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JCDV Gets Grade ‘A’ from NAAC

JCDV Launches ‘JCD Times’ News Letter.

JCDV Gets Grade ‘A’ from NAAC.

Ajay Maken Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs and Dr. Ashok Tanwar MP Visit JCDV

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28 March, 2011

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JCDV Launches ‘JCD Times’ News Letter.
JCD Vidyapeeth launched its own newsletter. The Newsletter has been named ‘JCD Times’ The Newsletter was launched by Mr. Dushyant Singh Chautala. He said “The production of this newsletter is an outstanding achievement for the basic skills of students.” The function was attended by Executive Director, Heads and other Officials.
The newsletter will be rolled out across state to provide information, support and guidance to others looking into undertaking courses through JCD Vidyapeeth. The first issue was based on festival of Holi seeing that it was launched in ‘Fagun’ month.
Dr. Shamim Sharma, Chief Editor of the Newsletter said that in colleges, students are taught to read books and to acquire knowledge from the works of great authors. But mere reading of books is not sufficient for education. So the students are also taught how to write and express their own ideas in a good form and in different languages. With this aim in view newsletter is published.
Niyati Chaudhary, Editor of Quarterly Newsletter said that newsletter have a great educative value. They encourage the students to think and write. So they develop their writing skills and talent. They also develop their power of thinking and strengthen their imagination. In this way the general knowledge of the students increases and they acquire the habit of reading and writing. (related Picture on Top of this NEWS post)

JCDV Gets Grade ‘A’ from NAAC.
JCD College of Education has bagged the highest ‘A’ Grade awarded by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) during a reaccreditation exercise undertaken recently. The NAAC grants accreditation to a college from which at least two batches of graduates have passed out. It is a voluntary exercise and the accreditation granted is valid for a period of five years, at the end of which the institution concerned must submit itself for a reaccreditation exercise. Accreditation is a rigorous process where Institutional Eligibility for Quality Assessment (IEQA) is the first step, followed by self-study report submitted by the institution. It is after submission of this report that the peer team visit and assess the institution from all its aspects.
A peer team inspected the premises and reviewed the academic facilities and infrastructural strengths. Based on the reports submitted by the peer teams, the grades were awarded. The team undertook several components into account which is part of an exhaustive process to assess the institute’s various qualitative aspects. The panel comprises of Prof. RS Maali, ex vice-chancellor, North Maharashtra University, Dr. A Shomashekhra Moorty, Principal, Ambedkar College of Education, Mangalore and Prof. Y Sudhakara Reddy, Dean, Faculty of Education, Venketeshwara University, Tripati.

Curricular aspects, teaching-learning and evaluation, research, consultancy and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression governance and leadership and innovative practices are the seven categories which were part of the assessment. Each department will be taken into account. The peer team held interaction with principal, management, member of faculty, present ‘batch’ students and staff of associated institutions.

Social aspects like the inclusive nature of the college, number of published papers in refereed journals of national and international repute was taken into account apart from the infrastructural facilities, said Dr. Shamim Sharma, Executive Director, JCD Vidyapeeth. She also attributed the achievement to the combined efforts of the faculty and students of various campuses of JCDV and reiterated that the journey to excellence will continue.

Ajay Maken Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs and Dr. Ashok Tanwar MP Visit JCDV

Sh. Ajay Makan, Central Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, visited JCD Vidyapeeth on 26th March. He was here to meet his friend’s daughter who is an intern of JCD Dental College. He curiously asked about the various courses being run in the campus and also praised the lush and green Vidyapeeth grounds. He was welcomed by the Executive Director, Dr. Shamim Sharma. She explained the hindrances which Vidyapeeth administration is facing in initiation of fresh colleges such as Nursing, Medical and MDS Course in the Vidyapeeth. Mr. Makan assured the Executive Director that he will place this matter in front of Central Government.

He also admired the efforts and hard work of JCDV Chairman Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala for encouraging such a wonderful and remarkable educational organization. He also paid a visit to the JCD National Cricket Academy and joined players who were practicing there in the ground. He added that he by no means expected this class of International sports amenities in this city. He was accompanied by Member of Parliament Mr. Ashok Tanwar, Bhupesh Mehta and Dr. R S Tada. Mr. Ashok Tanwar also expressed gratitude to Sh. Ajay Singh Chautala for running such an outstanding and exceptional institute.

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