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Kuldeep Sharma Speaker Haryana Vidhan Sabha Unfurls Tricolorin Sirsa

Kuldeep Sharma Speaker Haryana Vidhan Sabha Unfurls Tricolor  on Republic Day in Sirsa
Also below the Video Window is a special contribution from Col RD Singh (Retd) on Republic Day-'Celebrating Republic Day'
26, January 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann
Sh Kuldeep Sharma, speaker Vidhan Sabha Haryana unfurled the Tri Color and inspected at Republic Day Parade at Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium Sirsa.
The R-day program had several ‘Jhaankis’, and had a very special show by now India famous- ‘Acrobatic Boys of Sirsa’
Watch Video for the speech of Sh. Kuldeep Sharma, Also this video has a show of Acrobatic Boys from Sirsa showcasing off their gravity-defying moves.
Watch Video: Republic Day 26th Jan 2013 at SIRSA, Also this video has a show of Acrobatic Boys from Sirsa showcasing off their gravity-defying moves. The Tricolor was unfurled by Chief Guest Sh Kuldeep Sharma, speaker Vidhan Sabha Haryana, he also inspected the parade.

Below is a special contribution by Col RD Singh (Retd) about Republic Day.
Celebrating Republic Day
Here comes 26 January and the magnificent  Republic Day Parade - the day to feel proud of. The parade show cases the strength, unity, and rich heritage of our nation. It displays our national will, unity in diversity, and a patriotic fervor. The armed forces showcase their splendour, while we remember those who sacrificed their life for us. As we see the smart marching contingents, our chest swells with pride. The nation is dressed up bright, in a secular thread, during the various functions held at the national level and in each state.
R-Day celebrations  has many more pluses. First, on this day, the whole nation is spruced up as parades and functions are held from at least district upwards. It is like the nation going through an annual inspection. Second, a number  of other functions like Beating The Retreat, At Home, cultural functions etc are held subsequent to the R - Day parade. These are good events which bind the nation in a secular thread. Third, various bravery and achievement awards are announced on this day. This is good for the morale and motivation of the nation. And very important, it adds glamour to the nation which is a must for the largest and  vibrant democracy like ours. The parade is watched across the world. The national spirit and ethos, developmental projects to uplift the poor, advancements in science and technology, strides in international sports, our election system, free and dynamic media, and above all – the largest ticking democracy of the world – it is all there in front of the world to see. Why should we not be proud of it.
Some quarters may raise their voice against the parade. It needs to be reiterated that cancelling, scraping, dismantling, destroying are the easiest thing one can do. But organising, building, constructing, and holding an event require hard work and unity of effort. There is no  gain without pain. So, let the show go on,
today is not the day to just sit indoors and take a holiday, because it is cold outside. Watching the R D parade on TV and sleeping off is not enough. Lets go out and be part of the celebrations where ever we are, join in singing  the national anthem, salute the national flag, and pay a homage to our martyrs. If possible, share some food and clothing with the poor who are out there on the footpaths. They are also our fellow country men. Lets rise above the narrow confines of caste and religion, or political affiliations, and hug one another as Indians. For today, lets not talk negative politics or scams, but achievements. Lets not crib and criticize, but spread some cheer around. Can you imagine, when over 1200 million people are rejoicing together, how happy a nation we will be! And a happy and united nation can do wonders in peace and progress.  Happy Republic Day!

Colonel R D Singh ( retd)
Colonel R D Singh, a star blood donor, and a decorated soldier, belongs to Village Pilimandori (now in Distt. Fatehabad). He is also a life member of INTACH, and his entire family believes in giving back to the society.  Wife is a senior teacher in the Army Public School, daughter ( LLM topper from the DU Law Faculty) is a member of the Delhi Bar Association, and son, is a young Lieutenant in Army (third generation).  Col. Ripu Daman Singh writes regularly for various news papers, and The Sirsa News.

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