Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monsoon is here! Cheers farmers, City becomes unlivable

Monsoon is here! Cheers farmers, City becomes unlivable.
18 June, 2008

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Monsoon arrived in Sirsa on June 15th this year, about 18 days in advance; mostly Monsoon knocks its entry in the first week of July. The early onset of Monsoon brings cheers to the farmers, but Sirsa city becomes unlivable as it always happens here whenever it rains.
All the claims of the administration of preparedness for Monsoon washed away. As always the administration was ready with lame excuses that the rainfall was exceptionally high etc etc. but the ground reality is that nothing concrete is ever done at except running some paper horses and releasing official press notes about preparedness.

Ghagger Bridge near Ratia Township washed away with the flash flood (Ratia is part of Sirsa Parliamentary seat) 2 reportedly die, several missing

Ratia Video Soon......

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