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AK Gupta Chief Engineer Bhakra Division informs about Ghagger Flood Control Plans for SIRSA

Ghagger: AK Gupta Chief Engineer Bhakra Division informs about Flood Control Plans and Progress.

DC, SE, SDM. Tehsildar and other officials take stock of Ghagger.


01 July, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.

Watch Sirsa News Video: AK Gupta Chief Engineer Bhakra Division informs about Ghagger Flood Control Plans for SIRSA

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Chief Engineer Irrigation Mr AK Gupta on his recent visit to Sirsa, informed media about flood control measures that have been taken so far. Mr Gupta said that Flood Control Board had sanctioned 5 works for prevention of floods in District SIRSA these included, maintenance of approach paths (Kuttcha Roads) to critical reaches to Ghagger Banks shall be completed by 15th July. He also said that 4 sections of the 6 sections of Ghaghar Sukhchain link channel are complete while work is in progress on the remaining. Augmentation of Capacity of Rangoi-Khareef Channel is in progress via MANREGA. Face walls have been erected on Pipe crossings (Shoots) through Ghaggar Banks that leaked last year and a few more such works.

He however remained mum on the major issues and demands about Ghagger like deepening and widening of Ghagger Creek removal of wild growth and encroachments, illegal bandhs along the Ghaggar course. The Chief Engineer had to seek information of knowledgeable SE Sirsa Mr SS Hooda or had to again and again consult documents before commenting on issues which he seemed to be unsure of. (See Video)

Later Deputy Commissioner Sirsa along with SE Mr. S. S. Hooda, Tehsildar Sirsa, SDM Sirsa and other officials of Revenue Department, Irrigation Department and Administration visited banks of Ghagger on outskirts of Sirsa City to take stock of the things.

It is notable that last year Ghagger River caused a great havoc in Sirsa, amounting to loss of lives, crops and property. Click Here to Visit last year’s stories pictures and videos about Ghaggar.

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