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Bunty-Sarita case–Aren’t we also to blame? - Col RD Singh

Bunty-Sarita case–Aren’t we also to blame? - Col RD Singh
19, June 2013
The front page news report, “Blame those who separated us in the name of culture: Sarita”,  published in one famous English Daily on 18 June, should make us think. Yes, Basant Kumar (Bunty) has committed a serious crime by killing three people, including the UT police Inspector Sucha Singh. Yes, as a police constable, he has also defaulted in drawing a service weapon for the purpose. Also, yes, that he deserves to be punished as per the law. But the main point is, what led Bunty to this crime? Is he a criminal by intention or default?
For a moment, let’s put ourselves in Bunty’s place. As an adult, if I genuinely love a girl (adult), and we both marry as per the religious rites in a temple, why should anyone have a problem? If we both are happy, wanting to lead a respectable, peaceful life, why should any one grudge it?
 Now, after my marriage, if someone forcibly takes away my wife, and gives  to someone else as his ‘wife’, then how would I feel?  Throttle my love. Be a Gandhi and forgive him! Leave my wife to grieve for life, forgetting the oath that I had taken during the seven ‘ferras’ (marriage ceremony) to protect her through thick and thin.  No, Sir. I am human, 25 years old, and my wife 23.  I will go and rescue her, at any cost. That is what Bunty did, though he could have done so without murdering Sarita’s ‘husband’ and mother-in-law. As regards inspector Sucha Singh, it is sad. I wish the UT police are more professional and better trained. It was one against three, and still the Inspector lost his life to Bunty, armed with just a knife.
 Who are the real culprits behind Bunty and Sarita’s agony? Is it the Khap Panchayat who separated them after marriage. The parents who disowned them. The society (village people) who facilitated a married woman (Sarita) to marry another man forcibly. Why shouldn't they be answerable for this crime? The likes of Bunty – Sarita cases have happened earlier in Haryana, and will happen again in future, if we do not haul up the Khaps, who in the name of caste and traditions, ruin the lives of young married couples. Such cases will happen again if the parents fail to stand by their children and meekly give in to the diktats of these illegal bodies. And why are the politicians and NGOs quiet on this case. Playing safe, I suppose. What is the fault of pregnant Sarita who will now lead a lonely life for years, till Bunty comes out of jail, if at all.
 We are a society with double standards. One for the rich, and other for the poor. We deprive the poor of a dignified life. And we also deprive them of love.
The Thoughts and Ideas above, are of the Contributor, and are being published here verbatim -Editor

 Note: Colonel R D Singh, a gold medalist in debating from the Punjab University,  a prolific writer, is a decorated soldier from Armoured Corps. He is presently active as  a  life member of  INTACH, member of  Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh, and works for the welfare of ex – servicemen. He belongs to the renowned Saharan family of vill Pilimandori ( Fatehabad).

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