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Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Addressing students at CMK Girls College Auditorium Sirsa

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam addressing students at CMK Girls College Auditorium in Sirsa
07, July 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma
Watch Video: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Addresses Students at CMK Girls College Sirsa. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Address at CMK Girls College Sirsa. Dr Ashok Tanwar MP Sirsa, Dr J Ganesan IAS DC Sirsa, Sh Saurabh Singh IPS SSP Sirsa flanked the Former President of India and renowned Missile Scientist on the Stage. Mr VS Chauhan was the curtain raiser to the Grand Event. He was welcomed at the CMK College Auditorium by DC Sirsa, SP Sirsa, Dr Ashok Tanwar MP Sirsa, Mrs Avantika Tanwar, Sh Prabhjot Singh IAS SDM Ellenabad, Mr Sant Lal Pachar SDM Sirsa, Mr Sheoran SDM Dabwali as well as Judicial officers from Sirsa.
Complete Address of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at CMK Girls College Auditorium Sirsa on 6th July 2013. Details of this NEWS Below the Video.

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Address & Interaction with the students of Sirsa
“I am born with wings”  “When I wish upon a star, Makes no difference who I am.
Anything my heart desires Will come to me”
I am delighted to be with the students of Sirsa and interact with the students, teachers and staff members. My greetings to all of you. Dear friends, when I am in front of large number of youth of this
region, I am thinking what thoughts I can share with you. I realize how the contributions of the youth in the past have continuously contributed to the world of today in many fields.  I would like to assert that “No youth today need to fear about the future”. How? The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, under the earth and above the earth.  Dear young friends, I would like to talk on the topic “I am born with wings”.
Criteria for achievement for youth
How does achievement come? There are four proven steps; having an aim in life before 20 years of age, acquiring knowledge continuously, hard work towards the aim and perseverance to defeat the problem and succeed. Dear young friends, I am sure, every one of you made up your mind what you will be? Definitely each one of you will fly and fly towards your mission.  At this point let me recall  the famous verses of a 13th century Persian Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi:
I will fly “I am born with potential. I am born with goodness and trust. I am born with ideas and dreams. I am born with greatness. I am born with confidence. I am born with wings. So, I am not meant for crawling, I have wings, I will fly I will fly and fly”
My message to you is that education gives you wings to fly. Achievement comes out of fire in our sub-conscious mind that “I will win”.  So, each one of you assembled here, will have “Wings of Fire”.
The Wing of Fire will indeed lead to great achievements in life and career. I am sure all of can do it!
Unique You When I see you young friends with the mission of hope for great achievements, let me discuss with you, how you can be unique? Let us study together certain unique events by unique achievers. Eight unique achievers in inventions and discoveries Dear friends, Look up, what do you see, the light, the electric bulbs.  Immediately, our thoughts go to the inventor Thomas Alva Edison, for his unique contribution towards the invention of electric bulb and his electrical lighting system.
When you hear the sound of aero plane going over your house, whom do you think of?  Wright Brothers proved that man could fly of course at heavy risk and cost. Whom does the telephone remind you of? Of course Alexander Graham Bell. When everybody considered a sea travel as an experience or a voyage, a unique person questioned during his sea travel from United Kingdom to India.  He was pondering on why the horizon where the sky and sea meet looks blue? His research resulted in the phenomena of scattering of light.  Of course,   Sir CV Raman was awarded Nobel Prize.
Do you know an Indian Mathematician who did not have formal higher education but had inexhaustible spirit and love for mathematics which took him to contribute to the treasure houses of mathematical research – some of which are still under serious study and engaging all-available world mathematicians’ efforts to establish formal proofs? He was a unique Indian genius who could melt the heart of the most hardened and outstanding Cambridge mathematician Prof G H Hardy.
In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that it was Prof. Hardy who discovered a great mathematician for the world.  This mathematician was of-course Srinivasa Ramanujan for whom every number was a divine manifestation.
Do you know the scientist who is famous for Chandra Limit which describes the maximum mass (~1.44 solar masses) of a white dwarf star, or equivalently, the minimum mass for which a star will ultimately collapse into a neutron star to black hole following a supernova. Two of his students got the Nobel Prize before him. It is of-course the famous Nobel Laureate Chandrasekhar Subramanian .
Friends, there was a great scientific lady who is known for discovering Radium. She won not one, but two Nobel Prizes, one for physics and another for chemistry. Who is she? She is Madam Curie. Madam Curie discovered radium and she was doing research on the effect of radiation on human system. The same radiation which she discovered, affected her and she sacrificed her life for removing the pain of human life.
Whenever I describe to you young friends, scientific historical events, you all jumped. Name of the scientist –technologist who created the great event, they are the unique personalities. Young friends, can you join such unique performers of scientific history, you can, definitely you can. Let us study together, how it can be made possible? Friends, I have, so far, met 15 million youth in a decade’s time. I learnt, “every youth wants to be unique, that is, YOU! But the world all around you, is doing its best, day and night, to make you just “everybody else”.
In the home, dear young fellows you are asked by your parents to be like neighbours’ children for scoring good marks. When you go to school, your teacher says “why not you become like the first five
rankers in the class”. Wherever you go, they are saying “you have to be somebody else or everybody else”. Now, dear young friends, how many of you would like to be unique yourself.
The challenge, my young friends, is that you have to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can ever imagine to fight; and never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place, that is,

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