Friday, May 11, 2012

Sirsa - No. 1 in Wheat Procurement in Haryana

Sirsa - No. 1 in Wheat Procurement in Haryana
11 May, 2012
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann 
Sirsa district has procured maximum wheat in the State during the current wheat procurement season. Over 81.40 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been arrived in Haryana Mandis till yesterday, out of which 81,40,154 metric tonnes of wheat has been procured by six government procuring agencies and the remaining 463 metric tonnes of wheat has been purchased by the traders.
While stating this here today, a spokesman of Haryana Food and Supplies Department said that the over 22.60 lakh metric tonnes of wheat had been purchased by Food and Supplies Department and over 29.03 lakh metric tonnes by HAFED. The CONFED purchased 4.96 lakh metric tonnes of wheat, Haryana Warehousing Corporation 7.80 lakh metric tonnes, Haryana Agro Industries Corporation 7.88 lakh metric tonnes and Food Corporation of India procured over 9.09 lakh metric tonnes of wheat.

The bumper crop is hard work of the farmers of Sirsa along with a prolonged winter which helps in late maturity of the grains thus increasing the weight per grain. The rain gods had spared the wheat crops from any damage during the harvesting period though there had been some light showers in April but they hardly did any damage. Luckily there were no hail storms events this season in Sirsa had already mentioned in its post dated 28th April 2012 that Sirsa shall be No. 1 in Haryana in wheat procurement. 
This year the wheat procured is also exclusively of Sirsa area only, beacuse there had been no import of wheat from Rajasthan areas adjoining to Sirsa, as Rajasthan had offered Rs100-00 bonus over the MSP of RS1285-00 this year.

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