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Improved Relations among Teachers and Students - Dr TN Chugh

Improved Relations among Teachers and Students - Dr TN Chugh
29 January 2020

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Improved Relations among Teachers and Students
Teachers provide essential support for learning. They have important, positive and long-lasting the implication of academic and social implication for students. Their relationship is likely to produce great benefits.  The students who have clear, positive and supportive relations with their teachers attain higher levels of achievements as compared to those students with more conflict in their relationship. Better students talk frequently and receive more constructive guidance and praise guides. They show more engagement in learning and behave better in class. They trust their teachers than criticism. A positive relationship draws good students into the process learning and promotes their desires. Academic instruction creates opportunity for thinking and analysis uses feedback, effectively to guide students thinking and extend prior knowledge. Thus good teachers cultivate positive relations with difficult students for better thinking.
Teacher-Student relationship and Classroom climate:
1.      Improving relationship provides essential support for learning and also helps in the development of social relations.
2.     Improved relation has important, positive long lasting implication. The students are likely to trust their teachers more, show engagement in learning, behave better in class and achieve higher level academically.
3.     It promotes their desire to learn and gain achievement.
4.     It is designed to appropriate the educational level. It also creates positive opportunity for positive thinking and analysis. It uses feedback, effectively, to guide students thinking and extend prior knowledge.
5.     A few students get characterized through risk factors (by problematic relationship).
Special Tools for Teachers to benefit the Students:
·        Transformed time, Microsoft tools and resources help to prepare, teach, assess, track and analyze the students to focus on important aspects.
·        Prepare the classroom for creating assignments, distributing contents or creating homework preparation.
* Organized class notebook, work place, library and space, encourage the students to collaborate.
* Motivate students to create high quality, stories, images, text, video, more play teams, technology and other medicos.
* Teachers must contact pupils to follow multiple levels, both inside and outside the classroom forgiving bad relations.
* Make learning fun as stimulating and engaging lessons for academic success; it is a part of motivating students which benefits measurably in the long run.
* Teachers must inspire to work harder to pursue a particular goal. The inspiration ensures their success, to fulfill potentials and be guided towards future carrier. They can help their pupils for higher education and explore carrier opportunities. Thus teachers can be trusted.
* High quality academic instruction creates opportunity for thinking and analysis to effectively guide and extend knowledge.
Positive concept of Teachers and Students:
There are many different ways where teachers can build positive relationship with there disciples to explain clear expectations.
O. Rule and regulations must be sensible and constantly reinforced. Students should trust their scholars with best interest at heart.
O. The teachers guide with passion and enthusiasm because they display positive attitude.
O. Creation of enjoyable learning environment encourages student’s attendance and participation. Thus teachers take genuine interest in their well being.
O. Teachers treat students with respect so as reciprocate their verbal respect.
O. The teachers create a secure and safe environment for students to set expectations that they do not criticize, bully or intimidate each other.
O. Developing positive relationship takes sufficient time and efforts; the benefit takes significant time and efforts. Academic excellence is important and the public empowers them change the world. Great teachers change with inspiration and impact.
 Great tasks of Teachers:       
   Engage class-room with tools and designs; Games; Languages; Instructions; Learning; Massive online courses; Management; Music; Programming; Mindfulness; Arrange tools for teaching machines; Video lessons; Assessment tools; Learning management systems; Massive online courses; Visit to the Museum; Professional development; Recourses to the Classrooms; Following NCC or NSS; Arrange games of student groups; Manage tours; Take care of health-cough, fever, blow, wound, injury etc. to seek the help of doctors; Also take care for the health of parents, relatives etc.; Can attend worship places; Can work on computer and useful books and notebooks.
Teaching Resources to empower Learning:   
Unlock student’s potentials, by developing positive and respectful relationship, beginning on very first day, so that great teachers become masters of benevolence.
1.      Provide positive structure in different classes. Each day should be loaded with learning.
2.     Teach them with enthusiasm and passion so that excitement for learning becomes courageous.
3.     Positives attitude transforms the praise of students to learn with proper knowledge.
4.     Incorporate humor into lessons to share the joke in daily lesson.
5.     The process of learning becomes creative, exciting, engaging to grape attention with enthusiasm. Also can deserve every opportunity to succeed in learning skill of computer science.
6.     Technology allows improving powerful creation and problems. Take interest in extra-curricular activities.
7.     Free PowerPoint template for old textured paper blackboard.
8.    If the teacher has a good relationship with students, then the students will more readily accept the rules and procedures and the disciplinary action that follow their violations.
       Celebrate Teacher’s Day on 5th September:
It is the birth anniversary of great teacher to the society Dr. Sarvepally Radha Krishnan. He was a staunch believer of education. He was a well known diplomat, scholar, the President of India and above all efficient teacher w.e.f. 5.9.1917. He was born on Sept.5, 1888, in a middle class family. He was also offered professorship in Calcutta of less than 30- years. He served as vice-chancellor of Andhra Univ.(1931-1936) and Banaras Hindu Univ. in1952. He was chosen as vice President in 1962 and later as President for 5-years. Almost every country celebrates Teacher’s day. Teachers are the architect of the society and without them no society can walk in the path of good profession.
Great importance of Teachers- Students Co-ordination:
When the students achieve good relations with their guides, they will accept the rules, procedure and disciplinary actions. Positive and supportive relationships definitely increase intelligence of belonging to motivate willingness. The interaction be supportive for learning environment. A good teacher, first and foremost, sees each student with hopes, dreams, strength and vulnerability.
Teachers promote academic success: Help to develop self-worth: Bring professional growth and enthusiastic passion: Display positive attitude: make learning fun: Treat with admiration.
1. Allow holistic development of students. 2. Entrust for their care. 3. Maximize their learning ability. 4. Motivate positive relationship. 5. Positive effects and conductive learning. 6. Promote caring and passionate community. 7. Become great achiever, excellent inventor and global leader. 8. Become highly motivated and optimistic. 9. Try to become enthusiastic, successful and creative learner. 10. Feel confident, comfortable, happy and accepted. 11. Learn better and faster.
Moral Devotion of Teachers and Students:
 The virtuous qualities convey commitment, hard work initiative, honesty, kindness, passion, positive thinking and behaviour, respect, tolerance, commitment, thrift, initiative and innovation for different tasks. Divine Lord truly dowels in great mercy and compassion allow His desired bliss. There seems to be no difference between teacher and students.
The world tells us to seek success and power. God guides us to acquire humanity, service and love for his creation. Think good, do good, be good and have good.                                                   
Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh. H.E.S.-I Retired.        

The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-9416048789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years. The views expressed in the article are exclusive to Dr TN Chugh.



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