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CICR Initiative: High Density Cotton Sowing

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CICR Initiative: High Density Cotton Sowing
22 September, 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma.
Watch Video: Central Institute of Cotton Research (CICR) Sirsa Station Initiative High: Density Cotton Sowing. Dr D Monga Station Head CICR Sira, Dr SL Ahuja project incharge, Dr Rishi, Farmer Raja Ram of Shahpur Begu speak about the project.

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High-Density Cotton Planting, is a system of cotton plantation taken up by the Central Institute of Cotton Research (CICR) on a trial basis this year is likely to bring an increase in the productivity of cotton in the country.
The CICR has set up 2,600 demonstration plots, covering 37 districts of the country under the “High-Density Planting” that involves closer spacing of cotton plants from the present 67.5 cm (row to row) X 60 cm (plant to plant) to 67.5 cm (row to row) X 10 cm (plant to plant).

While in the current 67.5 cm X 60 cm system, the number of plants is 2,4691 in one hectare, by close spacing it will change to 67.5 cm X 10 cm system. The number of plants increases to 14,8148 in a hectare of land.

Increased number of plants and hence bolls will lead to increased productivity of the crop.

Twelve such demonstration plots have been set up in seven villages of Sirsa, the district that counts for almost 40 per cent of the cotton produced in Haryana.

“India stands at number one in the world as far as the area under cotton is concerned and it is second to China in the matter of total production and total export of cotton. But, when it comes to productivity per hectare, our country stands at the 24th position in the world with even Pakistan having better productivity,” said Dr Dalip Monga, a Principal Scientist and Head of Sirsa-based regional centre of the CICR.

By adopting the “High-Density Planting” technique, farmers will be able to increase their productivity by raising the number of plants and bolls per hectare.

“Most of the demonstration plots have been set up for trials in the central and southern India, while in Sirsa, such plots have been set up in Begu, Fatehpuria, Mohammedpuria, Rangri Khera, Sawantkhera, Bhuna and Bakrianwali villages," said Dr Monga.
In Sirsa DR SL Ahuja is the project co –ordinator of these trials.
Inputs from SirsaNews
Apart from CICR Initiative similar trials are also being carried out on Bt- Cotton under PPP. Seed companies like Nuzeeveedu, Bayer, Mahyco Monsanto Biotech India has also conducted trials in the North central and southern zones last year using some 60 different hybrids and the results have been encouraging, a spokesperson said. Monsanto has reported a 13-65 per cent rise in yields in Gujarat, while the yields were up 44 per cent in Maharashtra. In Andhra, the yields were up by about 48 per cent, the spokesperson said.
Maintaining of vegetative growth of these plants may need the use of Plant Growth Regulators. While with Bt Cotton it means more input cost in the form of extra seed, and growth regulators, but the same will be easily offset by the much higher yield. In normal cotton varieties the cost of seed will be only marginally higher, but the cotton will be prone to pest attacks (Bollworms) to which Bt is resistant. Newer technology like Stacked (Insect Resistant and Herbicide Tolerant) Bt+Ht Cotton have also been developed and are only waiting Govt approvals to reach the farmers.

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