Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Monsoon Rain brings cheers and woes

First Monsoon Rain brings cheers and woes.

11 July 2006

[All Photos can be clicked to view-enlarged version; also notice the satellite picture of the cloud cluster that caused the rain]

The first Monsoon rain that started after midnight on the night between 9th and 10th July gave the much-awaited relief from hot dusty humid days. Most farmers had welcomed the rain. The rain had been very timely as crops were withering under drought since last fortnight, although the rain was not evenly distributed over the district. On the other hands life in the city of Sirsa was thrown totally out of gear. Neither people nor the administration was really prepared to face the music of monsoon that recorded 115mm on the rain meter. Most of the localities of Sirsa were submerged in deep water at some places it was waist deep. The power failure in many localities continued till late evening of 10th July added to the woes as the pump sets installed for sewerage disposal system could not work. People had resentments against administration but it was found the respective departments though trying there best could not address the problems efficiently, and the main hindrance had been lack of coordination and power failure.

See Pictures that speak about water and woes!

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