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Old age – why die for money? - Col RD Singh Retd

Old age – why die for money? - Col RD Singh Retd.
25, July 2013
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We are staying in a colony where maximum people are leading a retired life, including a large number of defence personnel. By and large, their children are married and settled. So, it is husband and wife staying together, with very little responsibility and baggage. But still, many of us are not happy. I tried to reason out why, and the answer is – still craving for more. Despite having hung our uniform or retired from a govt job or business, we still want to amass more money, and materialistic pleasures. Hence, you find many veterans involved in property dealings, which is a sure way to get tension in the old age. Quite a few, are busy lending money to earn high interest rates, and thereby inviting tension for themselves. Very few are working for the joy of it or rendering social service.
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 As senior citizens, if we have planned our finances well, we should be able to live comfortably within our pension and investments. Work we must as long as we can, as it is good for our health and happiness. But this work should be related more to doing what we enjoy and not to mainly make more money. Yes, money is important, but should not be the main focus. Our main goal should be happiness. This comes with detachment and not attachment with wealth and things material. Luxury cars, big houses, fat bank balances, latest clothes etc are symbols of external sources of happiness. These do not last and disappear very fast. Once we have got these, we want more. It creates anxiety and unhealthy competition, in wanting to show others how much we have, and how ahead of others we are.
 Why can’t we let go, atleast at this age, when we have lived our first innings well, children settled, and very little to worry about. Why can’t we relax, and seek happiness from within?  The happiness from within comes when we have strong value system, and live a life of high morality and ethics. It also comes by working for a cause, and becoming a contributor rather than just a taker. Friends, at this age of 60 or plus, atleast now, lets think beyond self. What will we do even if we got a crore of rupees more? Just two of us, how much can we eat, and what will we do with a fleet of cars. If we build a mansion, who will maintain it?  With passing time, it will become more of a burden than luxury. Rather, we should be happy living in a manageable house, as per our requirement, and turn it into a home home, with a soul.
Enough of rat race, and enough of tensions in life. In our silver years now, lets relax, and enjoy peace of mind. Let go. For that, it has to be a simple life of giving, and sharing. Lets go for a morning walk together, laugh aloud, and share each others concerns. Lets devote few hours to social service or pursuing our hobbies. Lets also stop expecting much from our children who are married and settled. In case, they can spend some time with us, it is a blessing. But our happiness will not be governed by them.  Control of our life is in our hands. Lets enjoy each day, making the best of every moment.
Colonel  R D Singh ( retd)
Ambala  Cantt (Haryana) - 133001
Note: Colonel R D Singh belongs to village Pilimandori ( Fatehabad),  and takes active interest in its development. A gold medalist in debating from the Punjab University,  a prolific writer, he is a decorated soldier from Armoured Corps. He is also  active as  a  life member of  INTACH, member of  Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh, and works for the welfare of ex – servicemen.  Col Ripu Daman Singh likes Sirsa News and is its regular contributor.

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