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No to Drugs & Female Foeticide- CM

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No to Drugs & Female Foeticide- CM


09 December, 2007

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A state seminar was organized by Haryana State Legal Services Authority (For more details of HSLSA visit: ) at Sirsa Police lines Grounds yesterday, the seminar was presided over by Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Courts, Mr. Justice Vijender Jain, and CM Haryana Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda. (See Sirsa NEWS Exclusive Video Clips of CM & CJ)

Addressing a legal literacy seminar on “Eradication of female foeticide and drug de-addiction” organised by the Haryana State Legal Services Authority at Sirsa, Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that legislative, executive and judicial efforts were not enough to eradicate female foeticide and drug de-addiction.

He was obviously taking the clue from what Dr. Ved Beniwal Chairman ISBTI Haryana had highlighted in his address that banning of the prenatal tests to ascertain the sex of the foetus had been successful but this alone is not enough, the number of prenatal tests leading to female foeticide might have decreased, but the drop in number of such tests has translated in cases of abandoning and throwing away of new born female infants in dustbins and here and there. (See Sirsa NEWS Exclusive video Clip of Dr. Ved Beniwal)

The Chief Minister asserted that these social evils could be nipped in the bud with active participation and cooperation of every section of society by making it a mass movement. He stressed on the need for effective implementation of the Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994, Mr. Hooda said the State Government had implemented it in letter and spirit.

The Government had launched several welfare schemes like Ladli, Indira Gandhi Kanya Shagun Yojana, two per cent rebate on stamp duty in property matters, 10 paisa per unit exemption in electricity bills and 25 per cent reservation in technical institutions for the welfare of women, he pointed out. Education had also been given utmost priority, he added.

The CM, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda also announced a reward of Rs.5 lakh for the village that would excel in checking female foeticide and drug de-addiction at the State level and Rs.1 lakh at the district level.

The Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Courts, While admitting that Sirsa district, surrounded by Rajasthan and Punjab, was worst affected by the problem of drug addiction, called upon all social organizations to help in eradicating these social evils.

The Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court who is also Patron-in-Chief of the Haryana State Legal Services Authority, Justice Vijender Jain, said that female foeticide was a major sin. It was a harsh reality that even after enactment and implementation of laws, human attitude towards solving such social evils had not fully changed so far.

Justice Vijender Jain asserted that the concept of woman empowerment could not be successful without eradication of female foeticide.

Haryana Health Secretary Navraj Sandhu informed that the State had made about 6,000 inspections, seized more than 100 ultra sound machines and suspended 165 licences for effective implementation of PNDT Act, 1994.

Deputy Commissioner Sirsa, Mr. V. Umashankar said with the efforts of the district administration and 29 NGOs, 178 villages had been adopted to eradicate female foeticide and drug de-addiction. (See Sirsa NEWS Exclusive Video Clip of V. Umashankar)

The Executive Chairman of the Haryana State Legal Services Authority, Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, Justice R.S. Madan and Justice Nawab Singh, Justice PPS Mann along with many other senior officers were among those present.

The lectures at the seminar were supplemented by various cultural items staged by various groups; the choreography by Sanjeev Shad of Dabwali was applauded greatly it was enacted by students of Haryana People Public School Mandi Dabwali.

The Branala leading to the Seminar Venue was lined up with eye catching billboards against female foeticide and drugs put by MDLR Airlines, IMA Sirsa, and some other social organizations.

The seminar was attended by IMA doctors, Academicians, Lawyers, and large number of Women and men from villages of Sirsa as well as by Panches, Sarpanches, Health workers and paramedics.
Two books and a CD were also released in the seminar.

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