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Guru Vandana CD Released

Dr DP Kar's Guru Vandana CD Released
10 August 2006
Devotional songs CD “Guru Vandana” sung by Dr. DP Kar, an eminent eye surgeon of the region was released tonight at Baba Bihari Samadhi Sathal, by Mr. V. Umashankar, Deputy Commissioner SIRSA.

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The cassette also features budding female singers, Mrs. Rajni Phutela, Ms. Neeru Soni, Shikha Chaudhary, Suman, Sharma & Simran. Well-known musician of Sirsa, Sh Murari Verma, has composed its music; Mr. Verma recorded, edited and mixed all the 8 tracks at his state-of-the-art digital studio. Vision Music a company that is also run by Mr. Verma and his team produced the cassette for ‘Baba Bihari Samriti Charitable Trust Sirsa.’ It is worth mentioning here that Vision Music has so far promoted more than dozen artists of Sirsa. Ms. Rupinder Handa, the recent ‘Awaz Punjab Di’ winner, is also originally a Vision Music artist. Strenuous efforts of Production Manager, Mr. Gurpreet Kashish along with support of Ravinder Noor, and Beyant Singh, made it possible to release this production in record time. Late Sh. Surinder Verma & Sh. Mahabir Parsad Mukesh have penned the cassette’s devotional songs.

[To know more about Mr Murari Verma visit his web site: ] [The site has not been updated lately]

Although the abilities of Dr. Kar as an eye surgeon are well known in the region, but only a handful of select audience knew of his talented singing based on Hindustani classical music, with this Audio CD & Audio Cassette, his rich trained voice shall reach a wider base of audience.

Sh. Parveen Bagla, chairman of the trust, welcomed Sh. V. Umashankar. Sh Umashankar, The Deputy Commissioner took a quick round of the charitable hospital flanked by Dr. SP Sharma, Dr. Mittal and others.

After the release of the Audio CD the deputy commissioner stayed back for the live program. Live performance by almost all the artists featured in the Album, and also by Mr. Ravinder Noor, Mr Raj Verma, S. Hardev Singh Naamdhari on Taar-Shehnai, an unusual instrument were applauded. Simran eight yrs old daughter of Ravinder Noor who sung ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo…..’ enthralled the audience.

There after, Sh. V. Umashankar addressed the audience. He said that he has immense interest in music, at one time he used to be a violinist, but due to paucity of time now he is unable to pursue his this hobby. He appreciated all the artists and musician Mr. Murari Verma. He was introduced to Sh. Mahabir Parsad Mukesh chief patron of Sangeetika, Mr Mukesh, a septuagenarian is a violinist, and an acclaimed musician and has given training to many an artist of the region. (Sangeetika: An organization devoted to promotion of quality music, especially classical music in Sirsa region)

Mr Laaj Pusp, journalist, anchored the stage ably, as he has been connected to musical activities of the city since he was quiet young. Mr. Push in between the vocal events kept informing the DC about the musicians and artists of the region who have reached highest levels of accomplishments in their respective fields, like Mr. Jagjeet Singh the legendry Gazalist, Mr. Manmohan Singh, who is cinematographer par excellence in Bollywood, Bashir Badr etc.

Dr. RS Sangawan, Dr OP Bansal, Dr Gajendera Singh, Mr Anand Biyaani, Advocate Ramesh Mehta, Namdahri Sewa Singh, Mrs. Deepti Dharmani, vice-president Sangeetika, Mr. Satish Gupta, and several music lovers of Sirsa enjoyed the Bhakti Sangeet Samaroh till mid night.
Mr. Gulab Rai Gujjar thanked the chief guest and all the present.
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