Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CM Haryana Joins Gopal Kanda’s Birthday Celebrations

Watch Video: CM Haryana BS Hooda Joins Gopla Kanda on his Birthday Celebrations at

Tara Baba Kuttiya.

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CM Haryana Joins Gopal Kanda’s Birthday Celebrations at Tara Baba Kutiyaa


29 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann, Bhupesh Goyal (Video Above)

On his 3rd Visit to Sirsa in December alone, Dr BS Hooda, CM Haryana said that the recent opening of first class 4 laned Railway Over Bridge is clue to the shape of things oncoming for Sirsa, there shall be no dearth of development projects for Sirsa. CM Haryana was in Sirsa today in connection with Birthday Celebrations of State Home Minsiter Gopal Kanda, Gopal Kanda celebrated his 46th birthday at Tara Baba Shrine, apart from his birthday cake ceremony, Gopal Kanda and his associates did charity work today by distributing tricycles, organizing free medical camps and other works of philanthropy. There was no new announcement from CM Haryana on his this visit, though the Aggarwal Community was hopeful of some announcement regarding land allocation to Agar Samaj Dharamshala today.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Infant declared dead, starts breathing in cremation ground.

Infant declared dead, starts breathing in cremation ground.


26-27 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann


IN a bizarre incident at Sirsa today morning an infant( about 1 and half month) declared dead by a pediatrician Dr. Ram Niwas Bana suddenly started showing signs of life when it started breathing just before its burial in the local Cremation grounds. The infant was immediately brought to the Nursing Home of another Pediatrician Dr. Rajinder Sra where the child was breathing normally and was being given drips intravenously. Till writing of the news the child was breathing normally and making spontaneous body movements, though according to Dr. Sra the prognosis of the case was uncertain. Vinod Kumar, the father of the infant, a resident of local Rania road who was also present there alleged that his son was under the treatment of Dr. Bana for the last about a month and today morning his staff declared him dead and asked them to take it away. He further alleged that when they were at the verge of putting its body into the grave the infant started breathing and without any loss of time they brought it into the Sra Nursing Home


82 pouches of Blood belonging to the local Shiv Shakti Blood Bank which were found yesterday on the road side near village Panjuana (Sirsa) and caused a commotion and flurry of activity among the medical fraternity of town ultimately put the Bank Management in trouble. In this connection while addressing media persons in the local IMA house today, Dr. Ved Beniwal the chairman of the Blood Bank and the patron of the Haryana state IMA said that out of 82 Blood pouches found 7 were issued to various Nursing Homes for human Use and which after being used were handed over to the Synergy Medical Bio-waste management agency. The rest 75 of them were expired after Plasma and Platelets were separated from them and the same were given to the same Bio-waste Management agency for proper disposal. He alleged that it was a conspiracy on the part of this agency to throw all these pouches on the road side to tarnish the fair image of the Bank which has been rendering selfless services for the last over a decade. However when contacted Dr. Viresh Bhushan the Deputy Civil Surgeon Sirsa who had raided the bank along with a team of Doctors and District Drugs Inspector told on Phone to this correspondent that after detecting discrepancies in the records of the Blood Bank a criminal case with the Sirsa police has been filed against the Blood Bank under Public Safety Act and also a complaint has been filed with the SDO of the Pollution Control Board under the Environment Protection Act.

Both Reports Dr. OP Bansal

Saturday, December 25, 2010

ROB as Xmas Gift for SIRSA, traffic eased w.e.f.

Watch Video: Congress Rally Badhatay kadam Inauguration of ROB and Astro Turf 25 Dec 2010

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X-Mas gifts: ROB and Astro Turf (Artificial Grass Hockey Ground) inaugurated.

Sirsa to be declared industrially Backward from January 1st 2011


25 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

1. ROB and Astro Turf (Synthetic Grass Hockey Turf) inaugurated at SIRSA

2. Sirsa to be declared industrially backward from January 1st 2011

CM Haryana, Mr. BS Hooda, today dedicated to the public the much awaited Railway-over-bridge (R-O-B) in the midst of the city, and inaugurated a Synthetic Grass (Astro) Hockey Turf for at the sports complex. The CM reached Sirsa a couple of hours late owing to inclement weather, his helicopter was not given landing permission at Sirsa due to dense fog, instead CM’s chopper landed at Fatehabad from where he reached SIRSA by the road route.

Addressing a well attended public meeting (Rally) ‘Badhatay Kadam’ at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Stadium Sirsa, Chief Minister Haryana, Mr. BS Hooda said that in the State’s industrial policy to be announced on 1st January 2011, Sirsa shall be declared industrially backward; this will bring a lot of benefits for setting up of industrial units at Sirsa. Industrialization of Sirsa shall in turn generate a number of employment opportunities for the youth added the CM.

Apart from this the Chief Minister announced four Khareef Irrigation channels for Sirsa to be constructed at a cost of Rs80crore, he also said that repair of all water courses and canals shall be carried by 2015; construction of approach roads on both side of Ghagger Bridge connecting Mallewala and Nezadela (notably the bridge was constructed by the villagers of these two and adjoining villages, by their own concerted effort and fund raising) were also announced. He also announced that work for a new building for Govt. College at Dabwali shall be started soon. A Driver’s Training Park (Traffic Park) in Sirsa under the aegis of Haryana Roadways, a sub treasury at Sub Tehsil Nathusari Chopta and repair of roads of Nathusari Chopta shall be done soon. He also announced a package of 15crore rupees from HRDF and UDM and development of sports academy at village Foolkaan.

Before this MP Sirsa, Dr Ashok Tanwar read a list of demands of Sirsa and Fatehabad, prepared in consultation with all the Congress leaders of this area. Ch Ranjit Singh, Dr KV Singh, Perhlaad Singh Gillankehra, Malkiat Singh Khosa, Gopal Kanda, Kuldeep Sharma, Phool Chand Mullana, Dr Ram Partap, Raghubir Singh Kadian, Anand Biyani, Master Sampooran Singh, Kuldeep Singh Gadrana, Ch Dhurra Ram, Rajesh Vaid, Amit Sihag, Bhupesh Mehta etc also addressed the rally. The united efforts of all leaders of the Congress working in tandem visibly under the directions of MP Ashok Tanwar brought success to the rally.

Friday, December 24, 2010

ROB and Astro Turf for SIRSA this Christmas

ROB and Astro Turf for SIRSA this Christmas


24 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

This Christmas amidst dense fog and biting cold, Sirsa is all set to get much awaited Railway-Over- Bridge (ROB) dedicated to the people and a world class Astro Turf for the Hockey players at Shadid Bhagat Singh Stadium Sirsa by Dr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda CM Haryana, Dr Ashok Tanwar informed the media today. He said that on this day there may be more announcements and we shall take this opportunity to pose more demands to the Chief Minister upon his this visit for greater development of the City, its towns and its country side. He accused that the previous government (of INLD) had only been on stone laying spree and they did nothing concrete. Sirsa MP Dr Ashok Tanwar had invited suggestions to be put up as demands even from journalists for the benefit of the MP Constituency. Sirsa News also offered 3 demands: an All India Radio FM National Channel Repeater station, A Drivers Training Park ( Traffic Park), a Bird Sanctuary and Tourist Complex at Ottu lake.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mystery Still shrouds Murder Most Foul of the year.

Mystery Still shrouds Murder Most Foul of the year.


22 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

The POLICE and the public is still at wits end in resolving the mystery of the gruesome murder of a young woman probably a married woman, whose body was cut into several pices after her homicide packed into suitcases and dropped at least two different localities of SIRSA. What can be dubbed as murder most foul of this year, the murderer seems to a person who had expertly planned the crime before its execution, that is why even a week after the investigation teams are clueless and the Post mortem has not helped much yet.

Read the previous story below:

Previous story of this crime as reported in The Tribune of 18th Dec. : A woman, who seems to be in her early twenties, was found murdered here and her body was chopped into pieces. The police today recovered the head and the two lower limbs of the body from Kanganpur village near here and the torso and the upper two limbs of the woman from a vacant plot near Agarsen Colony. The woman’s head and lower limbs were found packed in a gunny bag, while the torso and the upper limbs were found packed in a suitcase. Labourers working under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme at Kanganpur village found the bloodstained bag near the government school of the village today. They got suspicious and brought the matter to the notice of village sarpanch Gurvinder Singh, who informed the police. SHO, Sadar police station, Jitender Singh reached there with other cops and on opening the bag he found the head and two legs of a woman. Later in the afternoon, someone called in the city police station to inform about the suitcase. Jatinder Singh said the body had not been identified yet. The body has been kept in the mortuary of the general hospital for identification and further investigation.

The Above information is by the Courtesy of: The Tribune and Sushil Manav

Another NEWS story tries to link this to honour killing, which does not seems probable in this case, read below:

Woman's body parts found in Haryana, honour killing suspected

Sirsa (Haryana), Dec 19 (IANS) A young woman's body parts stuffed into a sack have been found

in Sirsa district of Haryana in a suspected case of honour killing, police said here Sunday. The sack was recovered in Kangnapur village. 'We have found the head and lower limbs of a woman who was in her early 20s but it is very difficult to identify her. It could be a case of honour killing and we are taking the help of sniffer dogs and forensic experts to solve it,' said Jitender Singh, investigation officer. According to police, the sack was first noticed by labourers working in the government school building here late Saturday. They informed the village sarpanch (headman), who called the police. 'We have informed two families where girls went missing in the last one month. A case has been registered,' Singh added. Haryana is infamous for honour killings. Many such cases of murder of youngsters have rocked the state in the past year.

This report Courtesy of IANS

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ellenabad Judicial Court Complex Inaugurated

Ellenabad Judicial Court Complex inaugurated by Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi. (Designate Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court.)


11 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

THE newly built Judicial Court Complex at Ellenabad was inaugurated today by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi senior more justice of Punjab and Haryana High court in the presence of Mr. BS Hooda, Chief Minister Haryana. Speaking at the occasion Justice Gogoi said that it was important to bring justice closer to the litigants, he also impressed upon the Advocate fraternity to help in speeding up of the decision process of the cases.

Watch Video:Ellenabad Judicial Complex Inauguration 11-December-2010

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CM Haryana Mr. BS Hooda said that he himself had been a practicing lawyer, so he understood the need of setting up of judicial complexes in the state, and so far out of 21 districts, Judicial complexes have already been established in 19 districts, while construction of new Judicial complexes of Palwal and Mewat districts shall begin soon. A large budget has been allocated for this and already since 2005 more than 200 crore rupees have been spent in developing judicial complexes. Mr Hooda announced a grant of Rs10 Lacs from the CM funds for Bar Room, Library, Computers and other needs at the New Court Complex. Dr. Ashok Tanwar MP Sirsa, said that we are at the crossroads, and it’s high time for self introspection by the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Media, as scams like 2G spectrum and others such have spared non of these. Dr Ashok Tanwar MP also announced Rs5Lacs for the Ellenabad bar from MPLAD funds.

Mr Justice Satish Kumar Mittal, Mr Justice Alok Singh, Session Judge Sirsa Dr Shiva Sharma, Justice MS Sullar, JS Randhawa, President Bar association Ellenabad Congress leaders of various cadres, and guests from Ellenabad Sub division villages and town were also present.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Banking of another Kind at HDFC Bank!

Banking of another Kind at HDFC Bank!

Expect bitter cold in the coming 7 days.

Ellenabad Judicial Court Complex to be inaugurated tomorrow.


10 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann [Video Below in the NEWS]

Banking of another kind at HDFC today.

HDFC Bank today had banking day that is quiet unusual with usual banking operations, instead of the normal banking operations related to deposits withdrawals, demand drafts of INR, today HDFC staff indulged itself in blood banking. It only offered life saving advances and that too without asking for any signatures sureties and guarantors to all the needy persons in the form of BLOOD. The HDFC Sangwan Chowk branch’s clearing manager Mr. Ravi Kakkar organized a blood donation camp at the bank premises in association with Shiv Shakti Blood bank Sirsa, Dr. RM Arora was himself present to take stock of the Banks New Banking operations in the field of Blood! Dr Arora told Sirsa News that in his knowledge HDFC was the first bank to start Blood donation camp and this is the 3rd Blood Donation Camp organized by the bank. Mr. Ravi Kakkar said that on this day several HDFC branches all over India are organizing Blood donation camps. Today’s Camp had the Motto ‘You Don’t have to be Doctor to Save a life’

Watch Video: HDFC-ShivShakti Blood Donation Camp

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Expect bitter cold in the coming 7 days

The Sirsa specific weather forecast predicts bitter cold on almost all the coming seven days. Though the weather may not turn foggy yet, but temperatures as low as 4°C is expected in the wee hours of the mornings of next seven days.

Detailed Seven-day forecast of Sirsa

| °C





Precip chance


11 Dec

Hi: 23° Lo:

10 km/hr WSW




12 Dec

Hi: 24°


15 km/hr W




13 Dec

Hi: 24° Lo:

13 km/hr SSW




14 Dec

Hi: 24° Lo:

9 km/hr SSE




15 Dec

Hi: 24° Lo:

8 km/hr W




16 Dec

Hi: 26° Lo:

10 km/hr NW




17 Dec

Hi: 23° Lo:

12 km/hr NNW



Ellenabad Judicial Court Complex to be inaugurated tomorrow.

The New Judicial Court Complex Building at Ellenabad shall be inaugurated tomorrow by CM Haryana Mr. BS Hooda and Sr. most Justice of Punajb and Haryana High Court, Justice Ranjan Gogoi tomorrow at 11AM.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Crime shall be contained- SHO Krishna Yadav

Crime shall be contained- SHO Krishna Yadav

Prostitution Racket Busted


09 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann This Video Vijay Jasuja

Reacting to sharp rise of criminal activities in the city with the onset of winter season, SHO Ms Krishna Yadav said that no one shall be allowed to damage anyone’s property or indulge in any kind of criminal activity be it be theft robbery or whatever. SHO was answering the media persons about the recent act of threat of criminal assault and alleged robbery in the shop of Shiv Jewelers SIRSA. “The police is investigating the matter.” said the SHO.

Shiv Jeweler’s owner Mr. Ajay Kumar alleged that one Deepak Chabbra along with his armed accomplices attacked on his shop, and damaged the glass counters and decamped with a few Rings made of Gold/Silver and threatened the owner of future assault.

Prostitution Racket Busted

In a raid by the City Police at the premisies of an Orchestra manager at new housing board colony Sirsa. Sirsa police arrested 5 persons including two young married women allegedly involved in Sex Racket in the garb of Orchestra. The arrested are Kashinath of Jaldha W. Bengal, Rinky wife of Kashi Nath, Suman wife of Vijay Kumar of Delhi, and tow of their suspected clients of Khairpur Sirsa. The arrested shall be produced in the court of law later today. (Translated from Hindi Press Release: Surjit Saharan, Police Spokesman)

Watch Video: Krishna Yadav SHO Sirsa speaks on alleged robbery at Jewelers Shop and statement of the shop owner

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Vishvas Meditation Retreat Camp at CMK College Auditorium Glimpses

Glimpses of Vishvas Meditation Retreat Camp at CMK College Auditorium.


08 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

Pictures (Above) and video footage (Below) of Vishvas meditation retreat free camp organized by Vishvas foundation at CMK College auditorium from Nov 23rd to Nov 25th 2010. Details about the introductory discourse below the Video

Watch Video: Vishvas Meditation Retreat Camp at SIRSA Glimpses of 23rd Dec 2010
For Full Screen of this and other Videos Visit:

In his introductory discourse on the morning of 23rd November, Swami Vishvas explained that unlike common perception meditation is altogether different from concentration. In concentration you are doing something while in meditation it’s the inverse, it is about non-doing, hence non-doing can somehow be analogous to meditation, but it is not so simple to train your brain to go into non-doing mode, even while a person believes that he is not doing anything the fact remains that his or her mind is in doing mode and is processing large data even without the knowledge of the person. Meditation is about giving the mind some break and shift it to non-doing mode. This technique once learnt becomes easy to follow, but in the beginning it has to be learnt.

Disclaimer: The above succinct is what this reporter could comprehend from the introductory discourse of the Swami, this may not be true interpretation of what Swami Vishvas was trying to imbibe in the audience, kindly check with his followers to know more about it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sirsa to get bonanzas on this Christmas-Tanwar

Sirsa to get bonanzas on this Christmas-Tanwar


07 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

‘On the scheduled visit of CM Haryana on Decmeber 25th, Sirsa shall get several bonanzas, most important being the dedication of ROB to public on that day’ MP Ashok Tanwar informed press and media in a press conference held at Congress Bhawan today.

Apart from ROB Sirsa shall also get some other important projects that shall be announced in the ‘Badhate Kadam’ Rally of CM BS Hooda to be held on Shahid Bhgat Singh Stadium on 25th December. Dr. Tanwar admitted that city roads are in shambles but the reason for that is not paucity of funds, but the unavailability of raw materials especially concetere, whose mining is being not allowed due to court orders at this moment. MP Tanwar was flanked by Distt. President Malkiat Singh Khosa, Ch Ranjeet Singh, Dr KV Singh, Bhupesh Mehta, Hoshiyari Lal Sharma, Govind Kanda and other senior congress leaders.

Before that on 11th December, the New Judicial Court Complex of Ellenabad shall also be inaugurated CM is expected to attend that function also along with Sr. Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Courts.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Chautala Files defamation case against a journalist.

Chautala Files defamation case against a journalist and other news.


06 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Sanjeev Sharma 'Bobby' GS Mann Video: PC of Sh OP Chautala by Vijay Jasuja soon


O.P. Chautala a former chief Minister and INLD supreme filed a defamation case under section 500 etc. of the IPC against Avinash Chopra the editor in chief of the Punjab Kesri Delhi for allegedly publishing some objectionable articles in his paper during the last elections in the local CJM’s court. The court has posted the case for January 04. for recording preliminary evidence.

Before that speaking at a press conference at his Barnala Road residence, Ex CM OP Chautala criticized Congress governments at the Center as well in Haryana on corruption issues, not forming JPC, much hyped Land acquisition policy of Haryana which he said was to benefit corporate and other anti people policies.

Video: Sh Om Parkash Chautala's Press conference 06-12-2010 at SIRSA

For Full Screen of this and other Videos Visit:

Sh Chautala also said that the much accolades that Haryana sportspersons brought to the country were the result of sports policies introduced by Haryana Govt, when INLD was the ruling party.


THE Sirsa police with the help and assistance of Rajasthan Police today recovered a child who was kidnapped from Hanuman Garh Junction on November 27. The victim Himanshoo (4) son of Vinod Kashyap was suddenly found missing from his

House. After sometime some one telephoned Kashyap that his son has been kidnapped and demanded ransom for his release. Kashyat immediately informed the police which swung into action. ultimately the kidnapper informed victim’s father yesterday that he should come along with ransom money at Sirsa city Bus stand. A joint police team of Rajasthan and Sirsa police led by Amit Beniwal SHO Crime branch Sirsa laid a trap and caught the kidnapper along with the kidnapped Child. The child was handed over to his parents. The police has not yet revealed the name of the arrested accused as his accomplices are still to be nabbed.


A sum of Rs80,000/- was robbed from employees of Baba Ramdev Petrol Care by three armed persons during the wee hours of night between 5th and 6th December from NH10. The police has registered a FIR.


Thieves broke into at least 4 shops in the main city and decamped with whatever they could lay there hands, this included cash, jewellery, silver coins and even grocery items from a Kiryana shop, Khal Binola Shop and the shop of jewelers shop of Pankaj Sarraf, the city police has started investigation.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Noisy Generators stalled by Police in PNB Street Rori Bazar

Noise Free Model Above Noisy Crude Model Below

Noisy Generators stalled by Police on orders of SDM in PNB Street Rori Bazar.


04 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

Due to relentless efforts of Senior Journalist of PTI Dr. OP Bansal brought some respite to residents of PNB Street today when Police disconnected several generators of obsolete design running to power the commercial establishments in PNB Street during power cuts. The crude gen-sets are mostly assembled using noisy tractor or pump-set diesel engines coupled to an alternator by street mechanics and do not follow any standards laid by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). These Gen-sets are a source of great din and pollution in the form of noise and diesel fumes.

Dr Bansal had moved an application in the court of the SDM for removal of generators from the vicinity of his residence complaining noise and air pollution from them.

Pursuant to the orders of the court of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in the case filed under Section 133 of the Cr. PC for removal of public nuisance, the police today disconnected some generator sets in the PNB street.

The court accepted his application, but the respondents, all shopkeepers, went before the court of District and Sessions Judge, who remanded the case to the SDM, asking him to decide the case after hearing all evidences.

After going through the process of evidences, SDM Sirsa served a one-month notice to the shopkeepers to remove the generators and replace them with noise and pollution-free gen-sets. When the shopkeepers failed to comply with the notice within the stipulated period, the SDM asked the police to remove the generators. The police today disconnected the cables of the gen-sets and warned the owners to remove them.

Talking to Sirsa News Dr OP Bansal said that he had no personal grudges against any of the shopkeepers but the nuisance of the gen-sets was affecting not only his health and peace of mind but also to others who reside in the locality, but while others opted to remain silent after their personal requests to the shopkeepers went unheeded, Dr Bansal preferred to get a judicial remedy. This he said shall also set a precedent for others to follow, as this and other such menaces are wide spread all over the city and the over tolerant nature of our society keeps the public suffering. Dr. Bansal said that to get this justice he had to endure and had to be patient for several months before some respite was delivered today.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

NEWS till 3rd December

NEWS till 3rd December


03 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann

RSD Colony: Shopkeepers argue with enforcement officials.

The DHBVN Officials who went to disconnect the power supply to illegally run commercial establishments in RSD residential colony had to face stiff resistance by argumentative shop-owners. The Deputy Commissioner Sirsa on directions of Punjab and Haryana High Court had ordered closure of all illegal commercial establishments in RSD Colony near circular road Sirsa.

Boy commits suicide by jumping into the pyre of his beloved.

In village Rori, a boy jumped into still burning funeral pyre allegedly of his beloved, a girl of the same village who recently succumbed to her burn injuries.

Membership Drive of All India Youth Congress (AIYC) starts at Mangalam Resorts.

Bhanwar Jitender Singh MP from Alwar, Dr Ashok Tanwar MP Sirsa, Haryana Youth Congress charge Usha Naidu, Secretary Chiranjeev Rao, Amit Sihag charge Sirsa Lok Sabha, Ashishpal Keharwala, many Congress leaders were present including Cong Distt President Malkiat Singh Khosa. Speaking to reporters on the occasion Bhanwar Jitender Singh told press and media that this drive is being started as an experiment for the first time in the country for Sirsa.

Man trying to recruit into Army by unfair means and Impersonation exposed.

A man trying to recruit himself using unfair means was exposed by vigilant Army officials at the weeklong Army Recruitment camp at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Stadium, was caught and handed over to Police.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities observed at Panihari

Dr Jai Parkash Hooda, principal JCDV College of education, presides over function held at Govt. school Panihari in connection with International Day of Persons with Disabilities. International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. It has been celebrated with varying degrees of success around the planet. Typically, the Day's activities are mounted by volunteers. It was originally called International Day of Disabled Persons