Monday, April 11, 2016

Deaf & Dumb should not feel isolated from society- Nakul Mohunta

Deaf & Dumb should not feel isolated from society- Nakul Mohunta.
2 day State Level, Deaf and Dumb Seminar  concludes.
11 April, 2016
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann
4th Haryana State level seminar on Deaf & Dumb was held at Maheshwari Bhavan, Rania Road Sirsa. The seminar was held under the aegis of Maheshwari Charitable Trust and 'Mook Badhir Mitarta Sangh'. Addressing the delegates at the seminar, Nakul Mohunta, Vice President Maheshwari Charitable Trust said that deaf and dumb are not disabled but are differently able, if mother nature has been a miser and sent them to this world with some shortcomings and deficiencies then the same have been compensated with the Gift of some special abilities also, they definitely are gifted and do possesses extraordinary talent. Mohunta urged using sign language that the deaf & dumb should never feel isolated from society.
Experts, Zorin Singha, Vishal Arora, Yogesh Kumar, Bharat Sharma also inspired and motivated scores of deaf and dumb present at the seminar, using sign language gestures.

Pankaj Sharda president, vice president Subhash Thirani, Arvind Bihani, Shyam Sunder Chandak, Sanjay Bagdi, Gouri Shankar Rathi, Nikhil Mundra, Amish Mohunta, Trilok Rathi, Harish Biyani, Rajendra Rathi, Ajay Rathi, Deepak Maheshwari, Mahesh Karwa etc. were present on the occasion.

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