Friday, March 13, 2009

Punjabis should assert themselves- Amir Chawla; Punjabi Parivar Milan Samaroh on 15th at SURKHAB

Punjabis should assert themselves- Amir Chawla; Punjabi Bhaicahara Manch -Milan Samaroh on 15th at SURKHAB
14 March, 2009

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Sh. Amir Chawla informed the press and media today at a PC at Hotel Jai Villas yesterday that Punjabi Parivaar Milan Samaroh shall be held under the banner of newly formed Punjabi Bhaicahara Manch on 15th March 2009 at Surkhab Tourist Complex.
He said of suffering miseries of partition in 1947, the migrant Punjabis worked hard to re-establish themselves in the mainstream society of free India Punjab, but the yet another division of 1966 when Haryana was formed had again left them in quicksand. He said the Punjabis who are known for their intelligence and hard work world wide are ignored in their very own country’s Haryana state.
The Samaroh on 15th March shall highlight the plight of the Punjabis and a future course of action shall be decided.

Punjabi leaders Pardeep Mehta, RK Mehta, Krishan Gumber, Ramesh Mehta Advocate, Gurdayal Mehta, etc. were present.

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