Sunday, September 23, 2012

Valedictory of 3 day international conference on Biotechnology ICB-2012 at CDLU

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Valedictory Session of 3 day international conference on Biotechnology ICB-2012 at CDLU Sirsa
23 September, 2012
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Keynote speaker in this session was Dr R.C. Sobti former VC PU and designated VC DAV University. This session was held on 20th September 2012. The session was anchored by Ms. Priyanaka Siwach, Vote of thanks by Dr. M.K. Kashif -Department of Biotechnology CDLU.
In the ICB 2012 following technical sessions were held in the past three days: Agricultural and Food Biotechnology; Microbial Biotechnology; Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Biosensors and Nanobiotechnology; Environmental Biotechnology; Animal Biotechnology; Proteomics, Genomics, Metabolomics & Bioinformatics; Bioethics & IPR.

Watch: SirsaNews Video: Dr RC Sobti Former VC Panjab University and Designated VC DAV University Exclusive Interview to Sirsa News at CDLU ICB2012. Dr RC Sobti Talks about GM Crops about how Biotechnology can help meet food challenges, why proper testing is essential for GM crops and there after they should not be opposed, what ails our academic courses especially of Biotechnology, how to create public awareness.

A scheduled cultural evening was called off due to untimely demise of one of the faculty members of CDLU.

Watch: SirsaNews Video: CDLU-ICB2012 20th September 2012 Closing Session Video Part 2. In this Video: Dr RC Sobti Former Vice Chancellor Panjab University Chandigarh, and now designated VC DAV University, Dr SK Gehlawat and others. Dr RC Sobti speaks about glorious history of Scientific India way back to Indus Vally Civilization

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