Monday, January 20, 2014

Sirsa Citizen Forum administers Oath for better Road Sense

Sirsa Citizen Forum administers Oath for better Road Sense
20 January, 2014
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma.
Watch Video: Sirsa Citizen Forum Meeting for Traffic Problems of City. The meeting was convened by Mr Arun Mehta Managing Editor ‘Samarghosh’, Some of those who attended and also spoke in the forum amd also featured in this video: Anand Biyani, Rishi Pandey, Baljit Singh, Surender Minchanabadi, Sanjay Gandhi, Subhash Bishnoi, Manpreet Azad, Arun Beniwal, Bhupesh Mehta, GS Mann, Amir Chawla, Heera Lal Sharma, Som Sharma, Sham Bajaj, Hoshiari Lal Sharma, Ramesh Goyal, Mr Soni etc. Also watch interview of Sh Arun Mehta and Oath Administration Ceremony
Note: if you have a high speed Internet connection, then you may Change Quality to 360p/480p or higher for better quality Video. (From Quality Gear Icon on right hand bottom corner of Video Window)

Before this Nagrik Parishad Sirsa also convened a similar meeting at Sirsa Club on 11 Jan 2014 the video of the same shall also be available soon on

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vishal ganda said...

Maan sahab,we as citizens of sirsa sincerely hope that this meeting may not become only a photo-op.this has been done many a times in sirsa.first abiding of rules comes from one ownself.put a sticker of sirsa citizen forum on each and every vehicle of the persons who were present there and the reality of law abiding citizens would come out soon.this may sound critical,but take it as an experiment.we all want a better sirsa,why not start with self abiding.oaths are always de-oathed