Monday, July 03, 2006

Police Announces Prize on assasins of Chand Brar

03 July 2006

Police Announces Prize on assasins of Chand Brar

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Police Announces Prize on assassins of Chand Brar

SP Sirsa Mr. Sultan Singh held a press conference late in the evening today and informed the media that suspected assassins of Mr. Chand Singh Brar of Dabwali now bear a prize of Rs25,000-00 each. He released photographs of the three suspects to TV and print media for publicity. Pardeep Godara of Village Chautala; Vinod Arora of Dabwali & Shah Alam R/o Shigerra Distt. Gazipur, UP are the accused. Anyone who information leading to arrest of any of these three shall be eligible for the reward money, The identity of the informer would not be declared for his/her safety.

Mr. Sultan Singh also informed that the case of naked photography of a woman of Vill. Rohiraanwali has also been probed. The accusations of the woman and her husband on another woman of same village are false, in fact both these women were friends and were involved in some kind of sex racket, and when at on stage they had dispute about sharing of cash earned, one of the two accused the other of her being photographed in nude after administering her some intoxicant in tea.

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