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Women Safety- A Burning Issue- International Women’s Day at JCDV

Women Safety-A Burning Issue : International Women’s Day at JCDV.
10, March 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a group discussion on Women’s safety was organized in JCD Vidyapeeth. In the seminar renowned personalities from their respective fields came forward and shared their views on a common platform. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ms. Sushila Sharma, Chairperson, Haryana Women Commission and Dr. Shamim Sharma, Managing Director, JCD Vidyapeeth was the guest of Honour on this occasion. Ms. Birinda Karat, M.P. was the special guest for the event.
Watch Video: “Women Safety- A Burning Issue” - Women's Day at JCDV Sirsa 08 March 2013. Sushila Sharma chief guest, Dr Sahmim Sharma presides over. Birinda Karat also makes a presence.

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The eminent personalities included Ms. Kumkum Grover, D.E.O Sirsa, Dr. Harbhagwan Chawla, Educationist, Ms. Krishna Fogat, Social Worker, Mr. Jagdish Chopra, Advocate, Dr. Rachna Sangwan,  Gynecologist, Ms. Nisha Rathore, Ex. Chair person International Inner wheel Sirsa, Ms. Deepti Pandita, Associate Prof. JCD Pharmacy College and Ms. Krishna Yadav, S.H.O Sirsa. Dr. Gurcharan Dass, Principal, JCDM College of Engineering welcomed all the guests.
Ms. Birinda Karat motivated all the women through a pledge ceremony with full enthusiasm with words “I am proud to be a woman! I have strength! I can change!” She further added that our struggle is not against man, we are struggling against discrimination which separates man and woman in the society. Silence is the biggest enemy of our society. On this day, we pledge that we’ll not tolerate this discrimination ever. We are fighting for the respect and dignity of woman. The Chief Guest highlighted the present day problems in the country and stressed upon the need of women safety. She further added that we have to tackle the problem of women safety in a united manner.
Ms. Kumkum Grover said that it is a sad reflection on our society that women feel unsafe and unprotected not just on deserted roads and parking zones, but even in their own homes. Dr. Harbhagwan Chawla grabbed the attention of audience towards female foeticide which is again related to women safety as a girl is not safe even prior to her birth. Ms. Krishana Fogat showed a ray of hope in darkness by saying that every women has source of unlimited energy lying inside her and she have to collect and use it to fight against crime. Dr. Geeta Rani encouraged every woman in the audience by her words “Nobody can protect you better than yourself! Trust your instincts and fight back!” Dr. Rachna Sangwan motivated the audience by saying that we have to build ourself strong physically as well as mentally so that we can face the worse situations. She admitted that female foeticide is a problem and doctors are somewhere responsible for it.There should be complete bane on sex determination. Ms. Nisha Rathore raised her voice on self respect of woman. She said if a woman respects herself than only she can earn respect from others. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bhatti brought the attention of audience on decreasing male-female ratio in the country. He said until the difference between girl and boy child diminishes from our hearts, the problem of women safety will remain in country. Ms. Deepti Pandita suggested that the only way to defend you is to take measures against the worst that can happen. Make a note of your most vulnerable moments when you can be overpowered and guard against those. Ms. Krishna Yadav strengthened her voice by saying “Trust your womanly instincts about people and situations. Be alert to your surroundings and aware of the first signs of danger”. Seema Brar, a student from JCDM College of Engineering while representing youth of country said why we need safety, why we need protection? We should be strong enough to handle each and every situation. Amit also suggested the ways for women safety and said that there is a need of change in atmosphere in school and colleges. The change in education system will definitely improve the condition. At the end, Dr. Shamim Sharma concluded that the condition of women safety in country needs immediate remedial measures. Law enforcement agencies, judicial system and society must work together to handle the crucial condition of women safety so that women can live and work freely.

Mr. Vishal Vats and Ms. Shikha Goyal, Asstt. Prof. JCDM College of Engineering hold the responsibility of stage coordinator for the occasion. A vote of thanks was given by Dr. Gurcharan Dass, Principal JCDM College of Engineering. Principals of all the colleges of JCD Vidyapeeth, staff members of JCDM College of Engineering were present to grace the occasion. 
Text Report: Ms Niyati

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