Saturday, February 23, 2013

One more day for inclement weather.

One more day for inclement weather.
23, February 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma
The winter rains that came on a welcome note for farmers turned the city Sirsa a pool of water everywhere, long hours of power failure added to longer hours for draining water from the City roads. This time water was seen standing in all of Anaj Mandi roads, B Block A Block F Block E Block D Block, Janta Bhawan Road, even inside Janta Bhawan, on both sides of the ROB, inside the main city etc. The administration takes a cozy sleep after every year’s false claims of fixing the drainage problem of the city, every Monsoon the concerned officials easily shift the blame to heavy Monsoon or Garbage and Polythene choking the sewage system, now they must be finding a new word to coin the miseries of winter rain that drowned the City! The blame game keeps making the rounds for the citizens to suffer.
On the agriculture front, although slight presence of hailstorms was noticed in several parts of the district, however no major damage to wheat has been reported from anywhere. Farmers however now wish that they had enough rain, that had been useful so far but any more can be damaging to standing wheat crop. PAU has warned farmers about escalation of Yellow rust on wheat following rains.
The IMD website and several forecasting websites indicate that from Sunday afternoon the weather shall start clearing up. IMD reports that there can be about 9mm rainfall on the last day in Sirsa, while other sites claim clearing up of skies.

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