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Rinku Dhawan of Sirsa is 5 times Lucky at Bollywood in 1 Go

Rinku Dhawan of Sirsa is 5 times Lucky at Bollywood in 1 Go!
Talent of SIRSA shines in Bollywood Films
04 July, 2012
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This summer has been MIDAS touch for the artists from SIRSA. We know of the recent and upcoming achievements of Vinod Mehta a debutante at Bollywood Film production, who jumped into Film Production after an highly acclaimed career in journalism, Dr Aditya Aggarwal, a young singing sensation who has suspended his Medical career for the time being for his 1st Love-MUSIC, is being featured in two of the songs of Hindi Flick-Second Marriage .com, Simran Kaur Girhotra was appreciated recently by non less than Asha Bhonsle ji in the Indian Idol, Tarannum Bharti at Voice of Punjab, Lakhwinder at Voice of Punjab, New album of Rupinder Handa to name a few. All these reached new heights this summer.
Now here is another name not much known so far - Rinku Dhawan. (Rakesh Dhawan) hails from an ordinary background from Village Nattar near Sirsa, had been inclined to acting, music, lyrics and what not since his childhood, but his modest family and financial conditions did not allow him many opportunities, he took to ordinary jobs whatever came in his way unrelated to his talents, but the artist in him could not be caged for long. He wanted to make it to Bollywood, but he did not even dare to share or express his this desire, in anticipation that he shall be laughed at, as this meant great struggle in Bombay. He was scared of even the glitterati of Reality Shows of private channels as even they also seemed to be out of bound for him. Luck came his way when he made his entry into ‘KALAKAR KI KHOJ’ a reality show on National Broadcaster DOORDARSHAN in 2005. He reached the top slot of TOP 4 leaving behind more than 57000 contestants who tried for this. The Judges of show: AMOL PALEKAR, SUDHA CHANDRA & DIPTI NAVAL, recognized the talent of Rinku and encouraged him to try his luck in Bollywood. Even this big motivation had its own pangs, as Rinku new of his family background and was aware that survival in Bombay without any funds at his hands is a nightmare itself. But Rinku thanks his brothers Ramesh and Sunil Dhawan for their support and signalling him a GO.
On reaching Bombay Rinku was quick to realize that waiting for Role as an actor could be an endless wait, so he started exploiting his talent of writing scripts for TV shows, this turning point clicked well and in just 1 year he was writing for more than half a dozen shows and artist, like COMEDY CIRCUS (SONY), LAUGHTER CHALLENGE (STAR ONE), JALWA 4 TWO KA 1, CHALTI KA NAAM GADDI (Zee TV), LADIES SPECIAL (Zee TV), ARREY DEEWANO MUJHE PAHCHANO (STAR PLUS), SAMBHAV KYA ( 9X)...he also wrote for MIKA, RAKHI SANWAT, MAHESH MANJREKAR, SHAWE TATIWARI, MANDIRA BEDI, KHYALI, KRISHNA, KASHMEERA SHAH, KAPIL SHARMA, BHARTI, RAJIV SHARMA, SALONI, and GURPREET GHUGGI. This did give recognition to Rakesh, but not as an actor but as a writer. Rakesh quips-‘Rinku Actor-Rinku Writer banker rah gaya’. Some where the actor in Rakesh was not satisfied, 5 years later he got a chance to write for: ‘Yaraan Naal Baharaan-2’ is said to be a sequel of highly successful Punjabi Hit ‘Yaran Naal Baharan’ which was directed by famous Manmohan Singh who also hails form Sirsa. The production team was quick to identify, that Rakesh is multi talented, he bagged not 1 or 2 but 5 titles for this movie, now he is credited as SCREENPLAY WRITER, DIALOUGE WRITER, LYRICIST, MUSIC DIRECTOR, and an acting Role in the same movie. The Films Music is on Venus Music. SARDOOL SIKANDER, LEHMBER HUSSAINPURI of hit movie ‘Tannu weds Mannu’ fame, SADHNA SARGAM and NIRMAL SIDHU have lent their voices for the songs of this movie. ‘Yaraan Naal Baharaan-2’ is being produced by Dreamers Production and is directed by Samit Brar, while ‘Yaraan Naal Baharaan’ was produced by Samit Brar and directed by Manmohan Singh. It is not confirmed but some claim that these banners are affiliates of Yash Raj Films. This film is due for release on 13th July 2012
This post needs some further Citation from Rakesh Dhawan, he could not be contacted directly as he is in UK right now.-Editor
SirsaNews shall carry separate posts on artists mentioned above very soon.

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