Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monsoon Rain Knocks down Administrations claims in 90 minutes flat!!!

Monsoon Rain Knocks down Administrations claims in 90 minutes flat!!!
09 ~ 10 July, 2010

All pictures can be mouse clicked to enlarge. Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann


After knocking at the doors of Sirsa couple of days ago the second spell of just about 20mm rain Knocked down Administrations claim of preparedness for Rany season, (Read also: Monsoon Knock at SIRSA )
THE intermittent rain of one and half hours today miserably exposed the tall claims of the Sirsa district Administration’s claims for having fully prepared for containing and controlling the storm water during the ongoing Monsoons, as almost whole of the town remained submerged from knee deep to hip deep water. All vehicular traffic was disrupted and the normal life was thrown out of gear. The worst hit areas were local Rori Bazar, Suratgarhia Bazar, Punjab National bank street, All ‘Dus Footi Galis’ Sadar Bazaar Balmiki Chowk, B Block Durga Mandir Chowk, and Mela ground areas. The Dirty sewer water gushed back in many houses causing untold misery to the residents and the Sewer lines were choked and failed to drain out the water. The drinking water supplied by the public Health department in the morning as well in the evening was unfit for human consumption as it was turbid and foul smelling. But the department failed to provide some alternative for providing drinking water. An official of the Department on condition of anonymity revealed that as the whole of the town was submerged under they were unable to find the source of contamination of the drinking water. When this correspondent intimated the Deputy Commissioner regarding the agony and helplessness of the people he assured to get the problem of drinking water addressed on top priority basis, but till writing of the news nothing was done to minimize the people’s woes.
Mr. Saxena a Junior Engineer with the department said that the rise in water inGhagher River has blocked the discharge at the outlet of disposal system near Village Kelnia, temporary arrangements are being made to rectify the problem. A multi crore rupees long term plan that is on the anvil shall take care of the water logging permanently.
Report: Dr. OP Bansal with inputs from GS Mann

10 July, 2010

THE RIVER Ghaggar flowing near the Sirsa town which had played havoc not only in the villages situated on its banks but had also caused devastation in the Sirsa town where even the local Air Force station was saved from fury of floods with great effort, is once giving sleepless nights to the farmers whose fields are situated near its banks on both sides. Since yesterday there has been about 4 ft rise in its level and today it is flowing 12” below the danger level and has started overflowing its banks. Its waters have started entering into fields around the creek of some farmers in villages Kheraka. Panihari, Neza Della Kalan and Burj Karam Garh, Mallewala etc where standing Cotton and paddy crops have submerged under 3-4 ft. of water. Farmers Ram Kumar and Krishan Kumar of village Kheraka told that cotton and paddy crops in their 15 acres have been completely damaged. They groused that on official from any department has so far visited their villages to know their fate, who have been left at the mercy of the deluge. They asserted that the villagers themselves are constructing their own mini dikes to save their crops with the help of their tractors at their own expenses and also keeping day and night vigil to monitor the floods. However when contacted X.En. Ghaggar division SK Rajwanshi told that at present there was no danger to standing crops or to the life of the people adding that after de-silting reconstruction of the Ottu Weir they can manage to store a huge quantity of Ghaggar waters to be used later for irrigation purposes. He also claimed that the Dept. has deployed about 45 persons including some JEs to keep a round the clock vigil to monitor the level of water in the river.
Report: Dr. OP Bansal with inputs from GS Mann
Breaking NEWS: Ghagger breached in a Rori Village last evening.

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