest son of S. Sahib Singh Mann (Ex MLC of Punjab Assembly 1952) His education started from Guru Nanak Khalsa High School Nanakana Sahib. He did his Graduation in 1942 from Khalsa College Amritsar. Six feet tall and well built; he was a good athlete & sportsman. He won the Punjab University’s ‘One Mile’ race twice. At that time the Punjab University was the biggest university in the North India and was located at Lahore. Even then he represented the Punjab University’s Volleyball team.
Above: S. Sahib Singh Mann MLC in a Group Photo of 1952 Members of The Punjab Legislative Council SIMLA

Above: TS Mann with his Alma Mater - the famous 'Khalsa College Amritsar' in the background
Below: Khalsa College Amritsar Estb 1892 An Autonomous College
Picture of Khalsa College Amritsar : GS Mann August 2018
British Professors taught English in Khalsa College at that time. He had good command over English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Persian and even some basic working knowledge of French. He visited Sri Harmandir Sahib every morning during all 4 years (It's used to be 4 years in college after 10th; 1 year FA/F.Sc. followed by 3 years of graduation) of his hostel life at Khalsa College Amritsar He held his teachers and professors in very high esteem. Prof Sahib Singh, who is known for the most authenticated 'TIKA' of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was one of his favorite professors.

In 1943, he joined the Jail department by appointment through Punjab Services Commission. His first posting was probably at Multan Jail as Asstt. Supdt. Jail. At time of partition in 1947, the family was allotted land at Sirsa; he was made a camp commandant for some time to take care of partition refugees at SIRSA. He resumed his jail department post in post partition India. During his service in the Jail Dept he did not distance himself from the prisoners, rather he understood their psychology and interacted with them to resolve their problems as and when these surfaced. He was very particular about the ration and good hygienic food of the Jail prisoners, and daily ensured that the right quantity and rightly cooked food was served on time. He also took care of the welfare possibilities of all the prisoners. He was very popular with the inmates and many of them used to thank him on and after completion of their jail terms. Besides many jails of Punjab & Haryana he was also posted at Tihar Jail Delhi in early fifties.
 TV Shots from AajTak telecast of 2003
All pictures can be clicked to enlarge or right click to open link in new window
Watch Video: Sh LK Advani Deputy Prime Minister of India & TS Mann Retired Superintendent Jail Revisit Rohtak Jail on 26th June 2003 - On This Date Emergency was declared in India in 1975. This Video anchored by Deepak Chaurasia was recorded on 26th June 2003 at Rohtak Jail.
In 1975 to 1977 during the national emergency, he was Superintendent of Rohtak Jail. Many senior political leaders were detained in Rohtak jail under his tenure. {To name a few: Sh Bhairon Singh Shekhwat Ex. Vice president of India, Sh LK Advani Ex. Deputy Prime Minister of India, Sh Chander Shekhar Ex PM of India, Ch. Devi Lal Ex DPM India (and Ex CM Haryana), Sh. Sikander Bakht Ex Governor of KERALA, Dr Bhai Mahavir Governor of MP. Sh. Pillo Modi MP, Sh Ashok Mehta MP, Samar Guha, Sh Biju Patnaik Ex CM Orissa, Major Jaipal, Bakshi Jagdev and many more…………} All of these were satisfied with the humane behavior of Sr. TS Mann. Many of them called upon him personally at his official residence soon after attaining political posts and ministries in The Janta Party in 1977. Even today many of them remember him fondly. He was being offered a seat for becoming a MP in the elections of 1977, but he refused as he was a non Political Man and never took any advantage of his such closeness to these leaders. May it be recalled that in 1977 elections it was landslide victory for the JANTA PARTY, and anyone who was nominated by Janta Party was sure to win. After a gap of 28 years, Sh. LK Advani DPM of India recalled him at Rohtak jail on 26 June 2003. An exclusive video film on LK Advani and TS Mann was produced by AajTak news channel in Rohtak Jail; it was telecast at prime time on 26 June 2003 under ‘VISHESH’ Sh Advani specifically mentioned in this telecast the good treatment he got from Mr. Mann during detention under MISA. [see Pictures above] After 35 years of meritorious service he retired in 1979 as Supdt. Distt. Jail Rohtak, at that time this was the second senior most post in the Jail Deptt. The Govt. gave him four increments for his honest & dedicated services. He had ample regards for his officer: I.G. Prisons, Late Sh. SK Puri. That’s why he refused a promotion to the rank of The IG (the Highest Post of Jail Deptt. In those days) during the last few months of his service, as this would have put the then IG Mr. Puri in trouble, and would have jinxed the last phase of service (career) of Sh. Puri, due to certain political reasons.
He took up farming at his farm at village Kirpal Patti, in Ellenabad Sub Division of District SIRSA after retirement. He did co-operative farming by indulging 20 families with him. He made sure that basic needs of these families (Housing, food and clothing) were fulfilled. He arranged money for them also. He discouraged these families to consume alcohol or any kind of intoxicants. He imparted moral and social teachings to all the people associated with him. He himself was a teetotaller and vegetarian throughout his life. Along with farming he took up many social projects. I integrated his agriculture wisdom and scores of his farming tips even now in pursuing modern farming. From 1994, he gave a new momentum to the already Established ‘LOK PANCHAYAT’ (A regd. body) in the Rania-Ellenabad Jeevan Nagar area of SIRSA. Lokpanchayat is a non-religious, non-political, non-factional, social body. [NGO]
During the unfortunate era of militancy in Punjab, Sirsa a border district was also affected, Sardar TS Mann with others formed a peace committee in Sirsa, Sh V. Kamraj an able IPS officer who was posted in Sirsa in those days appreciated the efforts of the peace committee.
In 2001 he had joined the move initiated from the Districts of Karnal & Kurukshetra, for the formation of separate SGPC for Haryana (now known as HSGPC: Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Adhoc). He motivated and apprised people of Sirsa district about the necessity of separate SGPC for Haryana. His foresight and the ideas instilled in the minds of the crusaders of HSGPC, kept the demand for HSGPC alive & the efforts continued long after his death. Sikh population and Sikh leaders of Haryana kept on pressing for this demand. Efforts of Dr Ashok Tanwar and Avantika Tanwar in persuading the rightful demand of Separate Gurdwara Committee finally bore results; a bill for Separate Gurdwara Committee was presented in the Haryana Assembly and the same was passed. The separate body for management of Sikh Gurdwaras has been hence formed by an act of Haryana Govt in the recent assembly session in July 2014 to which Governor Haryana gave an assent. However the matter is now sub-judice in the honourable Supreme Court of India.

He was eldest amongst three Sons of Sardar Sahib Singh Mann. Youngest was Sardar Amarjeet Singh Mann, Ex Sarpanch (Born 1927 Died 1987), his family is settled in Village Moujukhera. Sardar Gurdeep Singh Mann (Born 1921 Died 2014), he was younger to Sardar TS  Mann, his family is settled in Village Patti Kirpal. Both were Progressive Farmers and well known personalities of this area.

Sardar TS Mann  was stern follower of the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib. He always cherished his parents.

In 1986, the untimely demise of his elder son: Sh. Gurinder Mann, perturbed him for a while but he took this great loss as will of The Almighty and consoled rest of the family. It is worth mentioning here that Sh. Gurinder Mann was highly educated [M.A. LL.B. BJ, member HUJ] He was a highly talented budding photo-journalist and art photographer whose pictures were published in international journals. Gurinder Mann was a keen musician and a talented painter as well.
Rajan Gurinder Mann

Late Sardarni Harpal Kaur Mann (1932 - 2009), 
wife of Sardar TS Mann, pious & progressive force that stood by TS Mann.

Sardar T.S. Mann’s life was highly disciplined and he was highly health conscious. Even at the age of 83 years, he took long walks daily and visited his fields daily. He never needed much medical care throughout his life, as he believed that nature takes care of petty ailments. He was a die-hard optimist. Sardar Tirlok Singh Mann passed away on the 19th day of August 2003, peacefully.
He is remembered for his principled life, honesty, integrity, philanthropic, and outspoken nature.

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Regulations through Divine Power – Dr TN Chugh

Regulations through Divine Power – Dr TN Chugh
13th  August, 2018
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant, Mukhtiar Singh Happy, Vikram Bhatia. Vikas Taneja
Regulations through Divine Power
The application of “The Divine “is truthful, sacred, delightful, pleasing, ultimate control as ‘God’. He is eternal, celestial, holy, spiritual, mystical, religious, transcendent, super-natural, blissful Almighty God. In Latin language, the word, ‘Divinus or Divus’, stands for ‘God ’. In Greek language, the word ‘Zeus’, in Persian ‘Div’, in Sanskrit ‘Deva’, also have similar aspects of the Divine.
In religions, Divinity or God-head represent the eternal and super-human power that is believed to come from super-natural authority on deity or spirit and therefore, under stand as ‘Most-sacred or Holy-entity’. Such power reflects Super-soul with graceful qualities of immortality and salvation. Divine destination is the aim full journey with spiritual objective and target for destiny. It represents the place or progress for which a person travels to achieve the desired spiritual destination.
No person can be truly happy unless he recognizes the divine dwelling inside and pervading.
Eminence of GOD: 
1.         God is the greatest, perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, originator, sole creator, ruler of universe, principle power of faith and worship in every religion.
2.        He is the sole generator, operator, care taker, navigator, savior, and all benevolent Divine Power.
3.        He is the pure and poise energetic power who is prevalent in every particle of universe.
4.        His divine melody reverberates day and night in every soul covering all plants and animals.
5.        The supernatural power is idealized, followed and worshiped by everyone.
6.        The real God is usually named as Theism, considered as metaphysical, imperial, inductive and subjective type.
7.         God has hundreds of names, Allah in Islam, Yahweh or Elohim in Judaism, Baha in Baha’s faith, Ahura in Zoroastrianism. In Hinduism, the famous names are Rama, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Kali, Parwati, Bhagwan etc. He is also worshiped in many religions through their super-saints.
8.        He can perform unique miracles. He can transform blunders to minute negligence, stakes to minimum spikes, shame to honor, bitterness to sweetness, darkness to light etc. because He is the embodiment of love and destiny regulator.
9.        The benevolence of God is to achieve human excellence in totality and supernatural peace.
10.      The word GOD has three letters. ‘G’ stands for generator ( Brahma), ‘O’ for operator (Vishnu) and ‘D’ for destructor (Mahesh).
11.       He regulates everything, material, astral and celestial; being destiny regulator beyond the limits of time.
Inspirational thoughts on Divine Power:
        The divine alone is challenge less and eternal. All others are subject to change, decay and destruction.
        One can realize the Divine-self by pursuing truth, light and love so as to allow happiness and enlightenment.
        The person, who devotes to a cause, rises above defeat and victory. He never loses hope because he rests satisfied by doing duty and does not worry for results.
        Peace comes from the absence of evil, ignorance and hatred but from the struggle of fight.
        The path of life becomes easy if one can surrender completely to the Divine and follow the guidance of His faith.
        Deep communication with the Divine can be attained through prayers and meditation. This can purify the mind and raise its sublimity.
        Meditation enables to control over the personal mind, senses and body. It helps to attain union of individual soul with universal spirit.
        During silence, one can listen to the voice of Divine and gradually attain                   enlightenment.
        The modern life is relieved from stress, strain, tension, irritation, indignity,            frustration, heart break, jealousy and hatred. Meditation is the simplest and sure solution to all the problems of life. It can favor destination to the supreme Divine.
        No one can be truly happy unless recognizing the Divine everywhere and inside.
        Soul is celestial, spiritual and immortal entity in every plant and animal as a defined source. It is closely linked with emotions, passion, fervor, enthusiasm, eagerness, vitality, spirit, commitment and other favorable aspects.
Regular Prayer is Essential:
The prayer involves the specific words you speak to GOD, in order to ask for help and also convey ‘thanks’ through your heart. It also involves:
        Thinking positive for self and wishing good for others.
        When you convey liabilities and duties for friends and others.
        When you send off your near and dears to remain safe and happy.
        When you cook some thing to nourish family and friends.
        When you are helping someone in needs by giving your time and energy.
        When you forgive someone by your heart.
        Prayer is a vibration, feeling, thoughts, voice of love, respect, friendship and a genuine relationship.
        Prayer is expression of your silent living to stay blessed and continue praying. A satisfied life is better than a successful life. Success is measured by others but satisfaction is justified by our own heart, body and soul.
        We truly remember and wish for the Divine blessings through prayers. Meditation must be followed after prayer.
True Spirituality:
Spirituality affects and relates to human spirit which is opposed to material and physical objects. It conveys levels of mental or emotional communication and religious belief (but not concerned with material pursuits). The Latin word ‘Spiritualis’ conveys as ‘Soul adaptation’.
The soul cannot attain true purity and strength unless it leaves the materialistic desires. Every person should improve upon the virtuous habits of honesty, truthfulness, humility, tolerance, submission and contentment to merge with God through meditation. The developmental submission of soul with God can be acquired through faithful and emotional values.
Believe in Godliness: 
The almighty power of God is presently available for us. He truly wishes us to understand the greatness of His mighty power. God remains transcendent, unknown and unseen, if the man remains unaware of that truth. He may get confused due to self ignorance, ego and immaturity. When these ill effects get removed, then misbelieve and ignorance will not exist. Therefore, concentrate on good habits, strong character, amiable behavior, regular prayers and repeated meditation.
Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh. H.E.S.-I Retired.        
The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-94160 48789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years. The views expressed in the article are exclusive to Dr TN Chugh.

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