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Dr Trehan and Dr Rajneesh Kapoor of Medicity Web Conference Session with Sirsa Journos.

Dr Trehan and Dr Rajneesh Kapoor of Medicity Web Conference Session with Sirsa Journos.
14  April, 2018
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Data could be as important as Time for good survival after heart attack – Dr Naresh Trehan
Watch Video:  Dr Rajneesh Kapoor Director- Interventional Cardiology of Medanta Medicity Web Conference

In order to give good survival to patients following heart attack or chest pain, interventional cardiologists are now making use of newer technologies that provides them with detailed inside information about patient’s heart.

This was told by Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor, Director- Interventional Cardiology at Heart Institute, Medanta The Medicity, Gurgram, Haryana. He was addressing a press conference, prior to his medical education meet with the physicians of Sirsa on newer technologies in heart disease treatment.

Dr. Kapoor told that “We have been urging people to consult the nearby doctor as soon as possible if they notice any symptom of heart attack such as breathlessness, cold sweat or chest pain. This is because more quickly an interventional cardiologist can treat a heart attack with procedure such as angioplasty or stents, the better a patient’s chance of survival.”

Dr. Kapoor while answering a query about pros and cons of different Cooking Oils in Indian kitchens said, that most of the oils have their own merits and de-merits, it will be a good idea that instead of continuously using just one type of Cooking medium, one should keeping switching periodically to different types of Oils. He also highlighted that cooking oil that has been once used should not be reused, and proper care should be taken in storage of cooking oils in tightly closed containers placed in well lit areas.    

He said “As important as time, are the newer technologies in ensuring good survival to heart attack patients.
“Using FFR technology, we get detailed information about the pressure of blood flow inside the heart arteries of the patient. Through this information we can easily prescribe if the patient needs a stent or not.”
He added “In a report from a study of 15 heart attack patients who we treated using the help of FFR data it has been found that the need of stenting was reduced by up to 30%. In few cases where the blockage was even around 80%, the need of stenting was dismissed. The tests that provide us the data are FDA approved and have 95% success rate.”

Dr. Kapoor told that “For patients who need stents, the survival benefits are maximum if the stent is placed at the right place, in right size and right manner.”
“Using OCT technology, we are able to get high resolution pictures of inside area of blocked artery. Using the information from pictures we are able to give the patient more accurate stent placement.”

He added “Benefits of good stent placement to patients are huge. There is significant reduction in treatment related complications, stent induced thrombosis and future risk of complications.”

Dr. Naresh Trehan, Managing Director, Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram, Haryana told, “The incidences of heart disease are rising year after year. People are bending towards unhealthy eating and inactive lifestyle. These coupled with risk factors such as smoking or chewable tobacco use is putting people at high risk of heart attack.”

Dr. Trehan advises that people must work towards prevention from heart disease. “90% of heart attack is preventable. Even people who are pre disposed to heart disease because of family history can live safe. This can be accomplished by daily exercise, healthy eating, good sleep, combating stress and controlling BP & Sugar”

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