Friday, June 24, 2011

Monsoon only few Stops away from SIRSA

Monsoon only few Stops away from SIRSA


24 June, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann. Graphics and Satellite Image Courtesy IMD

The wait for pre-monsoon rains followed by monsoon rains seems to be ending very soon. Despite the apprehensions of Indian Met Department of a weak monsoon, the charismatic monsoon has prgerssed very well and has kept pace with its normal dates. Just go through the different pictures below and you will come to know that monsoon is just a few stops or a few districts away before it enters Haryana this time probably form the Himachal doors into Haryana. If it kept leaping at this speed it should be into Haryana from the Ambala side before 1st of July, and in the 1st week of July it should be in SIRSA. But to give respite from scorching hot and humid days, pre-monsoon rains should strike Sirsa earliest in the evening of Sunday or latest by Tuesday. Fatehabad should get pre-monsoon showers a day ahead of Sirsa and this will help cooling temperatures of Sirsa as well.

It may be noted that arrival of Monsoon is not always a surety of rainfall, this is exactly what IMD wants to convey when it says that Monsoon may be deficient. But let us hope that just like last year, this year also, monsoon keeps its date with Haryana and Sirsa in particular. Despite all the flooding of Sirsa City and its towns, and a still uncared for Ghagger River, its embankments and the Creek downstream of Ottu where Ghagger created havoc last year, Monsoon is still much needed and more than welcome.

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