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Liberty and Tolerance of Soul – Dr TN Chugh

Liberty and Tolerance of Soul – Dr TN Chugh
17 August 2019
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Liberty and Tolerance of Soul
Soul is spiritual, immortal and celestial entity of human beings and other living organisms. It is linked with inspiration, emotions, passion, fervor, enthusiasm, vitality, spirit commitment and other favorite aspects. Soul is the share of super-natural Divine Power. It is changeless and immortal, not damaged through materialistic objects or situations. It always develops urge to get linked with Divine creator (always searching correct pathway).
·        Soul is the great principle of omnipotent or creator of the universe.
·        t is the mother of pure and virtuous thoughts. More so, the soul always tries to achieve elevation to the highest range of great Lord.
·        Human race is the supreme creation of Almighty God and soul is the governing force.
·        The word ``Soul`` is derived from Greek, Psyche, meaning to breathe, comprise the mental abilities of living beings.
·        It explains reasons, character, feelings, consciousness, memory and thinking. It also represents Atma and Jiva, for all living beings up to bacteria.
·        The soul evolution is always towards God and away from material world.
·        The soul is applicable for moral, spiritual and philosophical terms in all religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Shamanism, Sikhism, Taoism, yang, yin, Zoroastrianism etc.
·         The Masters believe that soul is a ray of Divine sun; a drop from great ocean, bliss and life from which it departed long ago.
Our Great Lord:
God is the sole creator of all living organisms. He is the only source complete happiness and bliss. Masters say that is the temple of living God and the kingdom of God are within us. His selfless servants are noble examples of humanity. Our mind, tells us, is a finite entity that has beginning and end. God is all great religious and infinite Master without limitations. More so, God is Supreme Being, eternal, creator deity and principal object of faith. God is also recognized as Eloign, Shedder, Elion, Almighty and Merciful.
Ø  He is compromised as omniscience, omnipresent, omnipotent, great love, eternal with necessary existence and all benevolent Divine power.
Ø  Omniscience means creator of knowledge (nothing unknown). Human beings are at the top of creation. We are good beings, at superiority, to know different quality and quantity of consciousness. His grace is immaculate, fathomless, infinite and illimitable.
Ø  Omnipresence means that God is present in every part and particle of creation. If God is everywhere, He resides within every one of us. No body should look any where outside for God realization.
Ø  Omnipotent means Lord must be ultimate power, prevailing in all matters. God is one for Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and every section of human race.
Ø  The Divine is all powerful and non-fighting in totality, can make a man truly strong, stable and blissful in mind. God is the only source of happiness and bliss. Masters say that our body is the temple of the living God and the kingdom of God is within us.
Ø  Realization of God can be attained through rituals and ceremonies, holy places, temples of worship, festivals, fasts, regular prayers, ministerial class and identified dress.
Intelligent Religious Saints:
Saint is a person who is attached to the state of God realization understanding the religions throughout. The higher degree of consciousness brings better operation. In Divine love all thought of selfish forgotten. The saints at divine love have been Jesus, Buddha and Krishna. They saw divinity in every creature and made no distinction as to caste, creed, color and religion.  The saint himself has merged the highest state of bliss and attained union with God. He acquired the mission of redemption and mercy to save suffering humanity from defects of mind and séances. The saints become identical to Lord himself. The Lord also entrusts mission to his saints. They develop worship in spirit and truth.
1.      God being the great infinite source, therefore, cannot be perceived directly by human beings.
2.     Human beings can learn from spiritual saints.
3.       All the religions teach the necessity of having profound love for God.
4.     The living Saint becomes models for conduct for us to intimate.
5.      We will need the living teacher to guide us in our modern age.
6.     Different saints try to give the very same method and stress the importance of a spiritual teacher to take people across the phenomena.
7.     All Masters teach that they provide the only way to attain salvation. All assertions for God are made by His disciples.
8.    Different saints have referred to themselves as “the lowest of low” servant of the Lord.
Religious ‘’Karma’’ and Re-incarnation:
‘’Karma’’ is the moral law and effect when an individual is given exactly what he has earned, it means that our present status in this world ( e.g. health, financial circumstances, place of residence, parents and relatives, degree of happiness, sadness and so on) . The disciples way of life and a few good principles must be followed if true aspects to meat the requirements of initiation, e.g., the vegetarian diet, un-use of intoxicants, moral life with highest purity and daily meditation.
Concentrate on Meditation:
Meditation is unique method of concentrating the thoughts through God words which tend to link the soul with Divine Power. Meditation is faithful, emotional and devotional submission of soul with God. For meditation we have to modify ourselves and personal habits of truthfulness, honesty, humility, tolerance, submission, contentment etc. Therefore, try to achieve spiritual success through meditation.
The practice of meditation is right from the time of attaining consciousness (free from noise and pollution).
v Meditation helps to induce simplicity, humility, purity of thoughts and spiritual experience.
v Meditation is the simplest for the attachment of peace and bliss.
v It is surest way to the solution of all the problems of life.
v It makes the man calm, composed and courageous.
v It is the quickest remedy for all the disorders and disturbances of mind and their ill effects on body.
v It heals the mind and prepares a man for travelling the cheerful journey of life.
v Meditation can bring a man face to face with supreme Divine.
v The power of thinking, memorizing and concentrating of mind gets restored and strong.
Better aspects of Liberty:
God is the sole creator, caretaker, navigator and saver for the whole world. He is the creator of the whole universe. God can help us to perform miracles. Although a person lives once but his virtuous living can become praiseworthy. The optimistic attitude, positive objectives and innovative steps can help to seek Divine bliss and can attain eternity. Meditation is the climatic peak of prayers.
For true liberation each person should avoid the evils of anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, guilt, lies, resentment, falsehood, ego and other bad habits. More so, try to adopt attitude of joy, peace, love, serenity, humility, benevolence, empathy, truth, generosity, faith, compassion and other better qualities. Meditation is the climatic peak of prayer to realize the Divine. Thus soul becomes able to visualize the inner radiance and vibratory sound. It develops righteous habits, strong character, amiable behavior and virtuous qualities of humanity, but avoid temptations.
Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh. H.E.S.-I Retired.        
The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK.
 He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-9416048789 and email: Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Principal at SSS Boys College for 7 years. The views expressed in the article are exclusive to Dr TN Chugh.

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