Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mountain Dew Launches “Limited Edition Neon pack”

Mountain Dew Launches “Limited Edition Neon pack”
28 September, 2011
Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.
After Cars and other high end white goods it is time for soft-drink makers to launch Limited Editions. Mountain’ Dew Launched “Limited Edition Neon pack” For the first time, India will witness the thrill of Glow with “Limited Edition Mountain Dew Neon Pack”. The NEON COLOR BOTTLE, available only for a limited period, is being seen in India for the first time. Salman Khan has shot for an exhilarating new campaign for this innovative pack. Mountain Dew’s new campaign will have Salman Khan exploring a dark and dingy cave where the new Limited Edition Mountain Dew Neon Pack shows him the way. Salman Khan said, “Everyone has been scared of the dark at some point in their lives. Darkness and fear are friends for long, get rid of Darkness with the new Limited Edition Mountain Dew Neon Pack and fear will automatically Vanish.” This attractive Neon bottle might become an instant craze especially with kids.


Anonymous said...

does it actually glow?

GS Mann said...

No it does not glow, checked it just now.

Anonymous said...

Take it in the dark.. Neon is bound to glow!
It does glow.. Sure it cant glow like radium but yes, it is amazing and it does glow!

iamthecreator said...

it does not glow !!