Thursday, June 02, 2011

Complete Bandh in SIRSA on 11th June-Abhay Chautala

Complete Bandh in SIRSA on 11th June-Abhay Chautala

CM’s Visit 0f 11th June to face the music from INLD.


02 June, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.

Addressing the INLD Yuva Sammellan, Chief Guest Ch Abhay Singh Chaulata MLA Ellenabad, said that INLD shall ask people of Sirsa to observe a complete BANDH on 11th June the Day CM Haryana is visiting SIRSA. The BANDH is being organized in protest to the total collapse of Policing and total failure of administration on all fronts. INLD is stressing upon the Haryana Govt for immediate transfer of SP Mr. Satender Gupta IPS and DC Sirsa Mr. YS Khyalia IAS. If the Government does not accede to its demands then the next step will be to step up the Andolan and take it in front of Haryana Vidhan Sabha in Chandigarh. The Yuva Sammelan of INLD was held at packed to the brims, Pritam Palace SIRSA, the city roads also faced congestion due to extra movement of vehicles leading to the INLD Sammelan throughout the morning till noon.

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