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Dr Neelam Goyal spreads awareness about N-Power

Dr Neelam Goyal spreads awareness about N-Power
29, April 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma (Videos and Pictures for this post are from Dr Neelam Goyal and JCDV)
Watch: 1 Video and several pictures below:
Dr Neelam Goyal has left a good university job to indulge in greater social cause of spreading awareness amongst masses about usefulness of Nuclear Energy. She runs an NGO dedicated to educating people about many a myths about safety of N- Power. Dr Goyal, is president of NGO, Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation (APEAF), of late she is known as “Bharat Kee Parmanu Saheli", as she is organising seminars and holding rallies to make people aware of the importance of nuclear power in the country.
After touring several parts of the country now she is focusing on Sirsa Fatehabad region in anticipation of the upcoming project of N-Power project at Gorkhpur falling in Fatehabad Distt.
Since last few days she had been visiting several schools colleges, and technical institutes of Sirsa to furnish scientific facts to students. She feels that it is important to provide latest information to young students, as sometimes the most latest about safety and environmental friendly Green technologies such as N-Power is not a part of School and College curriculum. She visited JCDV, CDLU, Govt Polytechnics, Several Govt Schools and private institutes.
You can visit her website: The Website has several videos also about her efforts.
One of the videos from her website is here:

Some of the main objectives of APEAF are:
To alleviate mis-conceptions about safety, health and environmental concerns
To maintain a friendly relationship with the people in the neighbourhood of every nuclear facility
To take up activities for the neighbourhood development of localities around every nuclear facility in terms of better education, healthcare, livelihood and infrastructure
To recognise and encourage the young budding talent towards there carrier in Nuclear Energy Department of the nation and Nuclear Power Plants in particular.
Below is some of the pictorial NEWS of her mission.


At Govt Girls School

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