Friday, November 16, 2012

E-library for Ellenabad very soon

E-library for Ellenabad on the tunes of Sirsa soon
16 November 2012
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.
An E-library shall be setup in Ellenabad very soon on the tunes of successfully running E-library within Distt Library of Sirsa very. The library shall be setup at the office of BD&PO office complex at the cost of Rs35lacs. It shall be funded by Backward Region Grant Funds (BRGF). The library shall have all the features such as math Guru, ISBN coding, computerized library management system, E-connect to worldwide data base of e-libraries, Encyclopedias both as soft connect as well hard copies etc. The library shall be the first of its kind at a block level in the entire state. Haryana’s 1st e-library was set up in Sirsa in the year 2008
Read and watch video about Sirsa e-library in the following older related post of

Sirsa gets Haryana’s First e-Library.SIRSA NEWS14 June, 2008
Watch Full Screen Sirsa News Video by clicking here.All pictures can be clicked to enlarge or right click to open link in new window.The first e-library of Haryana was inaugurated and dedicated to the members yesterday at District Library Complex near Bal Bhawan Sirsa, by Commissioner, Education Haryana Mr. Rajan Gupta.
The e-library has been setup with an initial cost of approximately Rupees 18 lacs. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Rajan Gupta said that in the times of electronics and computers it becomes imperative to go in for e-libraries so that the a larger database of information may be available to the users. He said that facility of e-libraries shall be made functional in all the district libraries of Haryana very soon. He praised the initiative taken by Mr. V Umashankar, Deputy Commissioner, Sirsa in the setting up of this library. (Watch Video Byte: Mr. Rajan Gupta)

Mrs. Rachna Dewan Sr. Librarian and in-charge of the District e-library said there shall be no extra fee for accessing the e-library; all the members can take benefit of this service, only there may be some nominal charges for taking out printouts of any information. (Watch Video Byte: Mrs. Rachna Dewan)

Mr. Puneet Rawal from Emerald Publishing said that the the journals and database being made available at this e-library is world class and shall make the users at par with the information that used to be only the privilege at institutes like Howard, MIT etc. (Watch Video Byte: Mr. Puneet Rawal)

Mr Rajiv Dewan Mr. Puneet Rawal, Mrs. Monika Gupta, etc were present on the occasion.
SirsaNews Video, You have to wait for video to load after buffering on Slow Internet connections
Video #2 Mr. Rajan Gupta Inaugurates e-library.:

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