Friday, May 04, 2012

Murder at Court Complex in Broad Day light

Murder at Court Complex in Broad Day light.
04 May, 2012
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann,

One Risal Singh Beniwal (about 55) was killed in broad day light at the District Court Complex Sirsa, just a few meters away from the Court room of Session Judge Sirsa. The slain was said to be shot at point blank by Rakesh (aged about 35). Both the slain and the alleged murderer are from the same village- Jogiwala falling in Nathusari Chopta block of Sirsa. The shooter did not try to escape after the crime and was arrested immediately. Watch the Videos for the details as briefed to the media by SP Sirsa Mr Davinder Yadav and other eye witnesses. Old rivalry is said to be behind this murder. The slain was also accused in a murder case of 2011 and was brought by the Distt Police from Distt. Jail to appear in the court today. The pistol used in the crime is said to be a Country Made pistol.

WatchVideo: Murder at Distt Court Complex Sirsa -SP Sirsa- Davinder Yadav giving the detail

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