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SP Mr. Vikas Arora's Interface with the Press

Mr Vikas Arora IPS the New SP of Sirsa meets the press.

15 December 2006

SIRSA (SirsaNews)

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The New Superintendent of Police Mr. Vikas Kumar Arora IPS, met the Print and electronic media in his office at mini-secretariat today. An IPS of 1998 batch, Mr. Arora is also a Computer Sc. Graduate (B.Tech.) from the prestigious IIT New Delhi. The techno savvy SP told the media persons that apart from the usual POLICE duties of maintaining law and order etc. he shall like to introduce some novel plans at Sirsa.
For Saviors of Road Accident Victims
No more than 3 questions shall be posed to anyone who brings in a road accident victim to a hospital. The simple questions shall be
1. Where from you brought the accident victim?
2. What you know about the accident?
3. May I know your particulars please? The last one shall be optional to answer however a cash incentive of Rs500/- shall be given to the savior of road accidents, he shall urge the Doctors to save the life of the accident victim even before informing the Police which is secondary issue.

No. of Traffic Cops Doubled
Number of Traffic constables has been doubled in Sirsa for better enforcement of road rules.
The SP said that while his department shall step up drive against smuggling and sale of Narcotics in the district, but to eradicate this menace, some sort of Holistic approach has to be taken up at social level. There is need for management of withdrawal symptoms, need to set up more de-addiction centers and persons who are consuming narcotics need to be made aware that it is possible to leave the use of such drugs and this won’t affect their work capabilities and life after de-addiction shall be more worthwhile.
Road Engineering
Mr Manoj Verma inspector Traffic Control has been directed to identify and report faulty road engineering, where ever, the same shall be rectified so as to prevent accidents caused by such snags.
First Aid Training Camp
The SP said that upon his request the Sirsa Force Station officials have agreed to put up a First Aid Procedures Demonstration, for the Police at the Parade Ground at Police Lines on Sunday at 11AM. He said that public is also invited to see the demonstration, as correct knowledge of delivering First Aid, can save many a life.

Mr Arora said that as he is from the technical side, so he shall see to it that POLICE force in Sirsa becomes more technology savvy during his tenure. In informal talk after the briefings he said that he shall tone up the Police Force to improve its Public Image, a scheme to reward the honest, hardworking and efficient Police Officials and the Police Stations every month has been started. On the other hand he shall punish the cops found non-diligent to their duties. He discussed the wide spread illegal sale of Oxytocin hormone injections used on milch cattle. He shall look into how to stop its misuse. Sirsa News handed over a document providing many suggestions for Road Safety to the SP. The SP discussed the traffic lights Chowk suggestion for providing slips roads and assured that he shall request the concerned department to look into it.

The SP who is well versed in Police Rules as he invariably quoted the Punjab Police Rules said that he does not want to work in haste so as to become a media attraction but shall work for long term and permanent solutions.


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Anonymous said...

sir, I am very happy to see the action taken against traffic which was very poor in the city. I want to suggest some point if officer took action.i will be thankful to SP yadav who took serious steps.

1. The routine checking of three seater on bike.
2. The license checking of school going students.
3. Surprise checking of traffic police person those on duty because I have seen some of the personel those standing near by corner but not taking any action against culprits.
4. Sudden check on Auto wheelers because they standing with auto between the road. Capt Himmat singh