Saturday, December 31, 2011

Deputy Commissioner Sirsa and First Lady Felicitate on New Year Eve

Deputy Commissioner Sirsa and First Lady of Sirsa Felicitate on New Year Eve.

31 December, 2011
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann.
Deputy Commissioner Sh. SP Srow and Mrs. Neelam Srow wish Happy New Year to people of Sirsa on the Eve of NEW Year

An article about New Year; contributed by Col. RD Singh form Ambala appears below:
You talk of the New Year, and people will jump to tell you where are they going to party. As per the pocket, and desire to show off, the gentry will rush to the already crowded hotels and restaurants. Some will turn their house into a party hub. So come the 31st, and every one is binging, drinking to glory, and dancing into wee hours. And then there will be scuffles, driving accidents, and solid hang over. On the first day of the new year, the party animals are sleeping late into the day, with an aching head, and upset stomach. They perhaps have made more enemies than friends. Where is the refreshing cheer of the new -year? What happened to the new -year resolutions just made the previous night?  Dashed into liquor bottles! Where is our work output which should be optimum on the start of the year? Is this the way to start a new year?

I feel differently. We need to get over the stereotype rituals of late might binging and see how we can make a bright and promising start to 2012 which lasts.  I feel the first day must be pregnant with positive activities and noble thoughts. The day should start with prayers and visiting a religious place of our belief. It must contribute towards communal harmony. Thereafter, it should be a day of giving to the under privileged, what ever we can afford in cash or kind. Think of the poor people who are sleeping on the pavements and shivering in this cold. Go and give them a blanket, and some food. It will be much cheaper than a bottle of whiskey and chicken  that you will consume tonight.

 It should also be the time to mend the fence with our relations, colleagues, and friends. Shed ego and reach out to the people who have fallen apart due to misunderstandings etc. A simple sorry, even on telephone, can make a difference. Thereafter, we must go to our respective work places, at least on time today. En-route give a smile to the traffic policemen, wish the rickshaw puller, and hug the office boy. Today, we should be at our best behavior with our staff. No losing temper please. Today, what ever job we are assigned, lets give in our 100 percent to the organisation. And for heavens sake, lets at least not take or give a bribe on the new year. Anna should have some effect. Never know, like smoking, we may overcome this contagious disease.

Finally, let the new year end with an evening walk with the family. Talk to the children and laugh with them.  Sharing, caring, communicating, and burning calories. Then we can have a peaceful sleep. Day after day. Happy New Year.

Colonel R D Singh
House No 96, Sector -D

Defence Colony Ambala  Cantt (Haryana) - 133001

Colonel Ripu Daman Singh is son of the soil from village Pilimandori (Now in Distt Fatehabad), whose three generations have been in the Army, with his son recently commissioned into 48 Armd Regt. . He is also an active member of the Blood Bank Society Chandigarh (donated blood 84 times himself), and a prolific writer.

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