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Celebrating HOLI – let our hearts melt! - Col RD Singh

Celebrating  HOLI – let our hearts melt! - Col RD Singh
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26, March 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma
Come Holi and we as a family, look forward to it as another good occasion, for bonding,  and pacifying our estranged  friends. Dressed for Holi, and loaded with packets of dry colours, at about 11 am, my wife and self, set out to mix and mingle. We head for one army unit after another. As we enter, the troops, already playing Holi with their officers,  rush to smear  ‘gulal’ and drench us with buckets of water. We do the same, and join them in dancing, with the rhythm of dholak.  Then, I straight away reach out to the person who is angry with me or not on talking terms for some reason or the other. I hug him and say sorry, sometimes, not even being aware what wrong I have done. But, this gesture is enough to melt the other person, and we are in communication again. I repeat the same in every unit, and every house that we visit. By now some more drinks down, and hardly recognizable, we reach the sports ground where the entire station is gathered to celebrate the festival of colours. The environment is full of mirth and joy. Everyone is playing, laughing, and dancing. We can see ladies having a gala time pushing their colleagues in a pond of water and having great fun. It seems as if the entire station has become one, and the spirit of Holi has permeated in each one of us. No vengeance, no cribs, no ego prevails at this time. Even the general officers can be seen sitting down and enjoying with the junior  officers. My wife does a jig with her school teachers and students, all joined in a happy group. What a beautiful feeling of togetherness, and oneness, even in looks – all look the same. 

I am sure people across the country experience similar feelings, in a festive mood. The moment you think of celebrating Holi, it brings a smile and a splash of colours in your mind. Be it a village or city, Holi does bring people together, of all religions and communities.  Barring a few incidents of drunken driving and rowdiness, the festival is vibrant and colourful. It strengthens the secular fabric of India.

We can make the festival even more meaningful by reaching out to our elder parents and relatives, in a greater degree.  As I said above, we say sorry and make up with our ‘enemies’ where we are posted/residing. We even go a mile extra  to please our ‘bosses’ on this day. But, not many of us do the same with our own relatives. If I can say sorry to my boss, beg him/her to pardon me, why can’t I do it to my own real brother who is annoyed with me? In case it is a property problem, which in most cases is, can we not sit together, be a little less greedy, and settle it by give and take. How happy the life will be. Why can’t we go back to our village and hug our old parents on this day. If we can let go of our past unpleasant memories, and forgive and forget our close ones, then not only our roots will remain strong, but our families will be more united. Let this Holi bring us closer not only with our office seniors and colleagues, but also with our kith and kin. On this unique festival, let our hearts melt for everyone. Happy Holi! 
( Colonel Ripu Daman Singh, a highly experienced and decorated soldier, belongs to vill Pilimandori ( Fatehabad). Presently he is engaged in social service ( INTACH, Save The Girl Child,  and Voluntary Blood Donation movement). An avid reader, he writes for news papers, periodicals, and Sirsa News.

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