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LOKPANCHAYAT 24th Annual Seminar; Chief Guest Dr. Ashok Tanwar MP

LOKPANCHAYAT 24th Annual Seminar; Chief Guest Dr. Ashok Tanwar MP


12 March, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann

The 24th Annual seminar of Lokpanchayat was held today at Sri Guru Hari Singh College, Sri Jeevan Nagar SIRSA. The Chief Guest at the seminar was Dr Ashok Tanwar MP Sirsa.

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LOKPANCHAYAT gave a memorandum of demands to the MP, the MP commented that the demands were in public welfare and he shall pursue for these at various levels. (The memorandum can be read below in Verbatim, with comments upon each demand by the MP is in red color). The MP was apprised about various activities and working of the LOKPANCHAYAT (read below in section: About LOKPANCHAYAT). The MP was highly impressed about this and said that there is a need for more such social bodies for working at grass root level not just in Sirsa but in Haryana as well and why not in rest of India as well. Dr. Ashok Tanwar said that before attending the seminar he had certain apprehensions about the ‘PANCHAYAT’ but upon attending the seminar he was really impressed with its working.

Jaswant Singh Josh, President, Swarn Singh Wirk, Master Sampooran Singh Rania, Bali Singh Goraya, Pirthipal Singh Gill Nakora, and several others members addressed the congregation, while several ‘Kavishar’ (poets) also commented on social evils through their compositions. Mr. Malkiat Singh Khosa president Distt Congress Committee thanked Tanwar for taking out time out of his busy schedule to attend this seminar.

Dr Ashok Tanwar, said it is the first time the demand for the new rail routs for inter-connecting Ellenabad Jeevan Nagar Rania, Dabwali etc with SIRSA was raised in a serious manner. He said that he shall take up the matter with the Railways ministry. He said that already in the next plan of the Railway the name of SIRSA for survey of new routes has been included and the same is on the Railway ministries website.

Railway Map of SIRSA Present (Black Rail Track) and Demanded (In Green) Map: GS Mann for Lokpanchayat

More Related Pictures Videos and Text of Comments of MP to memorandum soon….

MEMORANDUM to Dr. Ashok Tanwar, Member Parliament

LOKPANCHAYAT (Regd.) Distt. SIRSA through this memorandum demands the following in interest of public welfare:

1. Expansion of railway network in Sirsa District by laying new railway tracks to connect Sirsa, Dabwali, Khairekaan, Rania, Jeevan Nagar, Dhuddianwali, Bani, Ellenabad and Hunaman Garh.

2. Expedite the process of setting up of 'Grameen Nayalaya' (rural court) at Rania. (Already announced/sanctioned)

3. Deepen the Ghagger Creek to a depth of 10 feet and widen the creek upto 200 feet throughout, from Ottu Wier to Bani, and strengthening and raising of Ghagger Banks on both sides for flood control.

4. Polluted water and industrial effluents should not be allowed to be discharged into Ghagger from sewage & industrial units in Haryana Punjab and Himachal Pardesh without pre-treatment.

5. Southern Ghagger Canal (SGC) & Northern Ghagger Canal (NGC) should get their full share of Bhakra water, always and as per schedule. These canals also need maintenance.

6. i.) Urgent repair of all Link Roads, Village Roads, State and National highways falling in Distt SIRSA

ii.) Urgent repair and maintenance of roads and sewerage systems of Sirsa city and its township,

iii.) Sewerage System facility for villages that have a large population.

12-03-2011 (Sd/- Jaswant Singh Josh) President Lokpanchayat at Jeevan Nagar


LOKPANCHAYAT is a regd. body of Distt Sirsa and had been active since 1987. It is a non-political, non-religious, secular, non-factional organization working in this area. Unlike infamous Khap Panchayats of South-East Haryana, LOKPANCHAYAT works for social justice and aims at resolving various disputes at village level. Apart from resolving disputes LOKPANCHAYAT also works towards consolidated development of the area, maintaining peace and harmony, campaigning against female foeticide, discouraging the youth to do drugs and tries to discourage other social evils like dowry and overspending by the rich on weddings etc. LOKPANCHAYAT tries to imbibe rational thinking in the society.

In all these years Lokpanchayat had successfully resolved many a disputes amicably even though it does not have any executive powers. LOKPANCHAYAT members come from all walks of life that includes highly educated members, farmers, businessmen, artisans, retired govt. servants, teachers etc, yet LOKPANCHAYAT maintains a laid back attitude and keeps all its activities down to earth and without pomp and show.

The sole purpose of this organization is to work for the betterment of the society in a no-frills style that is why most of the meetings of the LOKPANCHAYAT are conducting in a very basic way. Today is 24th Annual Seminar of LOKPANCHAYAT

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