Sunday, August 21, 2011

People from all walks of life give support to Anna’s movement in Sirsa.

People from all walks of life give support to Anna’s movement in Sirsa
21 August, 2011
Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.

The ongoing movement against corruption initiated by Anna (Kisan Baburao) Hazare and IAC’s Civil Society which has now preoccupied everyone including all NEWS media at national and international level is being supported very well in SIRSA as well. Since 16th August, almost all well known or lesser known have come forward to put in their bit to highlight Anna’s movement. This includes, Doctors, NGO’s Political Parties, Advocates, Journalists, Teachers and Students of Schools as well as of Colleges and Universities. There are sit-ins (Dharna) in the day time and Candle Light protests in the evening. This has almost become like a ritual every day. 

However everyone does not fully agree with Anna’s agenda, there is large section of society in Sirsa also which is laid back in nature and prefers to argue in low tone that though it is very much timely and so very important that the spread of corruption should be at first arrested and then uprooted from India as soon as possible, but Anna’s Jan Lok Pal Bill may not be a rational and practical solution to this herculean problem. There just cannot be any quick-fix for this which has roots dated back several decades. What is necessary is to take solid steps that are really effective in a phased manner. Election reforms that started within the existing Constitutional framework got teeth in the form of Iron headed EC T.N. Seshan and there after every EC had to perform, is one such example which has changed the face of Indian elections but still has many miles to go as the cleaning up process in elections is also yet not complete. RTI that came about 6 years ago is also giving tough times to corrupt officials. Hence what is needed is a strong will at personal level and public level by one and all to eradicate this menace and not just dramatic protests. The protests have been indeed very useful and raised the issue that corruption is no more tolerable.

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