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The Trend Setters-Rajendra Public School Annual Day 2011

Divya Datta, a special guest at The Rajendra Public School annual day.

Gunmeet Bindra presides over as chief guest.


10 April, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Sanjeev Sharma (Videos, More Pictures and Slide Show soon)

The Annual Day of Rajendra Public school ‘The Trend Setters’ was a star studded event. Famous actress of Punjabi and Hindi movies was a special guest, while well known educationist, Ms Gunmeet Bindra, principal VDJ School Hisar, was the chief guest. Dr Rajender Sra had made elaborate arrangements for the parents and other guests as it was expected to be a function of big draw. Though the school is more than 15 KM away from the city, still the huge tent pandal was all filled with parents and guests.

Addressing the students in Punjabi, Ms Divya Datta said that With Self Confidence all can be attained.

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While Ms. Gunmeet Bindra advised the parents that the parents should also set some boundaries and should have the ability to Say NO to their wards when situation demands it, it is not proper to accede to each and every demand of today’s kids.

Ms Divya while talking to media before the start of the function said that good education helps you through out your life. Commeneting on Anna Hazare’s movement, she said like in other spheres of life corruption exists in Film Industry as well, that is why when Amir Khan took the lead to support the movement of Anna Hazare all the film industry followed him. Talking about films she said that the making of films as well the theme of the film have changed in the recent times, and the change is for the good. The change also reflects that today’s youth and the audience is now more educated and aware and hence the film industry has to cater to the needs of the new audience. She also told that she is a playing the role of a teacher in the almost ready for screening film Stanley Ka Dibaa, which has been produced by Amol Gupte of Taare Zameen Par’ fame. Answering a question about her convent education she said that this has been her asset rather than any liability, as she was born and brought up in Punjab and so she was deeply connected with the Punjabi culture but the education she got made her reach where she is today, she acknowledged that her mother was very supportive when she expressed her desire to join acting, as otherwise she came form a very protected family. She was quiet nostalgic while recalling her school and college days in Punjab. Her parents are both doctors and that is how she knows Dr. Rajendra Sra. (See Videos for her original narration)

The opening of the function was also novel instead of the traditional lamp lighting ceremony, the Chief Guest Ms Gunmeet Bindra and Divya Datta watered the potted plants. Even prize distributions to a large number of deserving students was carried out in three sessions. The year book of the school was unveiled by the Both the distinguished guests, Dr Rajendra, and his wife Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur.

Talking about the school both Ms Gunmeet Bindra and Divya said that they were really impressed with the infrastructure at the school and were equally impressed with the students as well their parents.

Gunmeet Bindra while talking to media agreed that there is a need for a generally uniform syllabus through out India with some flexibility to suit regional requirements of different states and culture, so that it is all inclusive. Commenting on the idea of doing away with board exams the noted educationist said it is a welcome but it will require much greater responsibility from the teachers as well the participating institutes, other wise it will be OK to continue with the existing system. She commented that sometimes we just borrow the end product from the west and do not take into consideration all the important interim steps, such an implementation can be disastrous. She informed that the newly introduced CCE of CBSE is a great improvement, and it will be wrong to say that it is a western system. “I would say that it is from our very own Gurukul system of education” added Ms Bindra. She also admitted in the continuous classroom evaluation system of the west, the teachers play a great role and they have to prepare for more than 2 hours before taking a class of 1 hour, in India it is perhaps inverse of this due to too many periods allotted to the teachers. (Watch Video Interview of Ms Bindra)

Principal of the school Mr. G Ramkrishnan read the achievements of the school before the start of the main program. The school band performed very difficult western numbers with perfection, apart of it there was non stop array of performances of dance and song numbers by students from all age groups that enthralled the audience. Dr Rajendra Sra, Chairman Rajendra institutes thanked the distinguished guests and the parents. Dr. GK Aggarwal, Mr Ravinder Puri, Mr Parveen Bagla, Dr. Om Parkash and several other dignitaries of Sirsa were present.

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