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Dr Ritesh Sharma of Sirsa demands Bridge Course for MBBS to IAS

Dr Ritesh Sharma of Sirsa demands Bridge Course for MBBS to IAS
24 May 2019
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Watch Video: Dr Ritesh Sharma advocates for MBBS to IAS Bridge Course.

In a Press Conference held on 16th May in Sirsa, Doctor Ritesh told journalists that he has sent a letter to the Prime Minister Officers with a suggestion to PM Narendra Modi to create or form an inclusion of a bridge course for MBBS doctors to become IAS officers

Dr Ritesh Sharma has started a campaign which is receiving support and encouraging doctors. He has written a letter to the Prime Minister, suggesting a bridge course.
In the letter, Dr Ritesh Sharma, MBBS MD (pulmonary medicine) from Sirsa, Haryana stated,
'In view of the frequent criticism of healthcare services in our country, I suggest you to start a bridge course of administrative training for MBBS/ Post Graduate doctors to become IAS officers for the betterment of healthcare management in India.

The idea of a bridge course for IAS has come after seeing the proposal of Govt. of India to make BDS and Allied professionals equivalent to MBBS doctors by a bridge course of six months.'
A copy of this letter has also been sent to Union Health Minister, JP Nadda, the NITI Aayog and IMA Headquarters.
Dr Ritesh Sharma said, 'There are still many places in our country where healthcare services aren't available or do not reach there. The administration should take initiative. If there is an IAS officer who is a doctor at the administrative level, then they can think of ways to reach out in places where healthcare services aren't available.'

His this plea is finding acceptance amongst local IMA members as well Medical fraternity from all over India. He hopes that the support he is getting will bear positive results very soon. At the PC he was accompanied by Dr Jakhar MD (Pediatrics) and Dr Bhimsen.

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