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How BJP is befooling non-farmers by telling them that farmers are being misguided by the opposition

How BJP is befooling non-farmers by telling them that farmers are being misguided by the opposition.


02 December 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Pardeep Sachdeva

Watch Exclusive Video recorded on 1st December 2020 at Rania, where Jagmeet Singh Virk LLM explains in two and half minutes the truth.

Monday, September 14, 2020

What are Three Agro Ordinances Why Farmers are protesting?

 What are Three Agro Ordinances Why Farmers are protesting?


14 September 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Pardeep Sachdeva

Watch Exclusive Video recorded on 10th September Pardeep Sachdeva, editor and GS Mann Discuss the 3 three Agri Ordinances and related issues. The Ordinances are Far More Complicated to Understand and make an assessment of their immediate and long term impacts in just about 25 minutes of this video, but surely these are less than perfect. I won't say that these are inherently designed to help Corporate World, but do have this inclination. Much touted as Gold Standard Ordinances for the Farmers, these have not gone well with the Farmers, especially in Haryana Punjab. The Government should sit up and rethink over it. Revocation of all three the 2020 agriculture ordinances, table them as Bill in a democratic way. Or at least bring in a fourth Ordinance that Guarantees Assured purchase at or above MSP, whosoever is the purchaser - Inside the APMC market, or outside in a free private market

These Ordinances have been brought in haste and without consulting farmers; all the fine print in these ordinances which are touted to be in the welfare of farmers is actually much against farmers and farming. These seem to be brought in to help corporate business development at the cost of even the survival of Farmers, those who indirectly or directly depend upon farm operations and will have a negative effect on Agriculture and Farm Production. The recent GDP figures also support the fact that Farming alone showed a positive figure in GDP without any support of the corporate, (of course with Govt support) while Corporate themselves are responsible for the unprecedented dip in the Nations GDP. 

Dr JK Bishnoi speaks about Asthma & COVID19 Awareness and Care

Dr JK Bishnoi MS ENT CMO (Retd.) speaks about Asthma & Covid-19 Awareness and Care

Recorded on 12th September 2020

Watch Video

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The Guiding Light: T.S. Mann, on his Seventeenth Barsi


The Guiding Light: T.S. Mann, on his Seventeenth 'Barsi'

19 August 2020

On The Seventeenth Death Anniversary of Sr. TS Mann, SIRSA NEWS brings you a brief life sketch of Sr. Mann, the guiding light and inspiration that drives this Web Site. Watch Embedded VIDEO Also

Late Sardar Tirlok Singh Mann (HPS- I Retd. Supdt. Jail)
Sardar Tirlok Singh Mann was born at Village Mannawala Distt. Shekhupura. (Now in Punjab of Pakistan) on 20th July 1920 in the famous Mannawala Family (A chapter is devoted to Mannawala Family, in the book The Chiefs of Punjab, by a British Author. A family tree from 1700AD up to the name of Sr T.S. Mann (Link to Family Tree) also exists in this book as well as the Gazette of Punjab)He was the eldest son of S. Sahib Singh Mann (Ex MLC of Punjab Assembly 1952) His education started from Guru Nanak Khalsa High School Nanakana Sahib. He did his Graduation in 1942 from Khalsa College Amritsar. Six feet tall and well built; he was a good athlete & sportsman. He won the Punjab University’s ‘One Mile’ race twice. At that time the Punjab University was the biggest university in North India and was located at Lahore. Even then he represented the Punjab University’s Volleyball team.

Above: S. Sahib Singh Mann MLC in a Group Photo of 1952 Members of The Punjab Legislative Council SIMLA

Above: TS Mann with his Alma Mater - the famous 'Khalsa College Amritsar' in the background
Below: Khalsa College Amritsar Estb 1892 An Autonomous College
Picture of Khalsa College Amritsar: GS Mann August 2018
British Professors taught English at Khalsa College at that time. He had good command over English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Persian and even some basic working knowledge of French. He visited Sri Harmandir Sahib every morning during all 4 years (It's used to be 4 years in college after 10th; 1 year FA/F.Sc. followed by 3 years of graduation) of his hostel life at Khalsa College Amritsar He held his teachers and professors in very high esteem. Prof Sahib Singh, who is known for the most authenticated 'TIKA' of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was one of his favourite professors.

In 1943, he joined the Jail department by appointment through Punjab Services Commission. His first posting was probably at Multan Jail as Asstt. Supdt. Jail. At time of partition in 1947, the family was allotted land at Sirsa; he was made a camp commandant for some time to take care of partition refugees at SIRSA. He resumed his jail department post in post-partition India. During his service in the Jail Department, he did not distance himself from the prisoners, rather he understood their psychology and interacted with them to resolve their problems as and when these surfaced. He was very particular about the ration and good hygienic food of the Jail prisoners and daily ensured that the right quantity and rightly cooked food was served on time. He also took care of the welfare possibilities of all the prisoners. He was very popular with the inmates and many of them used to thank him on and after completion of their jail terms. Besides many jails of Punjab & Haryana, he was also posted at Tihar Jail Delhi in the early fifties.
 TV Shots from AajTak telecast of 2003
All pictures can be clicked to enlarge or right-click to open link in new window
Watch Video: Sh LK Advani Deputy Prime Minister of India & TS Mann Retired Superintendent Jail Revisit Rohtak Jail on 26th June 2003 - On This Date Emergency was declared in India in 1975. This Video anchored by Deepak Chaurasia was recorded on 26th June 2003 at Rohtak Jail.
In 1975 to 1977 during the national emergency, he was Superintendent of Rohtak Jail. Many senior political leaders were detained in Rohtak jail under his tenure. {To name a few: Sh Bhairon Singh Shekhawat Ex. Vice president of India, Sh LK Advani Ex. Deputy Prime Minister of India, Sh Chander Shekhar Ex-PM of India, Ch. Devi Lal Ex DPM India (and Ex CM Haryana), Sh. Sikander Bakht Ex-Governor of KERALA, Dr Bhai Mahavir Governor of MP. Sh. Pillo Modi MP, Sh Ashok Mehta MP, Samar Guha, Sh Biju Patnaik Ex-CM Orissa, Major Jaipal, Bakshi Jagdev and many more…………} All of these were satisfied with the humane behaviour of Sr. TS Mann. Many of them called upon him personally at his official residence soon after attaining political posts and ministries in The Janta Party in 1977. Even today many of them remember him fondly. He was being offered a seat for becoming an MP in the elections of 1977, but he refused as he was a non-Political person and never took any advantage of his such closeness to these leaders. May it be recalled that in 1977 elections it was a landslide victory for the JANTA PARTY, and anyone who was nominated by Janta Party was sure to win. After a gap of 28 years, Sh. LK Advani DPM of India recalled him at Rohtak jail on 26 June 2003. An exclusive video film on LK Advani and TS Mann was produced by AajTak news channel in Rohtak Jail; it was telecast at prime time on 26 June 2003 under ‘VISHESH’ Sh Advani specifically mentioned in this telecast the good treatment he got from Mr. Mann during detention under MISA. [see Pictures above] After 35 years of meritorious service he retired in 1979 as Supdt. Distt. Jail Rohtak, at that time this was the second senior-most post in the Jail Deptt. The Govt. gave him four increments for his honest & dedicated services. He had ample regards for his officer: I.G. Prisons, Late Sh. SK Puri. That’s why he refused a promotion to the rank of The IG (the Highest Post of Jail Deptt. In those days) during the last few months of his service, as this would have put the then IG Mr Puri in trouble, and would have jinxed the last phase of service (career) of Sh. Puri, due to certain political reasons.
He took up farming at his farm at village Kirpal Patti, in Ellenabad Sub Division of District SIRSA after retirement. He did co-operative farming by indulging 20 families with him. He made sure that the basic needs of these families (Housing, food and clothing) were fulfilled. He arranged money for them also. He discouraged these families to consume alcohol or any kind of intoxicants. He imparted moral and social teachings to all the people associated with him. He himself was a teetotaller and vegetarian throughout his life. Along with farming, he took up many social projects. I integrated his agriculture wisdom and scores of his farming tips even now in pursuing modern farming. From 1994, he gave new momentum to the already Established ‘LOK PANCHAYAT’ (A regd. body) in the Rania-Ellenabad Jeevan Nagar area of SIRSA. Lokpanchayat is a non-religious, non-political, non-factional, social body. [NGO]
During the unfortunate era of militancy in Punjab, Sirsa a border district was also affected, Sardar TS Mann with others formed a peace committee in Sirsa, Sh V. Kamraj an able IPS officer who was posted in Sirsa in those days appreciated the efforts of the peace committee.
In 2001 he had joined the move initiated from the Districts of Karnal & Kurukshetra, for the formation of separate SGPC for Haryana (now known as HSGPC: Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Adhoc). He motivated and apprised people of Sirsa district about the necessity of separate SGPC for Haryana. With his foresight, the idea that was instilled in the minds of the crusaders of HSGPC kept the demand for HSGPC alive & the efforts continued long after his death. Sikh population and Sikh leaders of Haryana kept on pressing for this demand. Efforts of Dr Ashok Tanwar and Avantika Tanwar in persuading the rightful demand of Separate Gurdwara Committee finally bore results; a bill for Separate Gurdwara Committee was presented in the Haryana Assembly and the same was passed. The separate body for the management of Sikh Gurdwaras has been hence formed by an act of Haryana Govt in the recent assembly session in July 2014 to which Governor Haryana gave an assent. However, the matter is now sub-judice in the honourable Supreme Court of India.

He was eldest amongst three Sons of Sardar Sahib Singh Mann. Youngest was Sardar Amarjeet Singh Mann, Ex-Sarpanch (Born 1927 Died 1987), his family is settled in Village Moujukhera. Sardar Gurdeep Singh Mann (Born 1921 Died 2014), he was younger to Sardar TS  Mann, his family is settled in Village Patti Kirpal. Both were Progressive Farmers and well-known personalities of this area.

Sardar TS Mann was a stern follower of the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib. He always cherished his parents.

In 1986, the untimely demise of his elder son: Sh. Gurinder Mann perturbed him for a while but he took this great loss as the will of The Almighty and consoled rest of the family. It is worth mentioning here that Sh. Gurinder Mann was highly educated [M.A. LL.B. BJ, F.I.P.M.] He was a highly talented budding photo-journalist and art photographer whose pictures were published in international journals. Gurinder Mann was a keen musician and a talented painter as well.

Rajan Gurinder Mann

Late Sardarni Harpal Kaur Mann (1932 - 2009), 
wife of Sardar TS Mann, pious & progressive force that stood by TS Mann.

Sardar T.S. Mann’s life was highly disciplined and he was highly health-conscious. Even at the age of 83 years, he took long walks daily and visited his fields daily. He never needed much medical care throughout his life, as he believed that nature takes care of petty ailments. He was a die-hard optimist. Sardar Tirlok Singh Mann passed away on the 19th day of August 2003, peacefully.
He is remembered for his principled life, honesty, integrity, philanthropic, and outspoken nature.

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Make In India Made At Home - Mystique Mist Generator

Make In India - Made At Home - Mystique Mist Generator

Mystique Mist Generator July 2020 DIY Project Atomizer
Make In India - Made at Home - Mystique Mist Generator/Atomiser A Do It Yourself (DIY) - Lockdown Period Improvised project. 

Essentially made mostly from locally available indigenous, parts, mated to each other to a perfect working Model. Apart from Climate Control for Home Garden and Flower Pots in Green House, this can also be used to save small scale vegetable or fruit farming by Control Humidity and Temperature during High Temperature & Dry Days of Summer Heat. This also saves water and energy, compared to flood irrigation. Several sets of this model running in tandem or sequence can be extended in Honey Comb Pattern to cover larger areas. Even can be run on 2X12 Volt Batteries in series.
In collaboration with Aman Mann B.Tech M.Sc.

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CM Khattar addresses Haryana Public about Lock-down extension and related

CM Khattar addresses Haryana Public about Lock-down extension and related.
11 April 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann & others.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

FAKE CHECK: No Protocol set by WHO for future phases of Lock-down

FAKE CHECK: No Protocol set by WHO for future phases of Lockdown.
07 April 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann & Other Resources

A message says India is following a multi-phase lockdown endorsed by WHO to control the spread of coronavirus. But the claim has been found to be false.

The message is viral on WhatsApp Facebook etc. (We have marked it Fake, so that possible reuse may not spread misinformation) Here above is a copy of one of such viral pictures being shared. 

The message is about protocols and procedures of lockdown periods said to be released by WHO. It says the WHO has divided the lockdown period into four stages and the Indian government is also following the same.

According to the message, in the first step, a one-day lockdown will be observed, followed by a 21-day lockdown in phase 2. This will be followed by a relaxation period of five days.

After five days, stage 3 of the lockdown will be enforced, which will last for 28 days. This again will be followed by a relaxation period of five days. The final lockdown will be of 15 days.

WHO in India, has clarified that the message is false and the organisation has not released any such protocol for lockdown periods.
Here is the statement published in The Tribune dated 07.04.2020

(New Delhi: The World Health Organisation on Monday rejected social media posts attributing to it a range of protocols on lockdowns to combat Covid-19 pandemic. In a clarification, the global health body said messages being circulated on social media as WHO protocol for lockdown were fake. “The WHO does not have any protocols for lockdown,” the WHO South-East Asia Region handle tweeted. TNS)

No country in the world is following the lockdown pattern as seen in the viral message. Each country has its own rules and regulations for lockdown as suitable for its prevalent conditions.



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Switch off lights at home & light a lamp for 9 minutes at 9 PM on 5th April: PM Modi

Let us switch off lights at home & light a lamp for 9 minutes at 9 PM on 5th April: PM Modi.
04 April 2020

Pictures and Videos: NarendraModi’s Official YouTube Channel  Watch Time 6':06"

Watch Video:

The Original Video was Broadcast and Webcast on 9AM 03 April 2020 by the Prime Minister of India. The same has been shared here verbatim.

Here is the Translation of Hindi Script of PM Modi's Speech

My dear fellow citizens,
Today mark 9 days of the nationwide lockdown against the Corona pandemic. The discipline and spirit of service you have displayed during this period is unprecedented and embodies the true meaning of both.
Government, administration and the public at large have together made great efforts to manage the situation as best as possible. The manner in which you had expressed gratitude to all those fighting against the Coronavirus on Sunday 22nd March, has today become an example for all countries. Many are replicating it now.
Whether it is people’s curfew, ringing bells, clapping hands or clanging plates; they have all made the nation realize its collective strength in these testing times. It has led to the deepening of the belief that the nation can unite as one in the battle against Corona. This collective spirit of yours, of the nation, can be seen manifesting itself during these times of lockdown.
Friends, today, when crores of people of this country are confined to their homes, it will be natural for anyone to question what they can do just by themselves. Some people may also be worried about how they are going to fight such a big battle on their own. Many will be concerned about how many more days they will have to spend like this.
Friends, this is certainly the time of a lockdown, and we most certainly are confined to our own homes, but none of us is alone. The collective strength of 130 crore Indians is with each one of us, it is the strength of each one of us. It is required for our countrymen, to from time to time, experience the greatness, majesty and divinity of this collective strength.
Friends, in our country the citizenry is considered a manifestation of God itself. Therefore, when the nation is fighting such a huge battle, one should from time to time keep experiencing this collective superpower manifesting itself in the form of the people. This experience boosts our morale, gives us direction and clarity, a common aim as well as the energy to pursue the same.
Friends, amidst the darkness spread by the Corona pandemic, we must continuously progress towards light and hope. We must continuously strive to take those of us most affected, our poor brothers and sisters, from disappointment to hope. We must end the darkness and uncertainty emanating from the crisis, by progressing towards light and certainty. We must defeat the deep darkness of the crisis, by spreading the glory of light in all four directions.
And that is why, this Sunday, on the 5th of April, we must all together, challenge the darkness spread by the corona crisis, introducing it to the power of light. On this 5th of April, we must awaken the superpower of 130 crore Indians. We must take the super resolve of 130 crore Indians to even greater heights.
On the 5th of April, on Sunday, I want 9 minutes from all you, at 9PM. Listen carefully, on the 5thof April, at 9 PM, turn off all the lights in your homes, stand at your doors or in your balconies, and light candles or diyas, torches or mobile flashlights for 9 minutes. I repeat, light candles or diyas, torches or mobile flashlights, for 9 minutes at 9 PM on the 5thof of April.
At that time, if you have turned off all the lights of your homes, and each one of us in all directions has lit a diya; we will experience the superpower of light, clearly illuminating the common purpose we are all fighting for. In that light, in that lustre, in that radiance, let us resolve in our minds that we are not alone, that no one is alone!130 crore Indians are committed, through a common resolve!
Friends, I have one more prayer in this regard, that no one must assemble or gather anywhere while participating in this program. Please do not go out on to the roads, lanes or your localities, do it at the doorstep or balconies of your own homes. One must never cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ of Social Distancing. Social Distancing should not be breached under any circumstances. This is the only panacea to break the chain of Coronavirus.
So, on the 5thof April at 9 PM.Sit in solitude for some time and reminisce about Maa Bharati, picture the faces of 130 crore Indians. Experience the collective resolve, the collective superpower of 130 crore Indians. This will give us the strength to fight, as well as the confidence to win, in this hour of crisis.
It has been said here that –

Utsaho Balwaan Arya,
Na Asti Utsaah Param Balam |
Sah Utsahasaya Lokeshu,
Na Kinchit Api Durlabham ||”

Meaning, there is no greater force in the world than our passion and our spirit. That there is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve on the basis of this strength. Come, let us come together and jointly defeat this Coronavirus, and make India victorious.
Thank you very much!

Farm sector may face lock-down heat

Farm sector may face lockdown heat - Pardeep Sachdeva and GS Mann discuss.
04 April 2020

Pictures and Videos: Pardeep Sachdeva, Abhishek Sachdeva
Problems related to Farm Operations during and after COVID19 Lockdown for Wheat Harvesting - Farm sector faces lockdown heat.
Video Courtesy: This video was recorded on 1st April 2020, by Abhishek Sachdeva for The Original Post Appears on Facebook, the link is shared at the end of this post. The original work is the property of and cannot be used or reused without their consent.
Watch Video:
किसानों पर आए संकट पर सरकारी दावों की पड़ताल वरिष्ठ पत्रकार गुरजीत मान और प्रदीप सचदेवा द्वाराकिसानों पर आए संकट पर सरकारी दावों की पड़ताल वरिष्ठ पत्रकार गुरजीत मान और प्रदीप सचदेवा द्वारा
Posted by MLAJI.COM on Thursday, April 2, 2020

किसानों पर आए संकट पर सरकारी दावों की पड़ताल वरिष्ठ पत्रकार गुरजीत मान और प्रदीप सचदेवा द्वारा

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CORONAVIRUS: Prevention from Viral Diseases - Dr TN Chugh.

CORONAVIRUS: Prevention from Viral Diseases - Dr TN Chugh.
30 March 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann

Corona are a large group of virus, more common among animals in rare cases. The scientist give “Zoonotic” meaning, these can be transmitted from animals to humans. These virus can make people sick, to undertake respiratory track illness, similar to a common cold. Human corona viruses most commonly spread from one infected person to others through:
1.      Air coughing and sneezing.
2.     Close personal contact such as touching of shaking hands.
3.     Touching an object or surface with the virus on it, like mouth, nose or eyes. Rarely before washing your hands with fecal contamination.

Soar throat, running nose, Headache, Cough, Fever, Feeling of being unwell, weak immune system, Respiratory track illness like pneumonia or bronchitis.

PREVENTION: Washing your hands often with soap and water; Avoiding touching nose, eyes, mouth with unwashed hands; Avoid close contact with people who are sick; if you are mildly sick, keep yourself hydrated, stay at home and rest; See your health care.
Prevention from Viral Diseases
‘Virus’ are very small, complex particles of nucleic acids and proteins which act as infectious agents and replicate (reproduce) only inside the living cells of other organisms. Virus can infect all forms of animals, plants to micro-organisms including bacteria. The Latin word ‘Virion’ stands for ‘poison’. The first discovery of Tobacco mosaic virus was made by D. Ivanovsky in 1892. There are millions types of virus in all kinds of natural environment. They are very small in size, 20 to 1000 nm, about one hundredth of certain bacteria, and can only be observed through electron microscope (not by any optical microscope). The virion particles contain the genetic chemical of DNA or RNA covered with protein coat called ‘capsid’. These particles may get protected by lipid membrane when they acquire crystalline form outside their host cells.
They are now being considered as form of life that interact with other living organisms because: they possess the quality to reproduce similar young ones; presence of genetic material single or double stranded DNA or RNA; can undergo changes (mutations) due to change of host or environment. The nonliving properties are that they do not live independently; do not have the organelles of ribosome, mitochondria, nucleus, chromosomes; they are unable to produce their own proteins, energy and genetic material.
Viral diseases:
Their illnesses are communicable (direct or indirect) and many are fatal. The common human disorders are---Influenza, Chickenpox, Smallpox, Polio, AIDS, Herpes, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Bad cold, Shingles, Viral Gastro-enteritis, Meningitis, Viral-hepatitis, Dengue fever, Trachoma, Chicken-goonia, Viral pneumonia, Rabies and many more. Most common ways of infections from carrier person to other persons include:
•          Breathing in air borne droplets contaminated with virus.
•          Taking food and drinking water polluted with virus or containing microbes infected with virus.
•          Having sexual contact with infected person.
•          Wrong type of blood transfusion.
•          Indirect transmission from infected persons through mosquitoes, ticks, field mice, cats, dogs, other attacking animals etc.
•          Direct contact or touching with certain host plants.
•          Touching body surface (skin) or body fluid contaminated with virus.
Resistance from diseases:
Immunity is the ability to abstain, withstand and oppose the disease causing organisms (pathogens) and their toxic products (poisons) in the host. The study of immune system is referred as immunology. Antigens are the wrong substances when introduced into the body of host, excite or stimulate the production of antibodies. Antigens are generally proteins but a few may be carbohydrates, lipids or nucleic acids. Antibodies are proteins in the form of immune-globins (IgS) which are produced by B- lymphocytes and plasma cells. The antibodies get generated by mature plasma cells at very fast rate (about 2000 molecules per minute). The immune-globulins are grouped in five iso-types, namely, Ig-A, Ig-D, Ig-E, Ig-G and Ig-M. They differ from each other in size, charge, carbohydrate contents and amino acid composition, for instance, Ig- G has small size, most abundant (about 75% of total) and effective, whereas, Ig-G is five times larger in size.
Proper use of Vaccination:  
Vaccine is specific medicine, used to promote the production of antibodies. It is prepared from the suspension or extract of dead or weakened germs of a disease which can be injected into a healthy or diseased person. It helps to provide temporary or permanent active or passive immunity by inducing antibodies formation. The fundamental truth of vaccination or immunization is based on the property of ‘memory’ of prevention and protection of diseases through microbes (immune system). Vaccines were not created as treatment of virus; rather these are tools which can be used to prevent certain viral disorders---Polio virus during early childhood in five doses, MMR from 9 to 15 months in one dose, Chicken pox up to 12 months in five doses, Hepatitis-A and B in the form of passive immune serum globulins, Measles virus etc. We should realize the concept that prevention is better than cure.
Important viral diseases with ill effects and prevention:
Influenza: It is caused by highly infectious Myxovirus. It results in fever, headache, pain all over body, bad effects on nose, throat and air passage, sneezing and cough. In neglected cases, pneumonia, bad cold and ear infection may also cause complications. There is no vaccine and specific drug, but doctor advice is beneficial.
Measles: Caused by a type of Paramyxovirus and transmitted by direct contact, cough and sneezing through patient. In the early stage it causes chill, infection of nose and fever but later on red blocky skin rashes. The disease can be prevented by isolation of patient, protection from cold and direct air, cleaning body with warm water, Edmoston B-vaccine prepared from chick embryo and injecting globulins.
Mumps: Caused by a type of Paramyxovirus through direct contact with patient and saliva. It results in headache, backache, excess spoiling of saliva and taste buds, swelling in jaws and ears. Asprin is given to relieve pain, advised rest, give alternate hot and cold pack to neck.
Chickenpox: Caused by Varicella virus through direct contact with patient and indirect use of infected objects of patient. It brings fever, skin eruptions with red spots, vesicles and scab formation in about 36 hours. The scabs are not formed like small pox. The disease can be prevented by isolation of patient and the use of Zoster Immune globulins (zig). The patient should avoid scraping, scabs be collected and burnt. The persons taking care should boil and clean the articles used by patient.
Trachoma: It is inflammatory disease of eyes. The infection results in swelling, discomfort and discharge of fluids from eyes. It is caused due to direct contact of tears from patient or indirect contact of towels, pillows, handkerchief of patients. The antibiotic commonly used to cure the disease.
Rabies (Hydrophobia): It is caused by Street virus due to bite of infected dogs, cats etc. It damages central nervous system, causes severe pain, spasm of muscles in chest and choking of throat. Its treatment was discovered by Louis Pasteur in the form of vaccine given in 14 doses, one on each day. The vaccine is prepared from spinal cord of rabbit to produce antibodies in patient.
Poliomyelitis: It is caused by Enterovirus due to pollution in water, food spread by housefly. The disease damages nerves, many blood vessels, muscles and bones. Its first vaccine was prepared by Jonas Salk by killing poliovirus by formaldehyde. Now Sabin and coworkers have prepared oral polio vaccine consisting of living but tamed virus.
AIDS:  it is caused by Leukemia virus (HIV) due to infections in human T-cells. It spreads through intra venous drug users, use of infected blood by transfusion, immoral implementation of sex among persons infected with virus. The ill effects include loss of weight, fever of unknown origin, brain tumor, hemorrhage (bleeding), and swelling of lymph glands, mouth ulcer or even death. Certain medicines are being used now to delay or avoid death.
Dengue fever: It is Flavirdeae ravivirus disease spread by Aedes mosquitoes. The virus of dengue fever was first isolated by R.W. Ross from India in 1953. This fever develops its own lifelong immunity. It causes nausea, vomiting, bleeding from nose and gums, body ache and joint pains. Use mosquito repellents, mosquito coils or vapors, eliminate mosquito breeding grounds, and wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers to prevent mosquito bites. The repellents containing DEET, picaridin and oil of lemon, eucalyptus or para-menthane are useful. Do not spray the repellent on skin under your clothing. Use luke warm water and fruit juice for relief.
Chikungunia: It is Togaviridae alphavirus disease with similar source of infector and symptoms as dengue fever. It was first reported from Tanzania but now prevalent in many tropical areas. The fever remains effective for three to seven weeks. Joint pain is severe which lasts for a few months. Proper help should be received from doctor for care of dengue and chikungunia.
Help to the Society:  Every person should be conscious for personal health and take care of society. The qualified persons can well understand about the causes, ill effect, prevention and treatment of common diseases. They can also seek the help of government, social and charitable organizations. Everyone should take care of personal balanced diet, daily exercise, time for prayers and meditation, spare time for self less voluntary service to the society. Develop faith in Divine Lord to lead peaceful life through His kind bliss. 
Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh.
The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK and is presently Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa. He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-94160 48789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Corona Fear: Dr Puri and Dr Daljit Kalra to take citizen calls

Corona Fear: Dr Puri and Dr Daljit Kalra to take citizen calls 11 AM to 3 PM
Phone-In Free Counseling now available for CORONA fears
27 March 2020

Pictures and Videos: GS Mann

If you are afraid of Corona, you can take a free consultation with psychologists over the phone.
Psychologists, Dr Ravindra Puri (94160 91610) and Dr. Daljit Singh Kalra (94162 89087) will give free consultation on phone to the public, in an effort to get rid of the superfluous fears related to the Coronavirus and about COVID-19 the disease related to it. The public can talk about their problems on the mobile number from 11 am to 3 pm.

Wash hands of children with love and not fear! - Dr Puri
Dr Ravinder Puri, a leading Psychologist, said that there is no need to panic or fear the coronavirus disease. One just needs to be vigilant. He warned the residents of the city that the atmosphere of the house should not be made stressful by talking about Corona on TV or social media all day. Instead, teach young children to clean hands by referring to hygiene and cleanliness rather than teaching them to wash their hands by horrifying the corona. Because this difficult time will be over soon, but if the child embraced an unwanted fear, that will be really very tough to get rid of.
He suggested that do not watch the Coronavirus related news more than two or three times a day. He warned that not everything is true on social media, so do not share it with family unless it is verified or is coming from an authentic source. Stay alert, be aware but do not be afraid.

Take care of yourself and family: Dr Daljit Singh
Dr Daljit Singh Kalra, another psychologist, has called upon the common man that there is no need to fear Corona, but instead, it is prudent to take some precautions and take care of your family. Such tragedies have come in the past but humans have overcome them with their strong will. Similarly, we can save ourselves and others from this disease as well, by following the instructions issued by the government and administration. He said that seeing the news going on, in and around the media in relation to this particular disease, many people get scared due to which they need to be counselled by a psychologist to get relief. For the last few days, there have been calls from people afraid of Corona, such persons need psychological help to get rid of this unwanted fear.

For questions related to psychological fears of any of your family members, do make a call on the above phone numbers. Both Dr Daljit and Dr Puri shall be happy to answer your queries.  

Here below is some additional and useful information:
The Coronavirus Crisis Is Fueled by Stress and Fear
High levels of stress and fear before the crisis began created a perfect storm.
Much has been written and discussed about thoughtful public health approaches to the current coronavirus crisis. Simple precautionary steps, such as frequent hand washing and staying home from school or work if sick, have been highlighted. The best available data from the CDC, WHO, and other medical groups suggest that while this new virus is more deadly than the typical flu, it is much less deadly than recent outbreaks regarding the swine flu, bird flu, SARS, Ebola, and so forth.

Certainly, these illnesses cause havoc for many, with ripple effects regarding just about every institution, organization, and industry in impacted areas. And vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and those with significant health problems to begin with, are apparently most vulnerable to the illness. Yet, this time around, the level of panic seems much worse than in the past, and much of it seems centered around psychological, rather than rational, reactions.
There is a confluence of factors that make this particular health scare especially challenging for the public. First, stress and fear, in general, are at very high levels. The American Psychological Association conducts a comprehensive Stress in America survey each year, and stress levels have never been higher.
People are also very concerned and fearful about a variety of societal issues, such as rapid climate change, frequent deadly gun violence, increasingly harsh and polarizing political discourse, increased economic disparity, and so forth. Additionally, major media outlets, as well as social media, in their various efforts for attention, clicks, and revenue, tend to shout loudly and report news in a hysterical manner. As the old journalism saying goes, “if it bleeds, it leads,” meaning that highly visual, graphic, and provocative news is highlighted, and it sells.
Thus, since the level of fear, anxiety, and stress had been so high before the outbreak of the coronavirus, when the virus started, it was a bit like putting a match to kerosene fumes. It ignited! Additionally, companies, educational institutions, and others are being especially cautious and trying to do what others do in an effort to perhaps avoid blame and act prudently.

However, as this current crisis unfolds and develops, having a heightened level of stress and fear can only make adaptation and management of the crisis worse. After all, why exactly are people buying so much toilet paper from the big box stores or avoiding Corona beer? It simply makes no sense to do so.
Hysteria in a population can emerge and be fueled easily when fear is in the air to begin with. There are many examples of this phenomenon. Perhaps we all need to take a long and deep healing breath, remind ourselves that the fear and stress which so many people are experiencing put us at risk for hysterical and panicked reactions rather than rational, evidence-based ones, and be sure to follow sensible public health officials’ advice about washing hands frequently and staying home if sick. The current crisis seems to be as much of a psychological one as it is a medical one.