Saturday, September 17, 2011

SGPC Elections tomorrow.

SGPC Elections:
Sirsa: Contest is between Sant and Seasoned Politicians
Dabwali: Triangular Contest-Jagdev Singh Mattdadu (HSGPC), Jagseer  Singh Mangiana (INLD-SAD) and Parmajit Singh Maakhaa
17 September, 2011
Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.
The SGPC election to be held tomorrow which started on low key campaigns and amidst confusions of new Sikh voter enrolments, and the Faux-Pas of issue of Sehajdhari Voters etc, became focused and has become a keen contest on 2 seats of Sirsa. Sirsa and Dabwali Seats both fall in General Category.

Read about these two seats details on link below:

In the last SGPC elections held in 2004, the main election issue was demand for separate Gurdwara Management Committee for Haryana. On this issue 7 of the 11 seats were won by candidates of HSGPC. HSGPC supporters impressed upon Haryana Govt. Central Government and The SGPC to accede to the demand for separate SGPC for Haryana on the basis of winning of these seats as referendum. But the Separate Committee could not be formed. Now in this 2011 SGPC the issue in the beginning may have been a non-starter but it had surely and certainly picked up heat and is again on the forefront of these elections. In 2004 Congress seemed to approving the demand as it was in the election manifesto of the Congress, due to this even the supporters of separate committee who came from various backgrounds were wrongly dubbed as Congressmen by media as well the SAD(B). This even hurt several of the protagonists of HSGPC.

But this time the defeat of 2004 by SAD(B) was taken seriously by Akali Dal Badal and SAD(B) biggies don’t want to see such a scenario again, to further safeguard its interests on these seats in Haryana SAD(B) handed over the Fort of Haryana SGPC elections to INLD to Hold. Interestingly INLD, a non Sikh Political party allotted all the seats to candidates for SGPC elections in Haryana. The two parties, SAD(B) and INLD are known for their affinity for each other. But their tying knot in SGPC elections may backfire and may not conceive desired results. SAD(B) leaders and INLD leaders are also bragging that all other candidates other than their candidates are Congress agents but it is to how voters see through it.

In Sirsa seat the Badal Candidate is Parkash Singh Sahuwala, his family is a stout follower of INLD. In his poll campaign he is always talking about Badal and against separate committee. While his main opponent, Baba Gurmit Singh Tilokewala is a non political person, and is convincing the voters that only religious persons should be elected to SGPC, he also asserts and admits that the demand of separate SGPC for Haryana is well founded and Haryana Sikhs are competent to manage their Sikh Shrinen. Baba Tilokewala is also supported by HSGPC, Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Sabha, Ekas Ke Ham Barik and half a dozen Sikh organizations. Baba is said to be in better position.

In Dabwali, it started as a triangular contest between Jagdev Singh Mattdadu of HSGPC and Jagsir Singh Mangiana of SAD and Paramjit Singh Makha, also fighting election on issue of separate committee supported by Deedar Singh Nalwi. Of late the contest is said to be between Jagdev Singh Mattdadu of HSGPC and Jagsir Singh Mangiana of SAD(B)-INLD alliance.

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