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Nikhil brings laurels to Sirsa, stands 6th in IIT-JEE 2008

Nikhil brings laurels to Sirsa, stands 6th in IIT-JEE 2008
01 June, 2008

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NIKHIL, synonym with his name, which means Complete, who is son of Dr. Parveen Garg, a leading pathologist, brought laurels not only to his family but to SIRSA as well, by putting the name of SIRSA on the national map. Yes, Nikhil is one of the lucky few who can do it, Nikhil Garg stood 6th in the prestigious and tough to crack IIT-JEE (2008).

But success is not a chance commodity with the Garg’s, Nikhil’s elder brother Ketan Garg also was equally glorious when he cleared the PMT in 2005, and is now pursuing his MBBS from Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi.

Dr. Parveen Garg, despite his demanding job profile, is also into meditation, he is a follower of philosophies of OSHO.

The loss of mother of Nikhil proved a turning point in his life; he committed himself to fulfill the dreams of his mother although she is no more here to rejoice the success of her son Nikhil.

Nikhil who was till 10th standard a student of St. Xavier’s High School, a premier ICSE School in the region, joined DAV Centenary Public School, at the Sr. Secondary level, Nikhil Stood second in the DAV school also in the CBSE XII boards, Nikhil also took specialized coaching for the preparation of IIT-JEE from a famous institute in KOTA, Rajasthan.

Nikhil is not alone this time in going to the IIT from Sirsa he shall be accompanied with reportedly 5 more successful candidates from Sirsa, who have made it to IIT in different rank and order.

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Video Courtesy: Doordarshan Kendra Hisar, and Amar S. Jyani

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