Saturday, June 13, 2009

PHOTO NEWS from Ellenabad

PHOTO NEWS from Ellenabad
SIRSA NEWS (Ellenabad)
10 June, 2009
All pictures can be clicked to enlarge or right click to open link in new window. Pictures: Sunit Sardana*
Broken Bridge (Pulia) over an irrigation channel, in middle of Ellenabad-Sirsa Road (SH-23) near Village Bhuratwala, is a great traffic hazard.

Heavy machinery deployed for erecting of a mobile tower kept traffic jam for several hours in Ellenabad (Above)

People gave first aid to a bull injured in Bull Fight in the Main Bazaar. Bull Fights are commonplace happenings in streets of this small town. (Above).

*Sunit Sardana is a Student of Journalism from Ellenabad and has recently started contributing to

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