Thursday, June 19, 2014

Police High handedness, drag girl by hair in Sirsa

Police High handedness, drag girl by hair in Sirsa
19 June, 2014
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma.
An 18-year-old girl was allegedly thrashed and dragged by hair by two policemen, who had gone to her house in a hamlet near Jeewan Nagar to arrest her father yesterday.
The victim is undergoing treatment at the Sirsa General Hospital for the injuries sustained in the alleged police brutality.
The police, however, denied allegations. They maintained that the girl had been enacting a drama to save her father, who is wanted in a case of encroachment of property.
“Two policemen came to our house on a motorcycle around 6 pm yesterday. I was alone and they asked the whereabouts of my father. I told them I had no idea where my father had gone. They called up the SHO and later asked me to accompany them to the police station. When I refused, they thrashed and dragged me by my hair,” the victim alleged.
She said she cried in pain but the policemen did not relent. They dragged her till she became unconscious due to pain and fear.
The victim has got her medico legal report and will approach the authorities against the police highhandedness.
Dalip Singh, SHO, Rania police station, however, said the allegations were false and it was attempt to save her father, Gurmej Singh.
Police ‘brutality’
Two policemen came to arrest the victim’s father, who is wanted in a property encroachment case The girl was alone at home and the cops asked her to accompany them to the police station When she denied, they thrashed and dragged her by hair till she became unconscious

NEWS Courtesy: The Tribune and Sushil Manav

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