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Nothing to Do with Sonia’s Congress-Kuldeep Bishnoi

Nothing to Do with Sonia’s Congress-Kuldeep Bishnoi


27 October, 2007
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Talking to media persons at the office of Mr. Baljit Singh (Distt. president HUJ), Rebel Congress MP Kuldeep Bishnoi who does not leave any opportunity to criticize Congress and leaders of the party today said there was no chance of return to or having anything to do with Sonia Congress. He said at one time he was mesmerized by Mr. Sonia Gandhi sacrifice, but he was grossly disillusioned at that time. But the events and the mode of working of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has cleared off all the clouds and now its clear that she is doing politics of the self only. He said that electorate of Haryana had voted Sh Bhajan Lal as CM, but The Congress betrayed the verdict of people of Haryana.

About SEZ
He said that he was the first person to oppose the SEZs but basically he is against the manner these SEZ are being proposed. Developing SEZs in NCR area is pointless, these are already Industrially Developed. Such projects should come in areas where Ind Growth is stunted, he said.
About N-Deal
He said that he had examined the 123 act and he was always with the Prime Minister on this issue. He always supported the Indo US Civil Nuclear Deal, and held PM Manmohan Singh in High Esteem even since early nineties when he was FM and Indian Economy was in doldrums, at that time, the policies of Manmohan Singh bailed out the country out of economic crisis, but lately he (Manmohan Singh) has become a victim to the ugly politics of Sonia Gandhi and UPA allies.

About 3rd Front, he said that it’s not a viable dream

About the Name of New Party
Like all his press conferences, Kuldeep Bishnoi once again ducked questions on the name of his proposed party or its agenda. “Wait till December 2, Chaudhary Bhajan Lal shall not disappoint anyone” was his only reply.

About Corruption
He said that corruption has become a deep rooted problem, given a chance to rule Haryana he shall strive hard to give a clean administration sans corruption.

More Pictures awaited from Mr. Baljeet Singh

Anita Pachar Inaugurates Saanjhi Competition

Anita Pachar Inaugurates Saanjhi Competition


25 October, 2007

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Mrs. Anita Pachar wife of the City Magistrate, inaugurated annual Sanjhee Art Competition at Distt. Public Relations Office premises Sirsa.
She said that it is important to save the cultural heritage by holding such competitions

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sardar of Hockey

Another first: Sirsa News Introduces NEWS-Videos (Video at the end of this news)

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Another first: Sirsa News Introduces NEWS-Videos

Sardar of Hockey gets Warm welcome


23 October, 2007
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Sardar Singh Namdhari on his maiden visit to Sirsa, his home district after India winning the Men’s Hockey Asia Cup 2007, held at Chennai, got a red carpet welcome, by sports lovers, hockey fans, media, and district administration.

Sradar Singh Namdhari who belongs to Village Sant Nagar of SIRSA held important key position in the Indian team, credits his success to his parents and the training he got at Namdhari Sports Academy at Namdhari Sect Headquarters at Vill Bhainee Sahib in Ludhiana Punjab.

Mr. V. Umashankar who himself had been a keen hockey enthusiast announced cash incentive of Rs. One lakh to Sardar Singh for the laurels he brought to Indian hockey and SIRSA. The announcement was applauded by Bolo So Nihaal….reverberations [Watch and listen V. Umashankar in the SIRSA NEWS Video in this post]

Sardar Singh Namdhari told Sirsa NEWS that: The 2007 Men's Hockey Asia Cup was the seventh tournament of the Hockey Asia Cup for men. It was held from August 31 to September 9, 2007 in Chennai, India.

India thrashed Korea in the finals by a thumping 7-2 margin. They led 3-1 at halftime in a match which was ill-tempered at times and where India displayed superior skills and control. Early in the second half, Korea staged a walkout led by their coach for an umpiring decision to disallow a goal scored by Korea. Replays clearly showed that the Korean forward had struck the ball from outside the striking circle. To make matters worse for Koreans, India scored a goal through a brilliant counter attack in the very next minute with two Korean forwards still arguing with the umpire on the goal that was disallowed. Korea never recovered from that and after that, India's forward line went on a rampage in the second half scoring 3 more goals to make it 7-1 before Korea reduced the margin to 2-7 in the penultimate minute. Baljit Singh, the Indian goalkeeper, was declared the man of the match for his excellent saves. The striking feature of India's win was that all the 7 goals were 'field' goals and none of them came through 'penalty corners' or 'strokes'. India thus ended the tournament with 57 goals for and just 5 goals against them.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mange Ram Gupta presides over Grievances Committee Meeting

Mange Ram Gupta presides over Grievances Committee Meeting


18 October, 2007

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Sh. Mange Ram Gupta minister for Education and Transport presided over District Grievances Meeting at panchayat bhawan today………..
[Report and more pictures awaited from DPRO…………]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

L.D. Arora Turns 76, admirers celebrate birthday

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L.D. Arora Turns 76, admirers celebrate birthday.


14 October, 2007

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Sh. L.D. Arora minister for Industries & Commerce Mines & Geology turned 76 years old; his admirers celebrated his birthday on the 13th October, first by Havan Ceremony at Durga Mandir B Block, then the minister planted a tree at the CMK Girls College, followed by plantation of a total of 76 tree plants at the college campus. Later Sh. LD Arora cut a cake in the indoor stadium of the college amidst his fan following to start of a Blood Donation Camp organized by Lions Club Sirsa Galaxy. Mr. Anand Biyani, Mr. Dumra, Mr. Shanty Grover, Mr. Banty Grover, Mr. Kashmere Lal Narula, Mr. Pawan Dingwala, Mr. AC Gaadi, Mr. Satish Gupta, Mr. Gulshan Grover, Mr. Chander Shekhar Mehta, Mr. Suresh Pahuja, Mr. Vijesh Phutela, Mr. Ajay Phutela, Mr. Vijay Bathla, Mr. RS Bajaj, Mrs. Vijaya Tomar Principal CMK College, Mr. Pawan Dingwala, Mr. Rajesh Bahiya etc were present at the functions.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Training on Bt Cotton management at CICR by NCIPM

Transgenic Crops shall bring another Green Revolution - Dr. O.M. Bambawale


10 October, 2007

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An eight day short term training program for Bt Cotton and its integrated management was inaugurated today at CICR Sirsa.

The short term course aimed at training farm scientists and farmers to meet the newer challenges from emerging pests being faced by the highly successful GM Crop, Bt cotton is being conducted by NCIPM. Dr. D. Monga in charge CISR Sirsa told Sirsa News that, eminent scientists of national and international repute shall be holding discussions & delivering lectures at the CICR. The participants shall also doing training at the CICR farm apart from this, there shall be visits to various laboratories of State Agriculture university, and visit to the farms of farmers who have already taken to the recommended IPM practices.

Visits to various cotton fields of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan where mealy bugs CLCuV, Spodoptera, drought conditions etc. have been reportedly hampered the cotton crop shall be the integral part of the tightly programmed eight day schedule beginning 10th October and concluding on 17th October, 2007.
After a brief inaugural and presentation of bouquets to visiting scientists, Dr. D. Monga and Dr. Sultan Singh Joint Director Agriculture (Cotton) [JDA(C)] briefed the attendees about the cotton scenario of the region in the past and as of now. Scientific research and work done in the cotton fields was also mentioned. Dr. BS Sheokand Co-ordinator KVK Sirsa also spoke at the inauguration.

Dr. Sultan Singh said that he belonged to Rajasthan and the Bt cotton had not been a success story there due to its varietal incapacity to fight draught conditions of Rajasthan, he requested the scientists to bring in some Bt Cotton varieties that are suitable to drought conditions also.

Dr. O.M. Bamabawale director, National Centre for Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM) said that he had a long stint working in the North India so he was very well aware of the problems of this region. (Click on Name to know about Dr Bambewale)
Transgenic Crops shall bring another Green Revolution
He said that transgenic crops and genetically modified (GM) Cotton: like the Bt. Cotton are here to stay. He believed that another Green Revolution is waiting to take off in India, this time due to the advent of G.M. Crops. He clarified that most of the fallacies associated with the GM crops and more so with the Bt cotton are ill founded and have no scientific basis. He explained in detail with the help of Power Point slides show, the modus operendi and action of Bt. Toxicity to certain worms that are harmful to cotton bolls etc. He proved that how Bt is completely safe to humans and ecosystem.
Mealy Bugs Threat not unreal
Dr. Bambawale agreed that the threat from mealy bugs and other cotton pests was not unreal, in fact there is need to be very vigil and need to monitor the Bt Cotton crops. He said that mealy bugs are not direct outcome of Bt cotton crop as being rumored, the damage due mealy bugs was there even a century ago, however the reduction in the use of pesticide due to its non-requirement in Bt crops might have made the mealy bugs resurgent in the recent times.

Dr. Bambawale briefed the history of Bt from 1901 to 1998, he said though Bt as a spray material is available internationally but it is not suitable for India to its high cost and being highly photo & thermal sensitive.
He explained that Bt acts fast on the target worms. It paralysis the mouth of the American Boll worm and the spotted boll worm of the cotton within 30 minutes, there after the Gut of these worms gets punctured, further the larvae acquire septicemia.

Dr. Bambawale also explained in detail the benefits of the use of Trichoderma for Bio-control of Plant Pathogens. It was also cited that apart from the pest control there is a great need to look out for damges due to fungi, nutritional problems etc.
Dr. SC Ahuja, Dr P. Jeyakumar, DR. OP Tuteja, Dr. Rishi, Dr P. Bhatnagar, Dr Ramji, Jaimal Darbi,Dr. Dhillon from KVK Mukatsar, Mr. Manoj Kumar, from Sardulgarh, Dr AK Rana & Dr. BS Thind from Jalandhar, Dr. SK Verma, Dr. Meena, Mr. Brar AI etc were present in the day long seminar followed by farm visit.


Lectures by Dr. D Monga, Dr. Daljeet Singh, Dr PL Nehra, Dr P. Jeyakumar, Dr. Shashi Bhalla on CLCuV, IPM practises, Pink Boll worm threat, Biosafety aspects of relase of commercial cultication of Bt Cotton.


Lectures by Dr. KR Kranthi, Dr Rishi Kumar, Dr PS Sekhon, Dr. Vikrant, on emergence of mealy bugs, root rot, Qualitative and quantitative detection of Bt. genes, development of Bt cotton in India.


In the guidance of Dr. OP Tuteja, Dr. KK Verma & Dr. JS Beniwal, visits were taken to IPM farm at village Bakerianwali Distt. Sirsa, Visit to Nematology labs of CCS-HAU Hisar and visit to Ladwa.

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News in Brief 29th Sept to 09 Oct

News in Brief


29 September, 2007 to 09 October, 2007

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  • Bhagat Singh’s Birth Centenary Celebrated
  • Kuldeep Bishnoi’s Visit, asks workers to make the 2nd December, 2007, Rohtak Rally a big Show; Partap Chautala and many others join Kuldeep Bishnoi.
  • Lok Panchayat to raise issues in Distt. Grievances Committee meeting.
  • Sonia Gandhi’s Bijli Rally a big Success-Congress, Opposition refutes, says blatant misuse of official machinery.
  • State Olympics Conclude at JCD
  • Air Force Day Celebrated

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